Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Social Returns On Investments

I really enjoyed the training? day today. I'm not actually sure who arranged it, but for the first time ever, I began to understand how it was calculated.

Andit felt so good, :) because do you remember the GP and the guy from the council, that I went to London with??? Well I gave the fab, bike riding GP, some of my contact cards, and yapped on about Hillsborough, all day. Well some of it must have gone in because, a guy called my Moby today and asked if he could come to Hillsborough this Thursday., because his GP had told him that I'd 'Buddy' him because he didn't really know anyone. I'm sooo looking forward to meeting him on Thursday :)

Steve txt and asked me if I'd meet him at Endcliffe on Friday, to try an off road quad bike????

I'll have to miss Write Way though :( But I'm just trying to work out whether it's worth me going and leaving early?? I'm meeting Dave down there as well.

Awww, my old BF couldn't make it today, but to be honest I was....am, so knackered. I seem to have been on the go for ages. Musn't grumble.

I'm meeting Anj, and Miriam tomorrow in Millhouses Park.

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