Friday, 26 March 2010

strong, independent, solo, soft centred

It's 8pm, and I've just got back from the pub, I gave into kiddy pressure and took them for their tea. I promised 1 hour, and stopped for 3!!! I cycled to nursey this am, and expected the pursed lips treatment. But instead the nurse was very pleased with my progress, and had to reduce the size of the gauze she was using, again. So in 3 months it's gone from 15cm to 5cm. I know it's a while, but it's getting there.

Suprisingly, I was hurt a little bit by my wee boy been very excited about the extravegance my ex and new partner are going to for their wedding, and who was going. I think it was more the latter, to be honest, and I wasn't part of my children having a good time......i know, I have to move on, and I can definately say I have, thats why I was suprised.

But then WHAM, an unexpected blast from the past, got in touch to say bye :( Which did hurt more even though, I aint seen him for 2 years, it was the fact that I will never see him again or be able to get in touch ever!! (it's a long story)

I'm whinging aren't I?

I needed my spirits lifting, when Steve phoned :) and told me to get out on my trike, it would make me feel better, and indeed it did. Anyway, he wanted to borrow Ziggy, on Monday, to take her mountain triking. I said yes straight away, 1 because it was him, and I am in awe of him totally, in a nice respectful way, honestly. And 2 because Ziggys like a horse, or something, and I think she would enjoy it :) Yep i know it sounds bonkers!!

Tomorrow my wee boy's promised to come exploring a new route, on our bikes. I'm a rite wuss, I should go on my own really, and not give him all that responsibility. But he likes it, and it is quite sensible ....honest it is?

So why have I described myself as strong? because :) 'You may be able to snap a single stick (hey, thats novel, describing myself as a stick) but it's a lot harder to snap a bunch of sticks together!!) that's me, family and my mates that is!! I'm really waffling and I aint touched a drop.

Night, I love you all. xx

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