Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I feel Bad for bitching :(

I feel awful for bad mouthing my drunkern neighbours, one of them has been lying semi conscious for 2 days, and has just been taken by ambulance to the Northern General Hospital! Why weren't they as sensible as I am!!

I spent the morning at the Brain Injury Research Redevelopment Partnership, which was all exciting as it's nearly done :D ?????? Only taken 6 years!!

I bumped into Russ, who is the Champion of the Voluntary sector, he does so much Volunteering, whilst experiencing  an invisible illness. I love seeing him he cheers me no end.

I've tried to get a loan for my trike, which I will be paying back out of my direct payments, which is for my health and mobility. So the trike would tick the boxes :) But am I stupid??? don't answer!! Long story but, the online form didn't ask the right questions!!

Anyway I'm off to bed now, at this bewitching hour!! I'm cycling to Millhouses tomorrow.


  1. Online forms with drop down boxes - hate them - they never ask the right questions! I was just filling in a survey that asked what sort of software do you work on... With the options being web, IT or mass-market software. The answer was 'no' but there wasn't a 'no' box - hate 'em...

  2. Thank you, I don't feel as Intellectually disabled!!!! :)