Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ziggys Broken

It feels like the rear disc brake? because it's totally slack, and s'things preventing the wheel from turning. And I am so sad, I'm sure it's because she knows I was gonna be unfaithful and get another!!!

Steve M, is calling tomorrow for another reason, but I will ask him to look ?

On a brighter note, although I can't even raise a smile for that. I've been invited to an Olympic Legacy Dinner tomorrow evening, I heard it was the top 200 most influential people in Sheffield!! Wow!!1


  1. As you haven't got a rear disc brake it isn't that that is broken... :)
    Probably just wants the wheel nuts checking - Should be no problem for Steve.

  2. Did you get sorted? Sounds like you had wheel move in drop-outs and tyre touching frame - perhaps you are pedalling too hard now and need wheel nuts tighter .....

  3. The dropouts are vertical so hard pedaling with weight on the seat shouldn't move the back wheel...
    Rough handling with the wheel at an angle is most likely reason. Last time I checked the wheelnuts seemed plenty tight. Just be careful they're not so tight to damage threads or make it impossible to fix a flat!
    Just watch out if there is weight on the back and you've got Ziggy at an angle, eg. pulling her up/down a kerb.
    The fix is to undo the back wheel nuts a touch. Put weight on the back of Ziggy and the wheel should centre. Tighten the nuts again.