Friday, 2 November 2012

How quickly time flies.....

It was a year ago today, that my lovely Mum died. So to commemorate my bro and Sue took Me and the Kids, out for lunch and we visited Mums grave and lit a Rocket. We tried to no avail to do the Chinese Lantern thing, and it was just too windy. How sad, it was to look round where Mum and Dads grave is, the tomb stones of a Sheffield United Fan, aged 46 (same age as me) leaving his 2 children. And a 21 year old young man, in the next grave. Atleast Mum and Dad lived long enough to experience, and learn from life.

Hey I'm pleased to see the CTC have got behind my mate Rob (who's repairing Ziggy, as I write!!) regarding the witch hunt thats going on. (see Sunday the 28ths post)


  1. Thanks Caroline - did you like the 'invisible recumbent' photo they used?

  2. Mmmmm well they do claim that your not visable!!

  3. Right time of year for witch hunts of course, and naturally you'd expect witchfinders to find witches, as they would be out of a job otherwise.

  4. Cllr Stanton is treading on very thin ice with the statements he has allowed to go into print. He gets very close to practically naming Rob from his descriptions and as others have pointed out elsewhere there may be a case of this being considered as a threatening outburst.

    It is no surprise that the tractor driver declined to be named, given that the crash described is subject to an active claim, although the quoted figure suggests that his version of events masks something a bit more serious than just a bit of damage to a cycle, and having to get parts replaced.

    The paper seems to have a habit of rather partisan reporting, given another report on 'road rage' which seems to rather miss considering the position of the 'victim' in this event after they opened the passenger-side door, exchanged words, and then pushed a hand into the driver's face, as a relevant detail prior to the angry and physical response from the driver involved.

  5. You're like a Sponge Dave, it's fantastic the way you digest detail.