Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I want to cry :(

After a fantastic evening, with the other 59ers, 60 influential people enjoyed absolutely superb food. At Silversmiths restaurant. It was the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine, and their launch, of ~MoveMore, to get folk ...just moving more!! and staying healthier :) For a couple of hours, I was somebody!


I am feeling like I am nobody? I've got a gaping hole in the end of my garden, where a guest made a hasty exit. He forgot to open the gate first, preferring to walk through it!!

And I took Ziggy for a little spin to the drs. And I feel crap, because the problem was so little? The chain had come off the back spocket?? I know it's got a name, I just can't recall. My son was very disappointed in me for not knowing. I am really, it just doesn't happen often enough for it to become routine. But my brakes still slack, and intermittently the front ones don't work either at all!!!! which is ok, sort of.....But not when I'm hurtling down Baslow Rd, to Millhouses, or Dore Station. So I was expecting s'one just to help me out today, I was even paying for it. But   they obviously thought I could cope. I can soo do with a spare trike.I feel like I'm metermophing and my legs are becoming cranks and my feet pedals!! The thought of having to actually walk to the drs! filled me with fear!!

I contacted Quest 88 today about borrowing a Running Bike, because I would secretly love to run, just the once? And the guys from the NCSEM sooo want me to do it too for the publicity, but I don't think that's gonna happen either, because of my size. So you can just imagine how shit I feel today.

Sorry to not be happier.

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