Thursday, 22 November 2012


I'm sssso sleepy, DAR collected me at 10, and it still took an hour, even though I was the only pick up. The weather was grim, everyone else was cold? Me I was like a hot potato??!!! The guy J, with the brain injury came, which I was really pleased about :) I was a bit warm,  I cycled wi J a couple of figure of 8s round the park. And as agreed, I made him a cup of Coffee. Lunch came and went..... and eeeek, my turn??? I was absolutely fine on the flat, with Steve, and I was grinning from ear to ear, I was very pleased. But the ninute I tried toi cycle up the hill, I wobbled...and fell twice!! It was as if the metal fence with strong vertical poles, was magnetic and I was a pin!! Needless to say I fell off twice!! It was as if I couldn't gatjer enough speed to be stable, when going up, so I think a Power Assisted 2 wheeler, should be my next bike.

Ooooooh and guess what I'm doing tomorrow? Well, I'm going to Creative Writing, and then I'm off to meet a guy called Chris and his Boma 7??? for some off road stuff.

Should be fun!!

I'm invited out tomorrow night, with my friends from ASC, but I just can't afford to taxi it. And I don't like locking Ziggy up at the bus stop, at night. 

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