Friday, 23 November 2012

Bombing Bomas

Well 1 of them!!
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Steve had asked me if I wanted to meet and try a Boma 7??? I'm not sure if he meant Boma 70?? Anyway, I had the pleasure of meeting Chris from Moltern Rock. Who is the proud owner of one. And remembered me from the Cornwall Allability Cycling Conference, he didn't make further comment :) I know this isn't what folk want to hear, but it did remind me of my Mobility scooter, atleast it's controls were the same. It did kinda make me think where I stood on the Mobility Scooter, Boma, Power Assisted Cycle, Pedal  Cycle??? And I still don't know really, because admitadly, it aint muscle power turning the wheels. But no one should be excluded from the pleasure of cycling if they want to do it, even if that means extra help. I know it aint easy messing with locks, and getting out of recumbent cycles for example.

Awwww Steve took Robbie, I love Robbie, who loves Holly dog. So when Steve dropped me home, Robbie came into see Holly. And we took them for a walk. And Steve said that he didn't think I'd ever be safe enough to ride a 2 wheeler on the road. But agreed, to me getting James Cycles to loaning me one at Hillsborough to practice on. But when I phoned James Cycles, they weren't prepared to bring one to Hillsborough :(

On Monday, 12 folk from Hilsborough C4A  are going on a Xmas bike ride. I can't go because there isn't room to take Ziggy :( in the mini bus.


  1. When & where is the bike ride?

  2. it was in Endcliffe Park Yesterday,at Lunchtime. Chris phoned Steve M up and asked him for a meet as he was in the area.

    On Weds are you 65?? :) hope so....!!!

    C x