Tuesday, 31 December 2013

It's all gone black.....

The things I do, for my wee boy :) but I do feel a bit bad for leaving my 15 year old on her own, whilst I go to the disco, at the Spit. But as she said... what 15 year old wants to spend New Years Eve, with their Mum. Well that's fine! because my 11 year old does! So I'm off to the pub at 9.00, wish me luck, it's dark out there.

I will be strutting my stuff, and embarrassing folk no doubt

I wish everyone out there a Happy New Year, and lets hope it's better than this year...because it has been a bit dier, it all started with the death of Nigel West at the beginning of Feb, and I just haven't got over that I don't think, because I keep thinking, how much better things could be if he were around..

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The 3 wise meeepeople.

Just a quickie from me, :) I really appreciated a visit from Dave H, this morning. It was kinda nice to know, I was worth a visit, so thanks Dave. In his opinion, it should be really straight forward to move the control  panel of the Pedal Assist to the steering post on the left hand side? where there was a left mirror. So with a few Allen Keys, and some metal ties? The wire should be long enough to divert down, the cross bar, and lead off to the left. Because I really am fumbling in the dark,  and just pressing blindly!

My neighbour called, worse for wear :) I had made some mulled wine and mince pies....well a bit of a fib, I bought them from the coop and heated them!!

Julie Andrews called last bearing Xmas gifts, a fab scarf :) It's really nice, just call me .........woman who got her scarf tangled in her bicycle???

There I told you it was a quickie, I bid thee goodnight, I'm going to bed, so that the morning comes quicker :) ....that's what my very excited Son said at about 7pm!!

Meffy Xmas!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 23 December 2013

Lucky Holly, Lucky Me :)

Today, it rained!! and it poured but horizontally The cupboards were bare, but there was no way, that either of my young fit children, were venturing to the shops.  And I knew I'd feel better, if I cycled with Holly dog, so I did and I do!!

Hi Kev? I fancy Peppercorn for food, it's at Dore Station? Your emails keep bouncing back.

In case I don't see you all b4 Xmas, have a good one, and love you all. x

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Winter Solstice

And thank goodness for that, as I'm having real problems wi my eye's in the dark/ judging distance/looking down!!!! It really makes me want to cry!! It's like I tackle one problem, and encounter another, obstacle.  I went up the road to a mates last night, for a Chinese......take away. And my chain kept coming off my sprocket, and then the derailler :(  And then both simultaneously :( And you know how it is? When you know every inch of your fave bike? Well I'm not familiar with my new boom sprocket, derailleur, so I was totally helpless on this steep hill!! I asked this guy if I could borrow a torch please, he stuck his head out the front door and replied 'sorry love, we don't have a torch', so I suggested they shone their mobile phone? I couldn't begin to put the chain back and hold the light.  He claimed they didn't have a mobile phone.  Then like Angels on a Holy night, daisy's friends appeared from nowhere and said, 'what's up Caroline, Can we help' And this girl who's better known for the problems she causes in the community, maybe because of her ADHD . Got her hands covered in oil and set about the derailleur first :) Bless her, she was an absolute star.

We ate laughed, and chatted and drank a tiny bit.  And I said how I needed a cycling buddy to show me a good way to Hillsborough Park, it was like an Important scene in a film, where a plan is hatched!!! Because we are going to make a day of it, the 3 of us!! And it won't cost me more than a round of drinks, I so hope it works out, and it will all be in the light, as I plan to get Community transport back.  Weather permitting, it will be when the kids go back to school.

That was yesterday, and this is today....;(, I went Zooming fast wi Holly whippet dog, keeping up as I sped down the dual carriageway. (without wing mirrors!!) I do need to sort that :( I also need to sort a spare 16'' inner tube....Rob please? I just crossed the pavement today, as I left the Tesco car park. A wee girl stepped in front of me, and I slammed my brakes on and foot on the pedal (FFS!!, what a mistake, that was.) It was like 4 years ago, the sprocket spun round, and totally spun into opposite places!!! Only this time, the teeth didn't stick in my shin causing me 16 stiches, I'm happy to say. Because the GT5 has a beautiful sexy guard on the sprocket. Hey 4 years ago I couldn't have begun to repair that.  But hey, I knew what the problem was, and fixed it in a jiffy. You see I can be practical and tough s'times ?

Friday, 20 December 2013


I've just had a near miss, I'm not sure who's fault it was so I couldn't get arsey!! I suspect we both should have been going slower, considering all the parked cars, (some on her side one on mine) But i9 screeched to a halt, nearly squashed Holly dog It was my fault on reflection!!! She wound down the window hurting abuise at me and ziggy, and having a dog. Oh wekk, i'll be extra careful, honest!!Reply

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Am I just too sensible :)

I can't and won't say who and why, because I feel disloyal, but I am in comparison to my friends a very boring and sensible woman.  And I can't wait to go to Hillsborough tomorrow, to see my mate Dave. But I hope the weather clears up a bit. Gotta go my 11 year old wants me. Will he still ever grow out of it.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

I know the cure! But just can't......it's a seasonal thing.

If I could only get out of these pyjamas!!! and cycle, I wouldn't feel like sleeping at all.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

I'm confused.

I love the new speed at which I can get places, on the new 'improved model of Ziggy' but I'm not sure that I love her anymore??? She doesn't stand still when I want her too:( knocking me nearly over, when I pause in front of her (steady on she's not so heavy that she actually could!!) I can hardly use the brake on my left, because of the controls for the pedal assist. But Steve Marsden, has a bit of a plan?? I suggested pipe lagging round the cables? It was good :D don't laugh!!I can't actually read the dial, because it involves me looking down, so it stays in what I initially set it at. Urrrrm I'm scared of going too far, incase I can't get home. But I am getting there honest!! And I hate to grumble to Rob and Carol, as they've been marvellous. It's me, not you type of thing :)

I am now part of the Social Care Institute of excellence, after going for an interview in London, and rolling Ziggy, on my way home on the dual carriageway. Long story, but it was rush hour I hadn't got fabrear lights, so I'd decided, to cycle on the pavement. Which was blocked off every 30metres, because they are changing the lampposts. At one such post, I was trying to go down, what I believed to be a dropped curb, which wasn't! Causing me to 'Spill' as half my seat stayed and thje other half dropped!! I cried, and a knight in a white BMW  pulled up and asked if I was ok? I started to cry!! So he went to fetch his pick up truck :)

I loved the fact that I made it to finns pantomime, in 4mins instead of 20 today.

I didn't go to Hillsborough to see Dave :( I had too much shoppuing to do, I'm such a Barrr Humbug you know!!

I went for a gorgeous meal with Pam last night, who treated me, she's soooo kind :)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Don't panic :)

My post has gone, the one that instructed everyone, where I was leaving Ziggy, chained up for the day!!

I am still terrified of going it alone, for a long ride. I need some guidance on how to change the speed/assistance, because it seems to have only one at the moment, which was fantastic.

I'm helping out at disability Sheffield tomorrow, and then going straight onto a Brain Injury Research evaluation. All for LOVE :)


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Wow!! :)

I need a local Host Organisation, to put the Record of Involvement online? amd £300, and I reckon it's a goer. Kirril seemed suitably impressed, at my cak handedness! or Kerry fistedness!! and oodles of support. To want my Creation, and to take it forward to the next level.

On another point, how stupid is Job  Centre Plus, well the rules! I mustn't let it get personal? I am in a very good position, to get a job, for the first time in 15 years. And bureaucracy  isn't doing me any favours.

I am very lucky :)

Monday, 18 November 2013

Wheely, Wheely, Well !! ....not at all.

No I just made that name up, but below is a link to some fab guys, who need everyone and anyone to vote for them on November the 26th.

http://www.watchtreewheelers.co.uk/votetoride/4580081662 Thanks for the tip off Dave.

I am very unhappy.

I've got a big meeting tomorrow with Sheffield University, to see if they want to transform my creation of the Record of Involvement, into an App, well the students who want to gain a Phd do.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Not A Happy Bunny :(

With no Hillsborough, I have nothing to talk about :(

My new Pa/cleaner started today, he is gorgeous but 22, I think it's time to lock Daisy up!!

Oh I can't smile and be happy :(

Saturday, 9 November 2013


It had to be done this morning, at 9. But it was bearly light!! I took Holly dog, in the forest and through the meadows, whilst shackled to Ziggy. But I got soaked, and no it wasn't raining, but my trike was no protection from the long grass.

3 years ago I met an amazing Guy called Nic Marcs, at the time he was founder of the New Economic Foundation. But now he runs Happiness Works. Anyway he sent me a video of him giving me a mention, at one of his Workshops for Coke. (its the 3rd video, and he mentions me at ther end, apparently there was a pic of me on my trike. /But one thing I find really lovely, is that he doesn't associate my happiness being as a result of the exercise he thinks it's because it gives me the opportunity, to share my happiness, which makes me happier. :) Ahh I do like him, he is soooo intelligent.


Thursday, 7 November 2013

MoveMore at Hillsborough but not C4A......

The tumble weed blew across the ball courts, spaghetti western music played in the distance :D The sound of bolts being drawn back sharply, echoed through the park, like gun shots. The ghostly sound of laughter rang in my ears, and the screeching of brakes and skidding of tyres on the concrete.

Today was about visiting Dave, who had gone to Hillsborough early, just so he could be there for folk who needed him. I needed him!! I had a slow puncture. '' Of course I will help you with it'' come to the Park tomorrow. :) Had been his reply last night, as I wailed down the phone to him! So I'm all better now, thanks to my gorgeous friend.

The MoveMore event yesterday, was fab, I really hope I've planted a few seeds, in folks heads. About Who needs to be involved at Cycling 4 All.

I'm so glad I had the poster made?? Because it was my back drop projection :)

Hey, I'm interviewing for my new cleaner tomorrow, he's like the man off the Coca-Cola advert! (Shall I provide a uniform?!!)

Monday, 28 October 2013


I woke this morning, amazed that it was 8.00. I had chuntered off to bed last night grumbling about how the weather was sure to keep me awake all night?? !!! But I slept like a baby!! Robbie dog had snook up in the night, and had sprawled across the entirety of my bed, leaving me with a corner, where I clung like a postage stamp!!

The dogs weren't happy, as I shackled them to Ziggy, in the wind and the rain. Coming back it was a mixture of wet leaves and feebleness that prohibited me from climbing on to my drive. I had to spin around and speed, and ram it up the drive.

Jon, the a* feeler called to see me, which was nice, :)

I nipped to the shops with the dogs shackled to my trike. Robbie wasn't happy about the bin lorry!! Bless. But we are fed and watered or  wined!!!!

Ahhhh bless it's my wee boys b'day tomorrow :( and he's not here. He's in Lanzerote.   :(

Saturday, 26 October 2013

It still hurts

So i'll be brief to let you know I'm ok.

I had the customary tour of Sheffield, but I didn't really mind, because I wanted the memory, if that makes sense?

I arrived to meet John, , a double amputee and his 2 carers and Steve. J used the side by side hand cycle, because he was a relatively new amputee, and didn't have oodles of confidence. 'I'll go on my own next week' he said. Well it finishes today, for a few months, we had eo disappoint him :( He was fab though just the kind of person, who could really benefit from getting his own hand cycle and rehabilitating himself a bit, in his new accessible home.

I don't know much else it's a bit of a blur. Marj and Barry came, she's not been well, and has been told that very gentle exercise at a sedentary pace is fine. So we did our usual 15 laps of the courts very slowly :)

I missed Dave B :(

I have had some posters made, of all the faces, cycles, I have come to associate with Hillsborough. I know it's extravagant, but I've  got copies for free if anyone wants one.

I've gotta go. xxxx

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Last Supper :(

I have been  quite emotional today,  at the thought of not seeing Steve M again, I know I'm a softie? Because he does nowt to encourage such feelings. It's because he was my saviour. Saving me from a sordid life of Sex and Booze, (ok he helped me reduce!!! :D and encouraging me to lead a more positive, and self respecting existence. He played a key role in my presence at Cycling 4 All, which earned me the Greatest Honour of Olympic Torchbearer in 2012.

I spent the morning, visiting an old (well same age!) school friend who'd started working at Forge Dam, one of my coffee stops, when I began cycling in Endcliffe Park.. She looked fab, and informed me that 2 years previously she had sustained a fractured skull, (eek) she fell backwards downstairs'  hope that another old friend is ok, as he too, has spent a month fighting for his life, having a serious brain injury after falling from a roof.  And having a heart attack, whilst he lay in a coma.

So despite Dave's humour about making sure I'm sitting on the right sort of battery, for the ultimate experience,  of the new Ziggy, when she is done. I'm really not looking forward to my final day, with Steve and Graeme, Charlie, and Andy. Dave Brenan is away.

It sounds so wrong that the best years of my life, have been as a 'crippled Single Mum.'

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

interesting - if you can get past the voice :)


Should I stay or Should I go???

I am definitely going to C4A on Thursday, but after then, I honestly don't know?

I have agreed to do an internet video to promote exercise, even or especially if you have a disability. Because as in my case, it was a matter of finding my passion, which happened to be Inclusive Cycling, but it could be Inclusive anything really? It's for Ollie Hart, I like working with Ollie very much :) and Roz Davies, who seems to support everything positive :) on the 6th of November., at the City Hall.

I love being 'inspirational, it's why I get up, in the morning, to Inspire my kids and more.....

But who'll be at Hillsborough now to inspire me?

I asked Steve and no ones mentioned it to him. And I'm not sure if he wants too now? I wish folk would talk....I'm crying now, I didn't want it ever to end, because I've had some of the best days of my life, since I met Steve Marsden, and cycled.

For all you Sheffieldish fol, over the age of 30!!


I love this x

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Better Late than Never


My heads been s'where else since I was informed Cycling 4 All was finishing for 6 months!! I'm not going to talk about it, because I'm sounding like a bitter woman, and I'm not bitter.....a tad sensitive maybe?

I arrived at lunchtime, long story but I knew I'd be some time and didn't want to leave Holly all day. (that was boring and unnecessary!!) So I arrived at 12, clutching buties for everyone. But I say everyone? There was only Graeme, Andy and Myself. Steve was in the woods playing with his chopper:D. And Jetsetting Dave Brenen is in Germany? So after a fairly uneventful - Never been uneventful, and sad day before, with no one really mentioning BIG premature closure.

At 3.30, after everyone really pulling the stops out and fitting around my needs and wants. Graeme Symmons, and myself began our journey along Penistone Rd, through Kelham Island, near The Courts. The Markets, Pons Forge, in by Hallam University, reaching my destination, of the Winter Gardens, where I was meetring my friend for a bite to eat.

Eeeek I cut things fine, and then was horrified to find that Simon Gellers phone was unobtainable!!! Quick thinking!!! I phoned Dave Holiday, who I know would have been at the meeting if it wasn't 300 miles away from his house.

We rendezvoused , and, access to the main Conference Hall, at the Town Hall, was a piece of cake. I had no idea, what to expect from the meeting or who would be in attendance. And I still don't have much idea!! I just, I just spoke from my heart, occasionally. I didn't say too much. Other than be a visual reminder, that folk with disabilities, DO cycle, and for some it's a necessity, as I reminded them, I cant walk very far or safety reasons.   But I can cycle miles, safely....eventually. At the end of the meeting I excused myself, and left with Simon, to catch the 19.14 train to Dore Station. It takes 6 minutes by train, with an extra 20min at Dore to home.

We arrived at the Station, to be met by a fantastic guy, who I have nominated for an award for his customer relations. His name was Paul Fletcher from Northern Rail, we moved to platform 8, and he escorted me, and having a word with the Guard on the train, to make sure, he understood who had given Authorisation for the journey. Which was the Station Manager, Richard?? a friend of Dave Holidays. Ziggy the Trike, was an absolute breeze to manoeuvre  on and off the train, but I did have a lot of help.

So a MASSIVE thank you to everyone for making my journey home from Hillsborough, soo successful. :)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Arse from head!


Arse and head!!!

I believe the CTC and it's new disability officer (nowt personal) and Heeley Development Trust  know nob all about each others intentions!!! and the effect it will have on peoples lives!!1

One sent out an email declaring that nothing would change at Hillsborough Cycling 4 All. 

2hours later I get an email informing me that it will shut indefinitely (until it gets warmer?) in 8 days time!!

Out fuckin rageous!! I am gutted I can't imagine how steve feels.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Richard/Julie/Tracy/Vicky. Ey I've had a few!!!

Personal Assistant/ Cleaner I've had a few. But that makes me sound awful, I'm a lovely boss honest. Today I welcomed the latest Lady, :) She seems lovely. Perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, but I think purple hair and tattoos are cool.

What a pain, I lost my debit card and my bus pass today. Whist cycling back in the rain from my mate Anj' house. I know what I did!!!!! durrrrr!!! I cant see my zip too well, on my tiny hand bag, and I unzipped it as apposed to zipping it shut. What an a* I've had to cancel the world. I aint even started on my bus pass yet.

I'm getting worried about Thursdays expedition, I've sent an email to Claire and Mel at First travel,  when rather flippantly, they sent an email saying 'no problem I could fold the cycle' yeah once it was possible. I believe!!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Just maybe s'one was V clever!!

By not giving Steve the new post of Disability Officer, for the North East. It will mean, he can remain part of the Cycling 4 All team at Hillsborough :) and we will all continue to support him

I have suggested to Claire and Mel (of Sheffield Tram Fame) thyat I will be in town with my trike on the 17th of this month. And could always meet before or after.??

Or I've just thought I could always meet at Hillsborough one Thursday?

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Have the CTC gone Bonkers!!

Why change a wining formula???? Steve Marsden knows I will do anything (Steady on....nearly)  to promote him and Inclusive Cycling. But with him, not anyone else. It was him who's ear I bent for 3 years. It was him who supported me with my children, and my dog. And just occasionally had to drop everything to come and help me with a puncture, or my derailleur. It was his project, that got us an invite to the queens tea party, to the Paralympics with Nick Clegg. And I know it was the lovely Nigel, who nominated me, to carry the Olympic Torch , but it was for my work as a Health Champion for STEVE. That I displayed hours of commitment and  devotion too.

It was his enthusiasm and happiness that has always made me spread my happiness. See it's very contagious. Many tears were shed at Hillsborough today. (ok they were nearly all mine) How we dreamt of empowering more folk like myself who had sustained brain damage either through a medical condition, or through a trauma. And helped them to achieve a level of independence.

And maybe tomorrow? because I keep crying whenever I think of my perfect life changing.? But I need to speak to s'one from Cycle Sheffield, about the train tram thing. Don't worry I still intend to do it, but they want to fold my trike to take it on the tram. I don't do that.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The suspense is killing me!!

I'd love to know if Steve had got 'his' old job back? And I'd love to know if I'd got a little gig in London? I do wonder if Steves been told... and for whatever reason, wants to tell me himself.

I totally wasted the day, hanging round the PC and home, just incase s'body called. I know it's a bit sad :)When I did venture out, it was Brrrrrr, just a tad cold. I think I may even put my thermals on tomorrow, for Cycling 4 All. I had to nip to the drs for my Flu jab, which was gorgeous! I did struggle though :D I got upto the T junction of Baslow Rd, which is at the top of a steep hill, and I ts a dual carriageway. I turned my left crank, realising my shoe lace was fastened in it. I had to furiously back pedal to get it undone/looser, but unfortunately I cant be a real woman, because I'm hopeless at muti tasking. And couldn't keep still? I ended up sliding backwards down Mickly Lane, calling franticly to an Older woman, on her bike whomwas an absolute STAR.  She said  'How can I help? It'sCaroline, isn't it?'I've seen Pictures of you! :) I was giddy that she knew me it was great, and I tried not to act all 'Snobby' and aloof, as I thrusted my smelly black plimsole in her 'Coupon'

At the doctors all the nurses huddled round to discuss, the importance of my orange flag. And thanked me. There is a Guy who I often see, on a recumbent bike. Who never has a flag.  I must admit, I absolutely cack myself if I ever forget mine. What do other Recumbent riders think?

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Ugly Fruit?????

What do I do with it??? I bought one for my kids, and now I'm puzzled???

Ouch!!! I've realised I've not been on Ziggy today!! that's awful! I have walked the dog and stuff, - mundane housy things.

Fingers Crossed for Steve Marsden, whose got an interview for Disability Officer for the North East, based in Sheffield. I can't win either way though because if he gets it, he won't work at Hillsborough anymore :( And if he doesn't I can't see him continueing either!!

Friday, 4 October 2013

I'm Here!!! I'm back :)

I just needed a prompter, from Dave :) Me and security locks? either cyber ones, or 'rubrics cube' security bike ones? I'm pants at them all.

Oooooh I've gone for a very little part in a project looking at the transition between NHS and Social Care Services, but in London. They ???? want to pay a 'Punter' 'Service User' 'Client' an 'Individual' (delete as appropriate)!! to sit on an advisory panel. In the true manner of Co-Production. My friends/colleagues at Redvers House found it and encouraged me to apply.

I have been cycling, getting the train and 2 trams to Hillsborough recently. But it only takes me about 75mins. Which isn't much longer than Community Transport, on it's normal days!! Which reminds me??? Apparently the boss of the community buses, wants a word!!???

I feel I have a lot of little battles going on, to do with Ziggy. I can't wait till I can cycle her home from Hillsborough, I know I'm doing it on the 17th (stopping off at the Cycle Sheffield Meet, in the Town Hall) But I would love to 'take it for granted, and it not be an excursion.

I'm waiting for another 8 weeks, for the right battery to be delivered to these guys in York? So hopefully before Xmas.

The Interviews for a Cycling Development Officer, for Sheffield and the North East are happening on Monday.  I hope sooo much that Steve Marsden gets it, if he doesn't I don't envy the person who does! NEARLY... all the trainers at Hillsborough and me, have talked about not working, for anyone else. And it's soo sad, what would happen to the Marjorie and Barrys, the David and Sues, and Norma, her daughter and her husband. ???

I can't think of anything else I want to talk about now, I am speechless!!!!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Nice one Simon

Thank you Simon Geller, for putting me onto Kirill Bogdanov, from Sheffield University. :)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

I have no shame :)

We were quiet at Cycling 4 All this morning, which was nice, because for once we all, caught up with each other. I have no shame, I asked folk if they'd read the blog? the one where I'd unashamedly said Steve was the Hero? And yes, they laughed. The sun was out, and we all loved and laughed Hillsborough. I don't want the feelings of today ever to end, it was just what I needed after yesterdays bad news.

Steve spoke excitedly about the Train and the Tram, and of how I could be just the right person, to make a difference. (not too much pressure then?)

Ahhhh Marj and Barry came, and because they'd missed my b'day last week, came baring gifts :) A Card, Necklace and perfume. And then she said ooooh you wouldn't be interested in a food steamer would you?? only I've got a brand new one in the back of the car (like you do). I got it home, and it had never been out of it's box!!!! It's absolutely perfect. But I bet I'm not supposed to accept gifts?? But hey ho!! it's mine now :)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


A play on HealthBeMe, but play isn't the right word because it makes folk think Happy/Joy/Laughter and movement. And afraid it's definitely not shifting! And neither is the promise of a digital Record of Involvement:(

The Core group consisting of Roz, Chris, Mark and Emily and :) me. Are taking October, to put out feelers and speak to folk, we are reconvening in November, to see where we are at.

I only cycled to the bus stop, and managed to fall on my very fragile front light, which proceeded to break up, into hundreds of pieces! Spilling batteries all over the road.  I don't thing my repair skills or selotape will stretch to a repair!!

I'm a bit fed up, a lot actually. I'd go for a ride but it's dark, and it just reminds me that I broke my lights!!!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hello Cycle Sheffield :)

I enjoyed a Zoomingly :) I don't think that's a word, but I bet everybody knows what it means. trip to Millhouses Park. It was great, the self propelled speed, wind in my hair as I sped down the dual carriageway. Hey I even overtook a Bicycle! I arrived early and 'anal' because I was excited, about the possibility of expanding my network of cycling folk. And it wasn't because I was a young fit man in Lycra? I was attracting this attention, because of exactly the opposite. And I'd also got the support of Nick Clegg, in the form of a personal letter. So I met Simon Geller and my Hero Steve Marsden, (I know it's boring, but he gave me the best gift of all, the gift of a proper life, and I became a value to my family and community)  Awwww mushy bit over :)

Anyway, I've agreed (I must be bonkers!) to cycle from Cycling 4 All at Hillsborough Park, to the Town Hall. On the 17th of October, at5.30 to a MoveSheffield ??meeting about cycles as mobility aids on the train and trams in Sheffield. After the meeting I'm going to CYCLE BACK TO TOTLEY!! that wasn't a mistake to write in capitals btw! with a bit of a posse:) escorting me. Hopefully this will earn me a special concession, to take my trike on the train and tram at off peak times. And if this works ok, other folk will be allowed their basic human right!! I mean I could say that I'd rather be able to run and jump on a train/tram, and can't because I have a disability. But I'd actually be lying....a bit! Everyone knows I just love what I do.

Going home, I was the opposite really, I pulled in because I became aware of an expanse of open road infront of me.....yikes!!! 14 cars, a bus, a lorry and a tractor passed!! :D I did laugh on the inside

Saturday, 21 September 2013

My Mate Nick Clegg!! has sent me a letter today, to say how well I looked at the Q and A evening. Ey!! were like old mates!! ......urmmm sometimes! He is very interested to know the outcome of being granted special permission to take my trike. On the train from Dore to Sheffield, Before he takes the matter further.
I'm a right creep
It also goes onto say how much they have spent on Cycling, in an additional letter.....yeah, yeah. But none of it is for disability cycling.....er thanks for that then!!! And directs me towards bikeability.com. And then maybe recognising, that this isn't what I wanted, to hear. He says
I suspect it adds little to what you already know, but do contact me again, if further (DIFFERENT) - no I just made that last bit up, matters arise. 
And Finns just put on my absolutely beautiful flowery panniers, a birthday pressie :) They are from NEXT and have card into stiffen the sides, a really sturdy iconic fashion piece. Well impressed.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Cycling 4 All

Or......sitting drinking tea and coffee whilst it rains outside!! And no Punters. Just Nora, who'd come back to show us her new purchase :) ...An £800 trike from Cycle York??? It was Fantastic to see her, she was transferred from a Stroke Victim, dependant on someone to push her wheelchair, to a Stroke Survivor, who was enjoying exploring the paths round Hillsborough Park. Despite the rain!!

I wish I'd gone with her in hindsight. So Next time ey?

And thank you team, for the Masie on a tricycle b'day card, and gifts.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Ey, at least I'm wanted for s'thing :) I love being wanted. x

I loved today, first I had to wash and dry Daisies PE top.....at 11.00pm last nit!!. And leave it on the drive, so she could jump out of the car at 8.00 this morning. As her Dad took her to school. Then one of my beautiful friends text to ask if we could meet,as she needed s'onme to talk to. (I just made that up,) So I tried to zoom to Millhouses Park, but my chain kept coming off my derailer? I'm not too sure why, but I arrived a bit late with very oily hands!!!

Lovely lunch, and she'd remembered my birthday! :) Cheers

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Chain breakers


Finn went off on his adventures this morning, bless him. With his stick and handkerchief wrapping his sandwiches, well not quite but I'm sure you get the picture. To a place where 2 years ago one of his friends came off his BMX and ended up with a fractured skull, and dropping back a year, because he had missed so much, of his school work. I thing it's ok for me to say, that he is effected by his brain damage :) isn't it??

Any way for a whole year, 'Chain breakers' was deserted, and tumbleweed blew across the dusty tracks :D But today it was lively with children and spades. I made Finn wear his helmet, because I believe he frequently falls off, its part of the sport!

I haven't sat on my trike today for the first time in about three months!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Ziggys Cave is Ready :)

I've just written a post and thought better of posting it. So you'll have to make do with this one. It's far too sensible of me.

Steve Marsdens been here drilling through the brick work, so I've got a plug socket, under the porch where I'm keeping Ziggy.How Exciting!!!

Julie Andrews has been round most of the day. She's very upset - romance?? I'm well out of it!!But I do secretly have my eye, on  s'one.....

I am a tad nervous about getting a motor, supposing I don't love Ziggy as much?

I also won't have got the motor for the 24th of this month, when I'm starting a philosophy course on Carterknowle Rd, I might not......

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cycle to Work day :)

Because I'm a bit juvenile, and still get butterflies, when I'm catching the train!!! I set off 15minutes early this morning,  as apposed to missing the train. It was Northern Rail, and the conductress, was extremely helpful. In fact, if I was a touchy, person, I would have been  mauled!!! Because it was one of those times, when I had enjoyed the freedom of Cycling to catch the train, without a drama. And the convenience of living just a mile away from the railway made me feel truly blessed.  And then the conductress asked me immediately if I'd need assistance, because I looked like I needed help. (well thanks for noticing that then!)

I easily found the tram stop at the Railway Station, despite it having a substitute bus, for many of the lines. I got on the first one which stopped in Fitz Allen Square  - town, for those who aren't familiar, with Sheffield. I asked the very smiley jolly conductor (I love it when folk are happy) what colour line I wanted for Hillsborough? (how silly of me not to say Hillsborough PARK) I was extra happy when he informed me that the train I was in fact on, was going to Hillsborough and I didn't need to change. Imagine my despair when the tram turned left up the hill towards Malin Bridge, and it just kept going :( I explained my error, and the happy jolly man advised me to get off, catch another tram going in the opposite direction, just one stop. Get off, be sure to use the crossing :) (I must really have appeared needy this morning!)and get a 'YELLOW' tram, there, there. I just made up the last bit!!

I did and reached the Park, at last.
I got off and so wanted my trike, or any trike. I called Steve Marsden, in the hope that he'd come and fetch me on the side by side. But he didn't pick up, he was busy with Happy Days. Who were enjoying the cycles. I took my time and walked/tripped through the park. I arrived feeling drained and unhappy after my failed attempt at finding an alternative, to community transport. But do you know although it was a HUGE effort, i'd do it all again Tomorrow, if I had no choice.

Marj and Barry brought me some home green beans, which I have just enjoyed. I invited Adam and Andy to The Tap next week for a birthday drink, and invited folk to share some birthday cake. Which I intend to bring to C4A. It was nearly time to go, and Ian, arrived. I have met Ian before, but his PA explained that he'd had a rough time recently, and could he possibly have a shot on a cycle. Although, I knew they were putting the cycles away, I sensed it meant s'thing and urged them to go and 'baggy' a ride, b4 Steve packed them away. I saw them after, Ian was beaming from Ear to Ear.

Andy was an absolute Star, and gave me a lift to near Tescos, so I just hopped on a bus to collect my Trike. What a Fab

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Very unhappy :(

I'm very sad, Community transport phoned today, and said they couldn't take me on Thursday to Cycling 4 All, at Hillsborough. I've really got to be able to get there independently, it makes me very sad. So I'm getting the 9.57 train from Dore, to Sheffield, 2 trams. And then the same back!! I have to do it, because I'm lobbying to take my trike on both. Thing is though public transports so boring!! Time seems to drag!!

Our Research is coming on marvellously at SCBIRT, and I'm enjoying the the Theo metrical??? research more than I anticipated. But I cannot help but wonder if we all hear what we want to hear out of the answers and come to the conclusion, before we've even studied the facts. (but that's why we work in a group and things are done democratically??

I wish I was looking forward to Thursday!!

Monday, 9 September 2013


I was just cycling (Holly cantering) towards the Meadow at 8.00 this morning. And this HUGE ' fuck off'  Mastiff, pounced on Holly.  Now Holly is the ultimate wuss at the best of times, her tail got even further between her legs, is that possible???? (without being rude!!!) I believe that 'Bailey' wouldn't hurt me???? So I shielded Holly, I must actually have been bonkers!! in hindsight.

I rang the woman who'd been in touch wi Steve because she wanted to offer me a business proposition. And I'm going to her launch day, but I don't think so?? :) nice compliment I think???

Thank goodness I've got a bit of money tomorrow ...phew.

 I've also got a BIRRP meeting.


Sunday, 8 September 2013


I'm guessing South Yorkshire ........ Transport Association??? S'one mentioned a meeting. Thing is although, I'm quite effective at meetings....I think?? I'm not too sure why, pity? honesty? effort??Intelligence...Nahhhh :D I do have difficulty getting there, it's a bit hypocritical turning up everywhere in a taxi (plus the expense). Hopefully things might change a bit, when I get my motor, which is still it transit from Australia. And Rob Hague (West Country Recumbent fame) has fitted it to the boom. (I think I got that the wrong way round, we are waiting for a new boom to arrive! So Rob can assemble it and quite simply swap it with my Slumph and boom.

It doesn't really help my ability to see at dusk though.

Hey Steve Marsden has been asked twice this weekend for my details ;) Makes a change.

So Hi Dawn, I will phone you tomorrow.

And I'll see you on the 24th Simon, you might be able to do me a huge favour, if your coming from Nether Edge that day? and meet me at the School of Philosophy, perhaps?? I can't find anyone willing to do that Virgin Ride with me back. Well atleas5t as far as Millhouses?

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Evening with Old Nick!! ......:D

I do mean Nick Clegg, and not the Devil, because I know it's in his interest to be lovely, but I really think he comes across well, and kind, and a lovely person. I waited till the very last question, and went for it!! Reminding him first of the day at the Paralympics when Steve and I were his guests, and Sarah Storey won Gold. He said ' Yeah that's right and you, you are so passionate about your trike' Well he got that bit right!! I explained how Trans Penine, wouldn't let me take my trike on the train from Dore, to Sheffield, and I did need it at the other end to complete my journey. (I have since sent him details of how this could be possible if I stood the trike on the 2 wheeled end, and bungee strapped the single wheel to the roof) But who knows? There is a bit of a campaign to get trikes, and bikes on the train-tram to Rotherham. and I am meeting Simon Geller, and Steve about this.

Meanwhile Robs on holiday at the moment so I think Carol is assembling parts?? from places. And maybe Rob will start on it, the back end of next week.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

I feel like i'm helping folk be happy, which makes me happier. :)

I know it's more about ME I supposed, but I feel so comfortable knowing that I have made an insy difference to a few folks' lives today :) And yes, I know Steve and Graham would have been there to give out the bikes. But would they have cycled so slowly (I can't go much faster!!) listening with interest to Marj, as she struggled round with a broken finger. (She did it because she loves C4A) And then there was Alan, who questioned whether he owed the full £5, because he'd only cycled for 25minutes and not the full hour - bless :) some folk!! :D

And David, the guy who used to cycle daily, until 8months ago when he had a stroke. He still hasn't spoken, but he smiles from ear to ear, as he cycles on a high  backed trike. Sue, his incredibly supportive wife  had brought coffee and buns.

And Mark, Wow Mark! He'd been diagnosed with MS a few months aGO AGED 30.  Lost his abiity, to speak, write, had his driving licence taken from him, lost his job, the list goes on. He arrived with his wife, she was called Caroline too. The lovely Dave Brenon took Mark, to try a 2 wheeler first. And I went for a cycle on the side by side round the park, with his Caroline. We peeped at his progress from a far, not wanting to embarrass him. But we needn't have worried, because he was soon cycling confidently without Daves supportive arm/words.

And then there is the gorgeous Adam, who always arrives at the end of the day.

Ahhhhh I'm happy now:)

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Marvelous Friends :)

Angela, Dave Kev, and myself chewed the fat for 3 hrs + this evening!! I got very drunk, but I had my trike to slowly pedal home on. With Anj gracefully guiding me at times. (I had to tinkle twice!!!) my bladders not good!!

Everyonme one got on so well, I could have actually continued the conversation all night.

But children beckomed.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Good Call Kev!!! :)

I couldn't sleep last night, I was too excited!!! (I know i'm a bit sad, but I don't talk to new people very often) And I wasn't disappointed.

The day began, with my cycle in the 'Forest', we didn't dilly dally.

I came back to the wrath OF dAISY, BECAUSE i'D MISPLACED HER BRAND NEW SCHOOL SKIRT!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!! just maybe it got thrown, outeeeeek with the jumble! First day back, and reserve uniform.

I had 6 minutes to get to Dore Station, 'You'll never do it' screeched my wee boy. I pulled up at the same time as the train!! I ran (in my dreams!) and jumped in deeper dreams, onto the train.

It was great to see Kevin,  who guided me as we made our way to the venue for the Theorising Normalcy and Mundane Conference. I'm too tired, I'm going to bed.....I'll continue this tomorrow.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Allsorts !


I know it's a grim one, but I want this played at my cremation. As well as Bicycle by queen. It will always remind me of Centre Parcs, that song, and how 'Normal' I feel cycling, and how happy I feel, getting into scrapes with my kids :)

Anyway, i'm not meaning to be morose! But I've got more sombre news, my ex phoned to ask, if he could take the children abroad in half term , the thing is? that it's Finns b'day that week :( Of course I said yes, but Finn wasn't too sure that he wanted to be apart for his special day. But I cajoled him into it. But I know I will be filled with memories, of what would have happened  if our marriage had worked? But I then shook myself! I would be twice as big, would be using crutches for sure, or be in a chair, I had to use a commode! when I was pregnant, because I suffered and I mean suffered from a condition, called pubic synthasis?? It's where your fanny muscles start to stretch!!! Sorry I can't be dignified whilst remembering that pain. Maybe it's a bit like child birth???

I would never have cycled which is the BEST thing ever.

I have my meeting with Nick Clegg, sorted for Friday.

I want Kev Hickman to call  me please???

just in case you are reading kev? I'm getting the 0822 or the 0828 into Sheffield, and I will be drinking coffee, sitting under the arrivals/departure electronic board.  I do  have no idea where we are going btw!! For the https://normalcy2013.eventbrite.co.uk/ is, but it sounds interesting, and it will be good for Networking.

Kev called and we're meeting for breakfast at 8.30am :)

I was up early cycling in the meadows this morning, with Holly dog. Eeeeeek, remember the broken gate? I met the guy who fell on it, haS INSISTED ON BUYING ME AND THE KIDS DINNER ON Friday. Bugger!!! I can't :) I have a date with Mr Clegg!!!

My Record of Involvement seems to be going down well, with folk I wonder if Nick will have read it.

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Has anyone had chance to look at my Record of Involvement/Health be me stuff? I know Dave has, and thanks for the advice. It spured me on to chase up my invite to meet Mr Clegg. One thing I do intend to ask him about, is why I can't take Ziggy on the train just one stop when I go into town to work for Social Services, saving the council £23 in taxi fairs. And helping me extend my independence, and completing my rehabilitation.

Any news on the Pedal Assist?

I'm so excited this week, because everything begins in Earnest :)

I'm really looking forward to Tuesday, when I'm meeting Kev Hickman, and we are going to a 'Normalcy' lecture at Hallam University. Although my trains, aren't terribly generous Kev. It's 14.15 or 16.15 back to Dore?

Any ideas for relevant topics then for Nick Clegg.

Friday, 30 August 2013

I am so sleepy :) but in a nice way. x


Catch my latest news above!!

Hey I've been invited to a Q and Answer thing with Nick Clegg, in a couple of weeks. To discuss local issues??? I know nothing about my neighbourhood :( unfortunately, but could probably spout for a webste on natiomal health facts.

Had a fab time, in Centre Parcs, hopefully not my last!! I'm meeting my friend for her b'day tomorrow at Millhouses. I don't think I will cycle all the way there though. And I've got her a gift :) or should I say ;)x

Monday, 26 August 2013

Back soon.....xxxxxx

I'm just off to Centre Parcs, Sherwood Forest. If you need me it's 07909972140.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

David Stone


Brings back memories of my Gretal!!......perhaps not quite as fast........urm me that is......not as fast!!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Vroooooooooom !!!!

I'm not sure that's the right noise, as Ziggy will not be motorised, it's just that batteries don't make a noise!! Unless I get a 'Boom box' that blasts out an engine revving furiously, as I sedately pedal. They are proposing such a thing for electric cars. But I'd love to know how fast/slow I'm going. So any ideas? and are they easy to fit, and do you think you could fit one Rob please. Or is it more complicated. :) And will it need to be done at a different time?

I went along to my Creative Writing class yesterday, and read the first draft of a piece that I am doing for a publication, out in Oct/Nov (launch date??) I was going to write about s'thing inspirational? uplifting? But whilst exploring using different descriptive techniques I hit on a story line, which I'm gonna stick to now I think?

Ahhh, I was really pleased to read in Cycle Clips, or was it Cycle Shorts?? the CTC digital thingy anyway? That David who I recently met at Hillsborough has been back, cycling on an upright trike, hang on and I'll get the link.http://www.ctc.org.uk/case-study/david-enjoys-cycling-again. I hope he returns on the 5th of September.

Blast!! It serves me right for being lazy!! I couldn't be bothered to to clip the special dog lead to Holly dog this morning. So I just loosely held it whilst I pedalled and.... what a pain!! the lead got tangled, bringing Hollys face near the wheel!! I braked, and we 'limped' home metaphorically speaking and we abandoned our morning jaunt.

I've got a few things, happening in the not too distant future :) I'm taking ALL my children to Centre Parcs for 5days, next week.  All on bikes, thanks to Steve, Sue and Amanda Douglas:)

And then freedom as my kids return to school. But I must say life as a single Mum gets easier in some respects. But harder as hormones, mood swings, B O, and periods replace nits, grazes, tantrums but the physical effort of being an outdoor family. It does make my muscles ache s'times.

Normalcy Event at Sheffield University on the 3rd of Sept :) which I am attending with Kev Hickman. Who used to run the Inclusive Cycling Forum. :)

And I can't wait for Cycling 4 All, to start again, on the 5th of September. Have I said that already? :)

Sunday, 18 August 2013


I won't go into too much detail, it hurts too much. But I do seek solace, riding Ziggy in the Morning, with Holly dog.  I'm really so glad this year, that I can do that. And my kids are old enough, to cope, in the daytime. Finns only 10, so legally, it's a no, no for him to be left on his own. So I need to do it when Daisy's about.

I've checked out the dates in September, for beginning 2 new Philosophy in Life courses, but I'm only doing it if I can cycle, which shouldn't be a problem, it's about a mile further than I've gone before, on Carterknowle Rd. The only thing that bothers me, if I'm relying on my own effort? I will be struggling to get home, as the class finishes at 9.00. Hopefully though :) Ziggy will have a Bad Ass Battery!!

My Record of Involvement, is very exciting, check out HealthBeMe if your interested, I've just done a Blog on that too.

Tomorrow? I've been asked to chat with a patient, and inspire!!! :)

Sunday, 11 August 2013

'Creative' :)

I know it's just a nice way of Social Services to call me a tight Arse!! But I am attending a peer support meeting tomorrow, with a view to me supporting my peers to write their own support plan. Because I usually look beyond the obvious about an Individual and come up with a cheaper way of having fun!! (of course I won't at any point be saying, 'get a cycle, be independent, and keep fit, for nowt, after the initial outlay?') Of course not!! :)

I think I'm getting a cheap extra PC for Finn and I, a bargain one with Windows 7 (which is fine for what we need). From the fab guy who fixed mine on Friday??? he's called Alan Sedgley alan@hallam-it.co.uk I'm very excited!!!!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

I'm such a Saddo!!

It's such a good job I have Ziggy though! My computer stopped working....well the curser was doing a jig (I said JIG) all over, and everywhere on the screen except where I wanted it!! I wanted to cry, I have no children, no TV, and my PC was broken, I mean I had to listen to the WIRELESS! 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Thanks to West Country Recumbent :)

Phew! I'm so glad that some folk seem to appreciate just how much Ziggy means to me now! But how my personality, is a bit greedy :) only in the fact that I'm always striving for more/better. I now want to be able to get further on my trike,  I know it's a bit of a dream, but just imagine if I could get to my various Health meetings, and Brain Injury stuff? It could promote it so much :) And just think how I could spread the feeling of empowerment.

Talking of Empowerment, I've just read Boundless by Karen Darke, and in the book she mentions how she associates her wheelchair with freedom. But how if she's feeling crap, she goes for a cycle. I'm lucky in that I am just capable, to combine my wheelchair as my cycle.

Rob of West Country Recumbent that is in Derby? is being very clever and fitting a Sunstar ibike Pedal Assist to a Boom first, and then bringing it to me...or Ziggy, to swap with the current one. There's all sorts of logistics and mechanics about 39 tooth chainrings, and delivery to York and a ~Battery, and 2ing and thro ing. But you cant really put a value on human kindness :)

I'm just back from the 'Forest' it's not really a forest, it's a little oasis of green in the Council Estate where I live, it has 3 meadows, a fast flowing brook, trees. And the dogs love it, so for the last time, until his next holiday I took Robbie with my dog Holly for a spin on my trike.

I won't miss his trumps!!!! :D he's asleep next to me, letting them escape!!! (not that I can imagine dogs doing anything else!!!)

Saturday, 3 August 2013


I must talk to someone about some good 'wrap around' type lights, that make me visable at night. I want those type so that if my trike is getting loaded onto a mini bus etc? I can rmove them before, because EVERYtime, do they get knocked off! I cycled to the shops and then to my mates, I was a little worried after a couple of glasses, and only a rear light aS A HEAD LIGHT????? I only met one car.....luckily. I had a nice night though. :) 

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

To my friends up North

What a load of B*


 I so wish it was that simple.

I came back from a meeting the other day with a Cycle hater for a Taxi driver!  Who I hadn't had before, and listened to him blaming the Road planners for the cities chaos in rush hour and he went onto say, how stupid it was to give cyclists the priority at traffic lights, because all it succeeds to do is make them look silly, as they try and go faster than the traffic, and really Piss drivers like him off. Because they're blocking the way. I think he needs to read his 'Nice Way' Code!!

Forgot to mention, yesterday, was a huge success at the 'RoI goes digital'. I can't believe how big this has become. What started out as a cup of coffee at Waterstones, is gonna help so many folk Volunteers, Clients, Patients alike. 

Monday, 29 July 2013

don't quote, I like sitting on the fence

How stupid and dangerous, to let car drivers stop for a short time on double yellow lines!! It just shows how seriously 'Pickles' wants to encourage folk to cycle?  Unless cyclists were given a lane down the middle of the road??

It's gotta be safer than traveling by train or coach, I'm not entirely serious, I know rail is the safest :)

I've got a huge event tomorrow at SOAR in Pitsmoor, about putting the Record of Involvement online. With the help of HealthBeMe.

I am in it with some sound folk though :) so i'm sure no one will let me make a total Ass of myself.

I've had to walk Robbie dog on the grass, it appears the pounding of concrete, was dislocating his hip....eeewwwwwww!!! Because hes better now, I've reduced his walks amd limited them to grass only. I'm sorry am I being boring?? :)

Saturday, 27 July 2013

I meant 2!!

I'm just greedy!! I am of course electrifying the one I've got. Any news on that Rob? Do you need any money off me yet? I've got it in a secret bank account!!

Took the dogs in the woods at 8am, and in answer to a question Rob, I do have to put my MD on twice, on that journey once to get over a waste pipe, and I do need it to get up my drive.

It's just started rumbling with thunder. And sight hounds are such wuss' in the rain!!! so I might be dragging em in the morning.

Oh, and thank you Mark for trimming my bush.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Safest way to travel?

Wow I bet you train engineers, are having some heated discussions?

Was it human error that drove that locomotive so fast, causing it to 'tip' off the line, in Spain? Or was it a fault with the engine? Should i9t have had a cut off, to stop it speeding.

And I'm sorry, what's the church of England doing??? is it taking on Wonga??? I purposely avoid Wonga because I know they would make it too easy to get into debt.

I've missed C4A today soooo much. So I know it won't be the same, but I'm visiting Hillsborough Park, next week, I've booked my transport, and I will pop in to meet Dave, and Pam, and Jan.

I have taken the dogs in the woods, everyday for over a week tied to my trike. And they love it, but Robbie, is so competitive, he strains to get in front of me!! But it's sooo quiet in my house, without Daisy and Finn, who are sunning it on the beach in Los Angel es

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Chris Froome :)

Ahhh he's only got a couple of laps, and then Chris Froome decked out in his Yellow sequined jersey.

What a year it's been for British sport.

I wish Steve Marsden, would get his job back!! or just enjoy talking constantly to me about Cycling!! I have got his gorgeous dog at the moment, and I must look a bit strange, cycling towards the woods with 2 dogs tethered to my trike.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

I've stopped weeing!!

Does this mean I'm secretly thin??? because I am sweating profusely!!

Seriously I hate tap water! I think it's because of my brain injury?? don't smile, but I have got an incredibly astute sense of taste and smell, because of it. Maybe that's why I can taste the metal in water, from the pipes?? But I am running out of things to drink!

I've not been on my 20minute,   ride this morning, it wasn't that I didn't want to or owt, it was just I thought I'd let Finn do it for a change, except he walked.

Yesterday I spent the morning with my fellow 'Nutters' (sorry if that offends!!!) I'm referring to my Write Way writing group, the group that brings brain injury survivors together to explore their writing skills.

Any news Rob?

Oh'  I like the additional Brompton thingy Dave, I could have done with that for taking my kids to school.

A bit of an extra :) My son, and I took the dog in the forest, so he could show me all his little adventures, like the cliff he leaps from to get over the river?????? and the tyre rope swing him and the older children made. (I kinda wish I didn't know almost!!!)

Awww, a year ago this man, I used to see on the Park in the morning with his Staffy, left a cuddly squeaky dog toy on my NEW gate this morning, because 'Pip' his dog ate Hollys toy. How lovely of him, sooo I've pinned a big Thank you to the gate now :) Aren't folk just lovely :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Awwww I miss everyone :(

I missed everyone today from Cycling 4 All, only 7 weeks....and counting! till it starts again. But I know it wouldn't have been right for me to carry on going and meeting the usual's, and telling another 40 individuals they couldn't ride. Although, never say never??? :)

I had a visit from Community transport today regarding Ziggy :), the driver and his hernia?, and the weekly trips to Hillsborough Park. I didn't dare tell him about my cunning plan. The fab West Country Recumbent (Rob and Carol) are fitting a Pedal Assist to Ziggy. Well kind of? Rob is fitting the motor to a new Boom, and then he's coming to my house and simply switching the Booms over :) My plan is....to Cycle there and get a lift back......in time :) We will see?

I think it will be some time though because the parts are coming from Australia, but I'm willing to wait because it is soooo exciting, I hope it's as good as I am imagining it will be. :)

Hey, I've continued to cycle at the crack of dawn, wi my dog. But I'm right proud, because I creasoted my new gate today. Why would I ever have paid s'one???

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sweaty face!!!

It's too hot!! I tied Holly dog to my trike at 7.30 this morning, when it was fairly cool....? not really, but in comparison to what it became!! So I took her for a drag :) in the forest, with the meadow. I don't know what she will be like if I get an electric trike?? She'l be the fittest dogin Sheffield. The thought of me being able to do more and go further on my trike is totally wacky and soooo exciting!!

I would need s'one to help me on the Sheffield Cycle Routes now? I'm not sure how willing Steve Marseden would be now, he aint paid for it???

My face is dripping...Yuk!!.... doesn't sound too attractive does it??

I aim to do the same with Holly tomorrow, it all depends how much sleep I get. Night. xxx

Thursday, 11 July 2013

I loved today, cycling makes me sooo happy.

I loved today :) I don't actually know if it's the physical effort, or just talking to people, and helping them be happy. But I do love Cycling 4 All.

I would do owt, to be able to get a pedal assist trike, so I could attempt to get to Hillsborough Park, on my own. I know in theory I could but it would be a trike ride, a train, and 2 separate tram journeys, with a bit of a walk at the end.

Hey has anyone seen these? Would it work on Ziggyroadracepowerpod.com/index.html

Perhaps my reason for loving Cycling,  is being in the moment, and how cycling helps me to not dwell too much on the past or the future? But today I did very little cycling, I was just incredibly gushy, and happy. I've just realised that sounds sooo rude!!! sorry folks :)

Sheffield Community transport, are still refusing to take Ziggy!!  I've spent 3hrs today, just getting to Hillsborough and back. I could have got to London in less time!!

Steve M had invited an ex-cyclist, who used to do about 20miles a day and more, and then 6 months ago he'd experienced a Stroke, effecting one side of his body. He was already cycling round the ball court, when I arrived, so I can't take any credit, for him giving it a go. But I made a big fuss of the couple and persuaded them to join us for a cuppa.

Fiona came back, Sorry I didn't get chance to speak, I hope you can join us in September.

I can't wait till September the 5th, but it's just sooo busy, and I don't want to cut folk short. I hope s'one gives the project sooo much money over the summer, so we could open twice a week.

Missed Dave though.

Looking forward to going to the pub with a few from Hillsborough, on the 23rd.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Gateway to my happiness :)

TF I've got a new gate! and no longer have to run after Holly, every time I let her out for a wee-wee. She's got bog all recall skills, and just saunters back when she feels like it! Today at last Steve Marsden fitted my new gate,  ( I did pay him, beforevyou all think that I'm being ungrateful. And I got my spare inner tube, thank you Rob and Carol.

I can't believe !!!!! what Holly dog did today!!??? I cycled with her to the local shops, dragging behind as she does, but she absolutely loves it, because any other way. And I'm just not quick enough for her. Outside the shop, I tethered her to the usual post, which is in the middle of the pavement. I was in the shop about 20mins, I came out to see 2 massive heaps of steaming, sloppy pooh. Next to Ziggy,  luckily I had pooh bags!!! It was a bit embarrassing though.

I am sacrificing a Healthbeme meeting tomorrow, because I want to grab as much bum in saddle time as I can,  because C4A is finishing for a month, at the end of July.

Fionas coming tomorrow, and lorraines hopefully bringing Pat. :)  I'm excited, how old am I? Im so childish at times!!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Busy, busy, busy.......zzzzz'yawn!

I am sooo tired, I went to a BIRRP meeting. And no we don't all eat, and listen carefully to each other belch!!

I'm too tired, ....cycled in the woods and meadow......cut the grass.......got very hot.....I'm going to bed. Luv you all and sorry for not being chatty!!!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Hot & Sticky

Some of you long term folk, might remember that a year ago I started wi my sensitive teeth? TF! I'm believed at last! I went to the main dental hospital today. When the Consultant ??? saw my tooth, or gum at the back she was full of concern. My breath must be horrid!!! So I'm having it extracted at my dentist, which will be a train journey.

I was just going, and she said, 'Oooooh that's right I remember you now. You'd be a fantastic study, for some of my Students' I offered her my contact card, and she said, no thanks. She could find me, if and when??? So I don't know what that meant.

Wow, I forgot to mention,  I have just completed only the 2nd book I have managed to read, since my brain injury. The first was 'Jonathan Seagull by Richard Bach? and the second.. was 'If You Fall' by Karen Darke, which was autobiographical and it told of how this 21 year old very fit woman's life changed just so much, (but soooo much more than words can say) When she became wheelchair bound, but some of her words, just made me go 'Yeah, that's so right' Including how Cycling made her live in the present, and that is why she associated it with being happy, I think that's so me!! Because I have to concentrate and focus on staying safe. It lifted me from melancholy.

She spoke of how in the early days in hospital, she would set her self little goals. And I did exactly the same, with my walking frame, and 14 steps, with a landing step after 7, where I would turn and look up at my key worker, Neil who was a gorgeous 25 year old. I haven't changed have I??? Just waiting for him to mutter approval, and praise.  And that to me at the time was worth all the effort.

It has been so hot today, but I was determined, to at least take Holly out, and on my trike because it tires her, just pulling against the trike. SoI just nipped to the local shops which are maybe about half a mile away? So not far, but I was drenched with sweat.

I've got a Brain Injury Rehab Redevelopment Partnership, meeting tomorrow.

And then at last Steve Marsden, is coming to fix my gate on. Not for free mind!! :)

I do just love my trike xx

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Wow, I cracked it, I'm back!!!!!

You know s'times, I am just soooo dim???? :) perhaps you ought not answer.

Last Tuesday, I think it was?.... I don't know I was kind of in a right low spot in my life! I'd got no Ziggy, and she'd been in hospital for 12 days. With Steve Marsden doing the surgery. I couldn't have got much worse, when my computer was attacked by every virus in the world!! So with no Cycle to cycle on, and no Pc to write on, that explains my absence . At 10 am, all hell broke loose with Ziggy coming home, my computer being taken, a tent arriving, and a gate!! Urm, but everyone had to look after themselves whilst I stroked Ziggy :) We vwent for a couple of wee rides that day, nothing mad just the things that I had once taken for granted, like the woods, Anj' for a cuppa, and the shops. All seemed fine.

Wednesday, I was to put her to the test. I cycled to meet Emily at Millhouses Park, calling at little Tesco for a lot of shopping! Now they are resurfacing Baslow Rd? Which has meant razor sharp black stones, lying as extra on the fantastic new road. And I thought to myself, mmmm I bet I get a flat! and sure enough I did. But I didn't notice until the next day. And I'd forgotten how to change a tyre or owt :D don't laugh. So I rang Steve who was at my house in a jiffy, he charged me though for his time :)

I've been borrowing C4As Greenspeed  Anula, which is just as well because Community Transport are refusing to take Ziggy!!! I have used the transport for over a 18 months? 3 weeks ago, a new driver lifted my trike onto the bus, I did actually tell him to hang on so I could help??? He immediately doubled up, and explained it was his Hernia, that he was having operated on the following week! And now??? they won't take Ziggy!! until I have been reassessed. I think tough tatters, he shouldn't have been at work, if he wasn't fit!!

I have absolutely loved it at Hillsborough though. It is just sooo busy, I am struggling to have lunch!!

I'm doing some research into Hand Cycles at the moment because of a gorgeous guy whose started attending :) but hey, i'd do it anyway. Another of my online friends has come for the first time, she experienced a brain aneurism 2 years ago. I'm not too sure of her abilities other than she's a fab Mum :)

The Inclusive Cycling Forum, of which I am the publicity person??? Is wanting ideas for its AGM, I've talked to Steve M about whether we could host it in Sheffield? and there is a fab venue, about a mile from my house, in the ancient woods near my house. And Steve is now based there 2 days a week. So he's confident we could use it, it's called Hectors House :)

Monday, 1 July 2013

MoveMore.....do s'thing, is coming to Hillsborough on 03/08/13

Bad timing? because all the cyclists I know will be in London.

Inspired by Karen Darke (the Olympic Medallist in Hand Cycling) I am reading her book (purchased off ebay for £2.40) and it's kind of knocked me side ways! Her early days, in hospital are so like my memories, some of the frustrations of being totally bed ridden, how it was a separate world outside the ward. And more than anything, how it changes the thrill seeker/risk taker side of you?

The MoveMore......do s'thing is having a thing in 4 main Parks in Sheffield, including Hillsborough, through the first 2 weeks of August. This is to include a few celebrity B listers? (sorry Richard Cayborn) :) but thing is........drum roll!! I've been asked!!

Initially on Quest 88 running bike!!! but I've said I will try that, and if I can't then I must be able to use Ziggy. I'm waiting for an answer. ?

Sunday, 30 June 2013

:( I'm so miserable

I'd be a right Barrel of laughs, if I'd never found Cycling I'm sure!!...just a tad sarcastic!! I've only been without Ziggy for 12 days, and it's effecting me so much, I feel so negative and worn out. I've just been and cut half the lawn, because I was too worn out and down, to finish it.. I so need a spare, I do. Even better if it was Pedal Assist.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

So bored, this reminds me of life before I cycled :(

And Steve's got no further, he says he's ordering a new brake???? I know he gets big discounts, but I doubt if they'll be passed to me!! (well that's mean, I know he won't fiddle me, but.....?

I'm not really hell bent on getting this spare, but it would do (I spotted it on ebay and bid £100? I mean it would get me to the shops, or bus stop?

I mean I've been without Ziggy for 10 days now :(


It just shows how desperate I am to be able to get out on my own!!

Friday, 28 June 2013

More Yikes!!! and crikeys!! - 27/06/13

25 years ago today, I had finished my morning shift, at the psychiatric hospital I worked at. I had taken the previous week off sick, with German measles, leading up to that day. Knackered, and because I am nice and hardworking I had been let off an hour early. But if I hadn't I may have missed the double decker bus, 3 cars and a parking meter. That I crashed into.

Somebody in the nearby flats, called an ambulance,(this was 1988!) Well at least that's what I've been told.  I've also been told scarey things, like I was resuscitated at the scene? and that I seared the top of my brain off. All I know is that some time later ( end of October) I woke from an afternoon nap, in a strange but yet familiar bed. And asked a Nurse, in an excited Wow type voice, if I'd just had a wacky dream. Or if I really had been involved in a car accident, and been in a coma for several months. And she turned to me with tears in her eyes, and said it wasn't a dream. (but secretly, I still thought it could be,  but not really if you get what I'm on about!!!!) I do know that it wasn't particularly unpleasant or difficult. I supposed it was because I had little awareness of life outside. And that I was missing so much. .

I also was having crazy dreams leading upto this, that could have been glimpses of the world around me, like the one where I was strapped to a 'Tilt table' looking out over the roof tops of Sheffield, and Jasper one of my brothers, got me to sign my name. I kind of did, I think, he screamed with laughter. And declared with joy that he was bringing my cheque book in the next day (that was in the days of cheque books too)

Another regular dream was where I would be receiving Communion from the local vicar, and instead of sipping from a goblet, I was given frozen cubes of wine? Obviously this wasn't the case ever, but apparently in the early days of my Hospitalisation, the physios fed me frozen black currant juice!!

I mean you possibly know my life story, and I really don't want to bore you. But you I do give you permission, to log off now :)

My boyfriend at the time was Jock,  we had been serious. And had talked of marriage, and maybe one day having a family and all the stuff, young couples think of. But there was no hurry, because we were going to live forever!!!

We had the most enormous wedding! It was fantastic! I don't really look upon it painfully anymore, because without it I might not have had my Daisy and Finn. Some years later?........17 ??? we split up :( and I probably went through more of a life change than my disabling car accident had caused! ) I could not stop sobbing, my poor children, it must have been horrid, I cried every day for 20 months. Although they say now they cant remember. And when they recall me they only ever think of me as laughing, which is really nice!!


I am back from a nice lunch in the park, wi my mate Anj, it didn't have quite the 'feel good' factor that it normally had, because I still haven't got Ziggy back. So I had to be taken by car!! I used to think I just pretended some of the time to cycle  to places. But I so would have done anything to have got there myself, instead of waiting for a lift. Steve M, has still got Ziggy :( I know he says he can't speed things up but, ewwwwww!!! It's just so frustrating.

I did enjoy yesterday, as my Virtual friend Fiona Hutchings came, I've only Virtually nagged her to give it a go for 18 months. Anyway she stopped 2 hours, and I think she enjoyed it. She experienced her life changing moment 2 years ago? Her issues are mostly invisible to the eye.

Have I mentioned that some very influential important big names in the Olympic legacy thing, want to make a video of me, it's about tackling adversities. And saying just because you're the way you are, it doesn't mean you have to be idle, and it doesn't mean you can't be very healthy. So of course I've asked them to film me at Hillsborough, which they thought was fab. And thank goodness Steve agreed, if the Stars of the show didn't mind. Crikey this has been a long one!!

Oh and Rob, I  think you are right about me and derailers?? I use the Anula at Hillsborough, and I'm having probs, but it's s'thing I am sure I'd get used too. I think I get on folks' nerves, when I'm spotted stationary, as I try and put the chain back on. I keep knocking the left hand side which moves the sprocket??? Am I making sense???

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Yikes, a year ago today!

A year ago today, I was sooo nervous. But do you know it was perfect 'My Day to Shine' whilst carrying the Olympic Flame. So many things went wrong, on the day, and so nearly prevented our perfect day.but in a way they made it so good :)

I felt a bit emotional today, as folk were talking of how wonderful, all the Torch bearers were??? I wasn't too sure about that one. I can't speak for absolutely everyone, but I thought we all just did what we did because we loved it.  And we had no idea  of any Torch Bearing!

The one person I missed soo much was Nigel West, it was him after all who nominated me. And as I held The Torch, I closed my eyes and thought of him. We had all been so happy a year ago, how could we have known, that 7 months later Nigel would be dead. That was so painful to write!!

I reacquainted myself with a guy, who I vaguely knew at School? he was a couple of years older, he had also been a Torch Bearer. So we kinda stuck together, and got talking to more folk, whom I knew from email addy only! It was great putting a face to them.

Rony recognised me, and sat down next to me which was nice I thought :) because he IS soooo interesting and he had chosen to sit with me, well maybe he remembers that I can talk for England! I'm about half way through, for those who are vaguely interested. But I didn't try and mention anybody, because I didn't want to miss anyone. So I thought I better not go there!! I just told a quaint tale of my wee boy, on the day of the Torch. :)

Thanks Dave for checking in last night, Steve sent me a couple of texts this morning, saying the new brake hadn't arrived yet. (new brake sounds expensive) I need Ziggy back home, as I'm going into Town, on Thursday night for tea, with some friends from Adult Social Care. And I was hoping to Cycle to the bus stop, and lock her up. despite the fact, that I think that's how and where she got damaged in the first place.

I have a meeting tomorrow with HealthBeMe and Carolines Record of Involvement :) at the Town Hall.

Monday, 24 June 2013

My Friend Rony :)

A year ago tomorrow, the Olympic Torch came through Sheffield, and I know I carried mine on the 26th in Don caster, but I've been asked to join the Sheffield Celebrations, because I'm a Sheffield Lass, and all that. So tomorrow at 11, I'm going to Radio Sheffield. I've got no idea , who will be there. But I'm sure I'll get the chance to talk about the Olympic  Legacy stuff, like MoveMore.....do s'thing. Hopefully I can plug HealthBeMe and the Record of Involvement, and plug the fact that it's going digital this Autumn.

As always (am I boring??) I will talk of Cycling 4 All, at Hillsborough.

Sunday, 23 June 2013


I'm missing  Ziggy, just too much, as I sit here staring out of the window, my arms wrapped round me and gently rocking!!

How's Dave H? does anyone know? are you still a 'listener' :)

:) x

Saturday, 22 June 2013

It kinda puts things in perspective.


I can't talk about Ziggys progress, but Steves texts were bleak, and he said 'they' were waiting for a part? Not sure who 'they' are...:(

Really sad though

Friday, 21 June 2013

Distance makes the heart grow fonder :(

I so miss Ziggy! I need her now, when I haven't got her? I'm back to feeling helpless. I am not complete!!!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Whenever I feel it's time to move on from Hillsborough, and maybe concentrate on being a sensible Mum, keeping the house cleaner, being sensible!! reading more, watching t.v perhaps?? Taking an intere
From:Caroline Waugh (cardouglas10@hotmail.com)
Sent:20 June 2013 16:44:38
Whenever I feel it's time to move on from Hillsborough, and maybe concentrate on being a sensible Mum, keeping the house cleaner, being sensible!! reading more, watching t.v perhaps?? Taking an interest in EVERYTHING my children talk about, cutting out drinking, talking all the time!!!, getting so easily excited.

I have a day like today that just reminds me why, I keep going and why I love it so much. I can't pretend that I love it because Marj and Barry, brought me a tube of toothpaste because my sensitive teeth have hurt so much. Or because of the lady who came today for the first time, after experiencing 3 strokes. All effecting a different part of her brain, resulting in life changing disabilities. And was soo enthused by the Freedom and Independence she felt, as she cycled unaided. Or by Adam, a young guy, who is getting excited about the possibilities of the variety of Hand Cycles he can choose from, now he knows he can do it.

It's not for any of those reasons, it's because of how happy all those folk make ME feel. :) 


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ziggy is in hospital!

Ahhhh :( I went for a local ride on Ziggy, complete with dog attatchment.) After losing Holly dog, just too many times this morning, dragging a -palate that had concrete filled posts!!I finally blocked the gaping hole. And feeling super sorry for myself, for having to do it. I returned to be met by Steve, who took attatchments off, the back, that were rubbing on the tyre. And declared the brakes needed bleeding? He did ask me if the brake pads had been changed ever? I said I thought they had?

She's gone to hosp over night, and I said I'd have her back tomorrow night, and I will borrow one tomorrow at Hillsborough. I can only work there 10-2 tomorrow because of transport issues.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I want to cry :(

After a fantastic evening, with the other 59ers, 60 influential people enjoyed absolutely superb food. At Silversmiths restaurant. It was the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, and their launch, of ~MoveMore, to get folk ...just moving more!! and staying healthier :) For a couple of hours, I was somebody!


I am feeling like I am nobody? I've got a gaping hole in the end of my garden, where a guest made a hasty exit. He forgot to open the gate first, preferring to walk through it!!

And I took Ziggy for a little spin to the drs. And I feel crap, because the problem was so little? The chain had come off the back spocket?? I know it's got a name, I just can't recall. My son was very disappointed in me for not knowing. I am really, it just doesn't happen often enough for it to become routine. But my brakes still slack, and intermittently the front ones don't work either at all!!!! which is ok, sort of.....But not when I'm hurtling down Baslow Rd, to Millhouses, or Dore Station. So I was expecting s'one just to help me out today, I was even paying for it. But   they obviously thought I could cope. I can soo do with a spare trike.I feel like I'm metermophing and my legs are becoming cranks and my feet pedals!! The thought of having to actually walk to the drs! filled me with fear!!

I contacted Quest 88 today about borrowing a Running Bike, because I would secretly love to run, just the once? And the guys from the NCSEM sooo want me to do it too for the publicity, but I don't think that's gonna happen either, because of my size. So you can just imagine how shit I feel today.

Sorry to not be happier.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ziggys Broken

It feels like the rear disc brake? because it's totally slack, and s'things preventing the wheel from turning. And I am so sad, I'm sure it's because she knows I was gonna be unfaithful and get another!!!

Steve M, is calling tomorrow for another reason, but I will ask him to look ?

On a brighter note, although I can't even raise a smile for that. I've been invited to an Olympic Legacy Dinner tomorrow evening, I heard it was the top 200 most influential people in Sheffield!! Wow!!1

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Most Influential????

There is a mega prestigious event happening on Monday, it's part of the Olympic Legacy. Remember.....I doubt if you do? But I went to London, to the National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine? and introduced myself as the Evidence, that it really worked. Well on the Anniversary of the fantastic Olympic games, and I think it's when the Torch started it's Journey? There is a Dinner to be held at 'Silversmiths' for Sheffields influential folk. And I'm one of them!!!

I appreciate that I was on the reserve list!!! because I've just been asked, and it's on Monday.  But I don't care!! But what will I wear!!!

Friday, 14 June 2013


It's a good job my whippets chilled, and likes her finger nails trimming. As her feet pound on the road.  I took her everywhere today, secured to Ziggy, My mates for lunch, the GPs, the shops, and the cafe.

The ice adventurer has fallen through :( So has anyone, any suggestions?

I'm soooo happy because Marj and Bazza, are going to Centre Parcs with their grandson because they can cycle, and I suggested it :)

Oooooh I wamt to say soooo much about characters in my blog, but I can't !

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I feel Bad for bitching :(

I feel awful for bad mouthing my drunkern neighbours, one of them has been lying semi conscious for 2 days, and has just been taken by ambulance to the Northern General Hospital! Why weren't they as sensible as I am!!

I spent the morning at the Brain Injury Research Redevelopment Partnership, which was all exciting as it's nearly done :D ?????? Only taken 6 years!!

I bumped into Russ, who is the Champion of the Voluntary sector, he does so much Volunteering, whilst experiencing  an invisible illness. I love seeing him he cheers me no end.

I've tried to get a loan for my trike, which I will be paying back out of my direct payments, which is for my health and mobility. So the trike would tick the boxes :) But am I stupid??? don't answer!! Long story but, the online form didn't ask the right questions!!

Anyway I'm off to bed now, at this bewitching hour!! I'm cycling to Millhouses tomorrow.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Last Night, ......tut, tut.

Not me!! Sweetness and light me!! But 2 older men, who so should no better got through a bottle of gin each, whilst frying in my back garden. It took 6hours mind! One staggered through the garden gate (and I mean through, it is actually much easier, if you undo the catch!! The other staggered 2 doors away, after proposing to me !!!Several times!

Finns just bumped into the 'Gate crasher' :D (couldn't resist that) Apparently he's gonna pay for me to have the gate fixed :) So nice one!!

I've booked my place at Theorising Normalcy and Mundane 2013, on Sept 3rd and 4th, wi Kev Hickman and Brigitte, hopefully we'll go to the Tap or the Bath for a nice drink. I can only really do the one night?

I took Holly dog and Ziggy to Julie Andrews new house, it's only round the corner. But I aint cycled since Friday!! 

I'm debating, and no puns please! Whether to buy this Ice Adventurer with extra suspension, and bionx pedal assist? for £2000 plus £385 for delivery and insurance??? What do folk reckon?

I've got a Brain Injury meeting tomorrow. And then Friday, Roz and the new Student who's on placement with Health Be Me are bringing CAKE to my house :) 

Friday, 7 June 2013

Thank you Dave from Glasgow....

Well firstly I must thank the CTC and Steve for making me want to Cycle, and then there's Rob and Carol West Country Recumbent for keeping me on the road. But last night I did a really brave and economical thing!! at 7.30pm I cycled to Dore Station, locked Ziggy up with 2 secure locks! I wasn't nervous or owt??? :) And I caught the train to The Tap, where I had arranged a night out for Marks leaving do (from Cycling 4 All). And caught the 22.50 back to Dore, where of course Ziggy, was waiting. I needn't have worried about her because, she was safe in a well lit car park, under a shelter, with security cameras pointing right at her.

Now Dave can you tackle the street light or lack of them on the cycle path behind Totley Rise Please, I absolutely pooped!!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Awwww Poor guy


I mean, I'm sure soldiers are aware of the risks but this guy was obviously not aware that he was 1)gonna get rammed by a car! 2)gonna be disembowelled with a machete! Poor thing, probably half my age and the thing that gets me is he has probably been on the front line, in Iraq? Without so much as a scratch, comes back to England, and dies in his back yard!!!

Enough, of the morose! And thank yopu Sue for listening to ,my grumbles about being constantly redirected, and put on hold!!

Anyway  she directed me to the website above.

Oooooh Scarey Stuff!!

I'm just off to Perth!! Where my friend now lives, It's actually just outside Perth? near that Salmon River????? So my wee boy is catching dinner everynight :) And he's very excited about providing for his Women!!! (me and Daisy!!!) meanwhile Hollys been looked after by Steve M. And No I'm not taking Ziggy!!! :( very upset about that!!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013



URGENT MESSAGE. The 2013 York Cycle Show has been cancelled. Below the text of a Press Release.

Organisers of the annual CTC York Cycle show have had to cancel their planned 2013 event, due to have been held on the City’s Knavesmire over the June 22nd/23rd weekend.

Committee Chair Paul Hepworth of Holgate, York said ”Advance bookings by traders and visitors this year, are well below exp...

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bionx Pedal Assist?

Can anyone fit one please, to Ziggy my Greenspeed. I was gonna be buying a used PA Scorpian, but the guys decided he wants to keep it. :( can't say as I blame him.

Mmmm one of My mums old carers, contacted me, today. He's calling for a coffee tomorrow????

Monday, 20 May 2013

Dear 'Concerned, Glasgow'

I am still alive and kicking, perhaps not so much of the kicking. I seem to have spent an infinite amount of hours today, pressing different buttons on my frigin keypad on the telephone!!! to put me through to departments, that might give me the information, I am seeking, or they might just hang up!!!!

And I am travelling to Perth on Saturday, to stay with a very old friend. Old as in she's been my mate for a long time .She lives on the famous Salmon River??? So Finn (bum-bum) is going to catch our dinner. Whilst Daisy collects eggs, from the chickens.

Life is still good at Hillsborough, but I feel like I'm not getting enough opportunity, to be inspirational, and creative with my ideas. Regarding All ability Cycling, and attracting new punters.

My link with the CTC isn't a link anymore :( He listens for 5 hours a week, but then I know the insightful info isn't been passed on, like it was.

My involvement with HealthbeMe, is exciting though, and keeps me in touch with lovely jubbly folk!

And it is the future of the way health is going for individuals, to take responsibility, for their own health. Healthbeme.com, is the new internet community.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

As clear as mud!!

I went to Cycling, feeling traumatised by a 10 year old, and because urrrm my behaviour, which was a result of his dreadrul

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Without mentioning Individuals...?

This will be so difficult! Why people get techy about being associated wi my blog, I do not know :)

Urmmmm, I can mention HealthBeMe? and Roz Davies, I think. Too late now.... :)xx

She along with other folk from the council, Voluntary Sector, and the Health Service, are helping me put the Record of Involvement online, and making it interactive, and live. So I can support and direct folk as they go through Community engagement. And help with ideas and networking.

I've given you a hint of why I've not been very sociable, you'll just have to bare with me on this.

As for cycling, word on the street says they are gonna start prescribing, exercise. I'm trying to get hold of whoever is in charge at Cycling 4 All? But everyones denying responsibility???

It's pure anarchy! :)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Awwww, I'm a rite sad git......:)

But I can't wait till tomorrow! I bet it rains though.

And I just might be getting a Hase Scorpian, pedal assist trike! Very exciting! But I do need Steve M, to do some Cycle Routes with me, now I can go further.....If, I can go further!!

I will get it in about 2 weeks, when the lovely Wendy, is bringing it from Cornwall.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

A beautiful pair!

Of Lurchers, trotted along Aldam Rd, attached to Ziggy, awww they looked ace, and were surprisingly well behaved. I'm sure Robbie, who probably weighs about 6 stone? was pulling 2.5 x that!!! Yeah I know I've just divulged how much I weigh!!! How shocking!!!!

Had an insy bit of a sore head today, but I had been so proud of myself, for cycling getting the bus, staggering (even before I'd had a drink) to Bar 1 It's gotta be, the townyish pub in town.To meet the lovely Hannah, for her leaving do. She's moving onto a School for primary aged children, with disabilities. Mmmmm I think she may become a useful contact?

Did you know about my teeth, I think you did.....urrrrgh, my gums feel so tight today??

I'm so lucky to live where I live, I couldn't have planned it better really.