Friday, 7 June 2013

Thank you Dave from Glasgow....

Well firstly I must thank the CTC and Steve for making me want to Cycle, and then there's Rob and Carol West Country Recumbent for keeping me on the road. But last night I did a really brave and economical thing!! at 7.30pm I cycled to Dore Station, locked Ziggy up with 2 secure locks! I wasn't nervous or owt??? :) And I caught the train to The Tap, where I had arranged a night out for Marks leaving do (from Cycling 4 All). And caught the 22.50 back to Dore, where of course Ziggy, was waiting. I needn't have worried about her because, she was safe in a well lit car park, under a shelter, with security cameras pointing right at her.

Now Dave can you tackle the street light or lack of them on the cycle path behind Totley Rise Please, I absolutely pooped!!


  1. Well done!
    Any progress on the electric trike?

  2. No, i'm not getting my hopes up too much because, the guy whose selling it has changed his mind twice already. He wanted Steve Marsdens moby number, so he could check that I'd be ok with it??? and that it was going to be looked after???? I've been ever so polite about this.....for the moment :D

  3. Ha, trike owners, all the same. More worried about whether it's going to a good home than price or even making the sale...
    Worse than dog owners!!!

    If it doesn't happen you can try asking Ben at Kinetics in Glasgow about Bionx-Ziggy.

  4. I know you were both reassuring about that. I'm just greedy, I wanted 2 trikes :)

  5. Only problem with Ben is tying him to a rigid schedule for any special work, sometimes jobs can stretch on a bit longer then estimated.

    As for lighting - start saving the pennies for something seriously dazzling, dynamo or rechargables - Lezynes cost c.£70 for basic set but will blind you and light the road up like daylight.

  6. I think I was looking at a front hub SON dynamo suitable for Ziggy - automated lighting, don't need to remember to charge batteries or anything ever again... I'll check my notes.