Monday, 10 June 2013

Last Night, ......tut, tut.

Not me!! Sweetness and light me!! But 2 older men, who so should no better got through a bottle of gin each, whilst frying in my back garden. It took 6hours mind! One staggered through the garden gate (and I mean through, it is actually much easier, if you undo the catch!! The other staggered 2 doors away, after proposing to me !!!Several times!

Finns just bumped into the 'Gate crasher' :D (couldn't resist that) Apparently he's gonna pay for me to have the gate fixed :) So nice one!!

I've booked my place at Theorising Normalcy and Mundane 2013, on Sept 3rd and 4th, wi Kev Hickman and Brigitte, hopefully we'll go to the Tap or the Bath for a nice drink. I can only really do the one night?

I took Holly dog and Ziggy to Julie Andrews new house, it's only round the corner. But I aint cycled since Friday!! 

I'm debating, and no puns please! Whether to buy this Ice Adventurer with extra suspension, and bionx pedal assist? for £2000 plus £385 for delivery and insurance??? What do folk reckon?

I've got a Brain Injury meeting tomorrow. And then Friday, Roz and the new Student who's on placement with Health Be Me are bringing CAKE to my house :) 


  1. £2k sounds like a reasonable price - initial impression is that it'll be around half that to electrify Ziggy so if you can afford it then 2 trikes means you have a spare if ones off being fixed...
    £395 sounds a lot for delivery/insurance... I paid £35 to UPS a trike back from Germany a few years back.

  2. I'm not having it now :( I can't get the money together. :(