Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ooooh my A* and Lady Garden!!

I spent abot 90mins today, circling the Courts today on a 2 wheeler, and repeatedly stopping, and not falling off!!! Well ok then maybe once!! Ouch, but good Old Graeme did actually save me I'm just being a wuss. Wow it was hard work, but I did it and wanted to do more, I cant wait untill next week. Steve kinda helped xxx with words of encouragement. But I tended to be giddy showing off, when Steve was there, and end up on my arse!!

But I had improved 10 fold, since I last tried. And Graham reckoned I would be safe enough for the next Cycle For Health!! on 2 wheels, as a participent!!

Marj and Bazza came for their Cycle, but I wasn't really able to give them too nuch attention, I was all wrapped up with learning to balance!! But apart from that, it was very cold and dark today, and not many folk turned up.

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  1. You need some cycling shorts!

    You can also get padded undershorts if you are going for the casual look.