Thursday, 29 November 2012


How do folk commute, day in day out. I have truelly been blessed, because, I am brain damaged !!! But It may be easier, if I wasn't and I might enjoy it more, perhaps enjoys a bit strong, but yo know what I'm saying?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I'm off 2 Leeds tomorrow!! :)

I've been asked to get the train to Leeds tomorrow, to represent along with some other Health Champions, at a Health Service Market the work I do at Hillsborough, for the CTC. I don't suppose it will get any publicity or any extra Punters at C4A, but looking at the bigger picture it will get Inclusive Cycling a bit of lime light. I was asked because other Health Champs from Leeds had dropped out, and I don't need a script or preparation time, I just speak!!.....a lot

Got a text telling me to listen to this, ahhhh, it was really nice, she was such a strong lady. I could do wi a Charlie s'times.
I'm sorry the link doesn't work, but hopefully you can decifer s'thing.

Monday, 26 November 2012


I don't wanna name names, but I'm gutted today. 12 folk, went on a bike ride in Derbyshire today, they were all Guys who go to Hillsborough Cycling 4 All. Apparently I couldn't go because there wasn't enough room in the Mini bus for Ziggy. But I kinda think, well they could have gone somewhere, where I could hire a tricycle??? If they'd have wanted me to go with them??? But it's help me realise, that I don't help at Hillsborough, for Steve, Miriam, Nigel, or Marj, Barry, Dave, Pat or John. I do it for me, regardless of who else is there!

I just cycled to the PO and bus stop, in the rain. But hey, that doesn't actually bother me.

Saturday, 24 November 2012


I got Dave's 'Special' (What's one of them then?) wrong.

But dearest, I've lost your Addy. Hey you correctly identified sometime ago that I was Kerry Fist ed, so can you please email me it again.

Thank you.

I've worked really hard today restoring my house to it's former self, kind of. So I've not cycled, just taken Holly out's very dull, but she appreciated it :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

pinched from Rob! but sooo true!!

Don't let bogus helmet debate sidetrack need for masses more cycle infrastructure investment by government. Photo credit: BikeBiz Carlton Reid.

Bombing Bomas

Well 1 of them!!
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Steve had asked me if I wanted to meet and try a Boma 7??? I'm not sure if he meant Boma 70?? Anyway, I had the pleasure of meeting Chris from Moltern Rock. Who is the proud owner of one. And remembered me from the Cornwall Allability Cycling Conference, he didn't make further comment :) I know this isn't what folk want to hear, but it did remind me of my Mobility scooter, atleast it's controls were the same. It did kinda make me think where I stood on the Mobility Scooter, Boma, Power Assisted Cycle, Pedal  Cycle??? And I still don't know really, because admitadly, it aint muscle power turning the wheels. But no one should be excluded from the pleasure of cycling if they want to do it, even if that means extra help. I know it aint easy messing with locks, and getting out of recumbent cycles for example.

Awwww Steve took Robbie, I love Robbie, who loves Holly dog. So when Steve dropped me home, Robbie came into see Holly. And we took them for a walk. And Steve said that he didn't think I'd ever be safe enough to ride a 2 wheeler on the road. But agreed, to me getting James Cycles to loaning me one at Hillsborough to practice on. But when I phoned James Cycles, they weren't prepared to bring one to Hillsborough :(

On Monday, 12 folk from Hilsborough C4A  are going on a Xmas bike ride. I can't go because there isn't room to take Ziggy :( in the mini bus.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


I'm sssso sleepy, DAR collected me at 10, and it still took an hour, even though I was the only pick up. The weather was grim, everyone else was cold? Me I was like a hot potato??!!! The guy J, with the brain injury came, which I was really pleased about :) I was a bit warm,  I cycled wi J a couple of figure of 8s round the park. And as agreed, I made him a cup of Coffee. Lunch came and went..... and eeeek, my turn??? I was absolutely fine on the flat, with Steve, and I was grinning from ear to ear, I was very pleased. But the ninute I tried toi cycle up the hill, I wobbled...and fell twice!! It was as if the metal fence with strong vertical poles, was magnetic and I was a pin!! Needless to say I fell off twice!! It was as if I couldn't gatjer enough speed to be stable, when going up, so I think a Power Assisted 2 wheeler, should be my next bike.

Ooooooh and guess what I'm doing tomorrow? Well, I'm going to Creative Writing, and then I'm off to meet a guy called Chris and his Boma 7??? for some off road stuff.

Should be fun!!

I'm invited out tomorrow night, with my friends from ASC, but I just can't afford to taxi it. And I don't like locking Ziggy up at the bus stop, at night. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

blurrrr means speed. :)

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 Eny.... I took Holly for a run, today. At the end of which she got an a Antler!!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Social Returns On Investments

I really enjoyed the training? day today. I'm not actually sure who arranged it, but for the first time ever, I began to understand how it was calculated.

Andit felt so good, :) because do you remember the GP and the guy from the council, that I went to London with??? Well I gave the fab, bike riding GP, some of my contact cards, and yapped on about Hillsborough, all day. Well some of it must have gone in because, a guy called my Moby today and asked if he could come to Hillsborough this Thursday., because his GP had told him that I'd 'Buddy' him because he didn't really know anyone. I'm sooo looking forward to meeting him on Thursday :)

Steve txt and asked me if I'd meet him at Endcliffe on Friday, to try an off road quad bike????

I'll have to miss Write Way though :( But I'm just trying to work out whether it's worth me going and leaving early?? I'm meeting Dave down there as well.

Awww, my old BF couldn't make it today, but to be honest I, so knackered. I seem to have been on the go for ages. Musn't grumble.

I'm meeting Anj, and Miriam tomorrow in Millhouses Park.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Co Production

I've been flexing that big muscle inbetween my ears today, at a really heavy serious meeting at Social Services. You know which big Muscle my Tongue!! i think my brains itsy! It all sounded quite complex.

Tomorrow I'm off to another high brow meet (i only get asked because I tell things like they are I think) and I have no shame. Where the cost of ~Health Champions V Savings to the Health Budget, is to be scrutinised. I'm going with Nigel West, whose one of my favourite people.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Where Do I begin???

I'm afraid Dave, Rob, and Pete  and any other lovelies. I'm sorry  I've been unfaithful to The Fat Lass, and I've been sharing my bad spellings and stories of life on a Recumbent Trike, with another Man. I aint seen the Guy since I was 15!!!! I am now 46!!! Bloody hell he didn't know about my accident, or owt. So you can imagine how much filling in there has been. He was and still is.....called Nigel, I did love him so, but hey we were young, it was ace because he had a car!! Anyway, he lives in Northhampton?? and is married :( So I know to leave alone, a bit. I bet that Face Book, is named in a fair few divorces!!

Urm.... let me think... Friday, I got summoned  to the DSS, they wanted to make suggestions about voluntary work, I could be doing!!! To fill my day!! So I went to Creative Writing , Matt dropped me off at the Job Centre Plus, where I had a 20minute appointment. One and a Half hours later, I left with my Record of Involvement, having sold it to the staff and the Managers.

Oooooh and Hillsborough was ACE on the Thursday, I had met John and his Mum at a BIRRP meeting and persueded them to meet me there on Thursday, and they came. And I think John quietly loved it!! he stayed 2 hrs. I have yet to see him walk, but I think he uses a frame. His Mum was totally sold by me and the Guys at Hillsborough though. And I was very fond of her French Bulldog too. After John had gone, it was my turn to be selfish, and use Steve (in my dreams!!) to catch me should I fall off the 2 wheeler. I got quite giddy on it starting and stopping without 'planning' and 'Worrying' about it.  I was truely knackered though and could have gone straiht to sleep!! after I'd done the starting stopping for 20 mins. So we went for lunch, because I knew Marj was coming at 1, Steve and Charlie took 3 individuals round on the velor Plus. And amother guy with Autism, who likes to be on his own- totally, comes and we cannot look, or speak to the guy. It's the hardest thing in the world for me.  But it's getting easier every week for him :)

I zoomed down after lunch to meet Marj, and we cycled round many times, our time was just coming to an end when we passed Alan, who gets the Tesco Bus on a Tuesday. Now, he has slight curvature of the spine I think. I said Hello and persueded him to come and try one of the upright trikes. Which he did and loved!! Another convert !!!!!

After my incident in the garden and ditch last week. I invested in some new lights for my trike, I tried them out tonight getting back from the bus stop, public transport took forever, because Jess Ennis was in Town turning on the Xmas lights.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Hey I did it!

Right I'll try this, if it don't happen for you, your not missing much honest. It's just to give people an idea of how eccentric I look, with my dog and trike. I've got to admit, I was a bit scared, so used the pavement on the way to my friend Anjis, because to be honest the road's so steep, I crawled!! But I did go at Whippet speed, coming home, I must have looked bonkers! It was fab, it put me in mind of when I first had my trike, and everyone used to chat.

Hey it's Hillsborough tomorrow.:)

I nearly 4got, Do you remember the Record of Involvement? I produced, along with Michael whose got some Autism, and he's a total technical whizz, so we compliment each others work. Anyway the Job Centre Plus, have summoned me to a meeting on Friday about whether I sit on my Arse all day, and to prove I don't I'm taking the RoI.  And they are very interested in using it themselves, to prevent benefit fraud. I supposed, it's ok for me because I enjoy doing stuff, but I do know what it's like to be demotivated, and I honestly don't think I would have been fair, if I'd have been made to do stuff, because I felt the way I felt was a Sympton of my condition.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ooooh my A* and Lady Garden!!

I spent abot 90mins today, circling the Courts today on a 2 wheeler, and repeatedly stopping, and not falling off!!! Well ok then maybe once!! Ouch, but good Old Graeme did actually save me I'm just being a wuss. Wow it was hard work, but I did it and wanted to do more, I cant wait untill next week. Steve kinda helped xxx with words of encouragement. But I tended to be giddy showing off, when Steve was there, and end up on my arse!!

But I had improved 10 fold, since I last tried. And Graham reckoned I would be safe enough for the next Cycle For Health!! on 2 wheels, as a participent!!

Marj and Bazza came for their Cycle, but I wasn't really able to give them too nuch attention, I was all wrapped up with learning to balance!! But apart from that, it was very cold and dark today, and not many folk turned up.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Mystery Man on a Recumbent?

Is a very nice man, with a very helpful Mrs!! He spares my blushes about finding it tough going by adding he believes, the back wheel is sticking??? But it's safe thanks to Rob and Carol, of West Country Recumbent. I'm soooo tired!! I will fill you in tomorrow. x

Friday, 2 November 2012

How quickly time flies.....

It was a year ago today, that my lovely Mum died. So to commemorate my bro and Sue took Me and the Kids, out for lunch and we visited Mums grave and lit a Rocket. We tried to no avail to do the Chinese Lantern thing, and it was just too windy. How sad, it was to look round where Mum and Dads grave is, the tomb stones of a Sheffield United Fan, aged 46 (same age as me) leaving his 2 children. And a 21 year old young man, in the next grave. Atleast Mum and Dad lived long enough to experience, and learn from life.

Hey I'm pleased to see the CTC have got behind my mate Rob (who's repairing Ziggy, as I write!!) regarding the witch hunt thats going on. (see Sunday the 28ths post)

Thursday, 1 November 2012

I miss Ziggy

Good news though, my new brake has arrived :) And because West Country Recumbents, have a fab After Care Service, they are collecting Ziggy, fitting the new braKE, and checking out the other brake. And returning her too me, on Monday.

I can't wait.