Sunday, 18 November 2012

Where Do I begin???

I'm afraid Dave, Rob, and Pete  and any other lovelies. I'm sorry  I've been unfaithful to The Fat Lass, and I've been sharing my bad spellings and stories of life on a Recumbent Trike, with another Man. I aint seen the Guy since I was 15!!!! I am now 46!!! Bloody hell he didn't know about my accident, or owt. So you can imagine how much filling in there has been. He was and still is.....called Nigel, I did love him so, but hey we were young, it was ace because he had a car!! Anyway, he lives in Northhampton?? and is married :( So I know to leave alone, a bit. I bet that Face Book, is named in a fair few divorces!!

Urm.... let me think... Friday, I got summoned  to the DSS, they wanted to make suggestions about voluntary work, I could be doing!!! To fill my day!! So I went to Creative Writing , Matt dropped me off at the Job Centre Plus, where I had a 20minute appointment. One and a Half hours later, I left with my Record of Involvement, having sold it to the staff and the Managers.

Oooooh and Hillsborough was ACE on the Thursday, I had met John and his Mum at a BIRRP meeting and persueded them to meet me there on Thursday, and they came. And I think John quietly loved it!! he stayed 2 hrs. I have yet to see him walk, but I think he uses a frame. His Mum was totally sold by me and the Guys at Hillsborough though. And I was very fond of her French Bulldog too. After John had gone, it was my turn to be selfish, and use Steve (in my dreams!!) to catch me should I fall off the 2 wheeler. I got quite giddy on it starting and stopping without 'planning' and 'Worrying' about it.  I was truely knackered though and could have gone straiht to sleep!! after I'd done the starting stopping for 20 mins. So we went for lunch, because I knew Marj was coming at 1, Steve and Charlie took 3 individuals round on the velor Plus. And amother guy with Autism, who likes to be on his own- totally, comes and we cannot look, or speak to the guy. It's the hardest thing in the world for me.  But it's getting easier every week for him :)

I zoomed down after lunch to meet Marj, and we cycled round many times, our time was just coming to an end when we passed Alan, who gets the Tesco Bus on a Tuesday. Now, he has slight curvature of the spine I think. I said Hello and persueded him to come and try one of the upright trikes. Which he did and loved!! Another convert !!!!!

After my incident in the garden and ditch last week. I invested in some new lights for my trike, I tried them out tonight getting back from the bus stop, public transport took forever, because Jess Ennis was in Town turning on the Xmas lights.


  1. Often wondered what some of the old flames have got up to over the past 50 years (well I did have a crush on one or two girls at primary school) Often it goes even better when you meet up and there is no 'edge', and you can have a great natter about the things you've done. Might even find some of the old mates from University days. You'll need to show me how to search sometime.

  2. Hey no, I was sweet and pure and just 15!! (maybe not) and still at School.

  3. Well I reckon I actually caused a wedding rather than a divorce when in contact with an old girl-friend. By sending a stunning and special valentine with great care to remain anonymous (paid cash in another town) I think I tipped the balance for the then boy-friend to get his act together. Took her ages to work it out.

  4. Ahhh you big Softie.....If that was your intention? If not....Oooops!!

  5. Hi Caroline...I have recently discovered your blog and have been catching up on you previous posts...I have now joined you as a follower and would like to invite you to do the same at my own blog:
    I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future...