Monday, 26 November 2012


I don't wanna name names, but I'm gutted today. 12 folk, went on a bike ride in Derbyshire today, they were all Guys who go to Hillsborough Cycling 4 All. Apparently I couldn't go because there wasn't enough room in the Mini bus for Ziggy. But I kinda think, well they could have gone somewhere, where I could hire a tricycle??? If they'd have wanted me to go with them??? But it's help me realise, that I don't help at Hillsborough, for Steve, Miriam, Nigel, or Marj, Barry, Dave, Pat or John. I do it for me, regardless of who else is there!

I just cycled to the PO and bus stop, in the rain. But hey, that doesn't actually bother me.


  1. Hey, if its any consolation I tried to go for a bike ride in Derbyshire today and only managed 6 miles before finding the road I wanted to use was flooded out... 12 miles round trip - not up to my usual mileages!

  2. Don't moan, just write to Peak Park Authority and Tourist Office and ask WHY NOT? and cc your mate Rony for good measure.

  3. Hey, I'd have been well proud! Rob. And I'm sure you'd have been ok with that when I first met you. Just look how much you've improved. :)

    Dave.....Happy secret special b'day, 4 tomorrow.
    You don't understand, I wasn't invited.