Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Yikes, a year ago today!

A year ago today, I was sooo nervous. But do you know it was perfect 'My Day to Shine' whilst carrying the Olympic Flame. So many things went wrong, on the day, and so nearly prevented our perfect day.but in a way they made it so good :)

I felt a bit emotional today, as folk were talking of how wonderful, all the Torch bearers were??? I wasn't too sure about that one. I can't speak for absolutely everyone, but I thought we all just did what we did because we loved it.  And we had no idea  of any Torch Bearing!

The one person I missed soo much was Nigel West, it was him after all who nominated me. And as I held The Torch, I closed my eyes and thought of him. We had all been so happy a year ago, how could we have known, that 7 months later Nigel would be dead. That was so painful to write!!

I reacquainted myself with a guy, who I vaguely knew at School? he was a couple of years older, he had also been a Torch Bearer. So we kinda stuck together, and got talking to more folk, whom I knew from email addy only! It was great putting a face to them.

Rony recognised me, and sat down next to me which was nice I thought :) because he IS soooo interesting and he had chosen to sit with me, well maybe he remembers that I can talk for England! I'm about half way through, for those who are vaguely interested. But I didn't try and mention anybody, because I didn't want to miss anyone. So I thought I better not go there!! I just told a quaint tale of my wee boy, on the day of the Torch. :)

Thanks Dave for checking in last night, Steve sent me a couple of texts this morning, saying the new brake hadn't arrived yet. (new brake sounds expensive) I need Ziggy back home, as I'm going into Town, on Thursday night for tea, with some friends from Adult Social Care. And I was hoping to Cycle to the bus stop, and lock her up. despite the fact, that I think that's how and where she got damaged in the first place.

I have a meeting tomorrow with HealthBeMe and Carolines Record of Involvement :) at the Town Hall.

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