Monday, 24 June 2013

My Friend Rony :)

A year ago tomorrow, the Olympic Torch came through Sheffield, and I know I carried mine on the 26th in Don caster, but I've been asked to join the Sheffield Celebrations, because I'm a Sheffield Lass, and all that. So tomorrow at 11, I'm going to Radio Sheffield. I've got no idea , who will be there. But I'm sure I'll get the chance to talk about the Olympic  Legacy stuff, like s'thing. Hopefully I can plug HealthBeMe and the Record of Involvement, and plug the fact that it's going digital this Autumn.

As always (am I boring??) I will talk of Cycling 4 All, at Hillsborough.


  1. Slip in a comment that you are currently back to a point worse than square one, as your mobility aid (Ziggy) needs a new part for the brakes, and it could be quite an expensive job. (Going stir crazy?)

    Can you get a better description of the problem. It sounds a bit off that the hose has just split, or been sliced? Hydraulic brakes are generally very reliable - fit and forget - apart from changing the brake pads when they wear out.

  2. Thought you were great on the radio today. Loved the whole show. So proud to live in this community city! And just read the other blogs Caroline - wanted to say you are somebody and not just because you went to a posh dinner. Somebody who has overcome great challenges and cares to inspire and support others, could go on! Keep being the fantastic somebody you are and making a difference to people in this city and beyond!

  3. Ahhhh Roz, you make me cry :) but thank you.

    Can you pick me up tomorrow at about 9.30, please. x