Sunday, 28 October 2012

Is it Rob? :)

Flat-out cyclist gets backs up at area forum meeting

A CYCLIST who travels around South Derbyshire on a high-tech bike will ‘kill himself or someone else’, a community meeting has heard.
The man criss-crosses the roads around Repton on a recumbent cycle, where the rider pedals in a lying position, a configuration which is supposedly more comfortable and more aerodynamic than traditional bikes.
But the low position of the machine means it is difficult for other road users to spot, according to attendees at the latest Safer Neighbourhood meeting for the area.
Michael Stanton, who represents Repton on South Derbyshire District Council, said he had a close encounter with the cyclist when emerging from the driveway of his home in Ticknall in his pick-up truck.
He told the meeting: “I was about to pull out when I noticed this wire going past the bonnet with a pennant on it, then I saw this fellow go past lying on his back in a cylindrical type object.
“If it had been one second later I would have killed him. If he gets killed it probably serves him right, but the problem is, he may end up killing or injuring someone else.”
Councillor Stanton’s colourful description of the episode provoked laughter from the audience at Milton Village Hall, but another attendee said the issue should be treated seriously.
The man, who asked not to be named, said the same cyclist had recently collided with the back of his tractor and was now claiming £9,000 compensation as he had to import replacement parts from Australia.The man said: “We see a lot of cyclists on the road and it’s not a problem because we keep out of their way and they keep out of ours, but we just can’t see this guy. He’s out of control.”
The meeting heard the cyclist was routinely followed in a van by his wife, who filmed him ‘for his own protection’ because of the abuse he received from other road users.
However, the bike was entirely legal and taking action against its owner was difficult unless there was evidence he had breached traffic law.
Police Sergeant Steve Todd, safer neighbourhood officer for the area, told the meeting: “If we have evidence of offences we could act, but just cycling down the road on that vehicle is perfectly legal.”
Speaking after the meeting, Councillor Stanton said the cyclist risked killing himself or others and suggested he would be ‘better off going to Dignitas’ — the Swiss clinic which carries out assisted suicide.
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Friday, 26 October 2012


I'm very achy, eh I'm not as fit as I was..a year ago?? Which has just reminded me it's nearly a year ago, since my lovely Mum died. What an Event she missed when I carried the Olympic Torch, just knowing that both my Mum and Dad would have loved it was enough though, and seeing the Residents of Henleigh Hall. Mums last Home. Anyway Im not getting all meloncolic, I'm feeling lazy because I'm knackered. I actually refused the offer of a coffee and cake, at a mates this morning!! Hey I never refuse that. It's a good job, the Write Way group, was cancelled, I know I'd have made an extra effort for that :) As we're working on new written pieces for the next Publication, due out probably January. And Kev and Brigitte Hickman have already booked a place!!

Anyway, Community Transport Arrived, and yes I was the 1st customer of 3, who needed picking up, and dropping off. But I musn't grumble, it is honestly the only way I could get to Hillsborough, because of my disability.  Which is exactly why I get the help with getting there. I had to have enough checks and evidance, and believe me, if they could have got out of taking me...they would have. I arrived and there's a man who cycles, and well......we don't interact with him! because this would upset him...a lot!  The 2 Velor Plus' were being used, Graham and Steve doing the pedaling. So I was a bit lost, ??? So I just cycled around the Park, meeting and greeting every 4 legged creature I met, and the occasional 2 legged one!! I cycled back at about 11, ready to greet the next Participent, it was the Lovely Pat, she loves Graham best, and we complimented her about the colour of her nails and hair, which she laps up. But first she has to put up with Charlie and I cycling with her, then Steve and I, finally she is treated to Grahams company. Steve bought me a well earned lunch, which the lovely Charlie fetched (hey, I like it s'times!) I am going to come at 11-3 on the 1st of November though. There isn't any next week, because Steves in Scarborough, and Nicks gone :( and Dave's not well enough.

We spoke excitedly over lunch about our plans for Ride London, and how it would be fantastic if Hillsborough Inclusive Cycling had a presence. So watch this space....

After lunch Karen, and Mark arrived, she prefers one of the newer cycles which has a back rest and 3 wheels, and he joins us on a 3 wheeler. My mates Marj and Barry came too. I cycled the park, with them whist Charlie, did a few laps with his Bruv, and the Velor Plus' were in perminant use!!!

At 2pm I was pleased to be the only drop off for the bus.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I do love Dave B, he's such a sound philosophical guy, with the Best of lifes values. He just looks better everytime I see him. We were joined by Anj, remember Anj? Petes ex? but my friend first and formost!! We sat putting the world to rights for a couple of hours!!!! what are we like??? I did say that it has taken me a while to reclaim the power. But I now knew I don't need anybody to make me happy! I am the master of my own destiny!! but gi me a cycle anyday!!!

I cycled home in the rain, I do love cycling in the rain :)

It's Hillsborough, I still love it. But I no longer just make an impression by being there. I have to actually do things!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Deep Vein Thrombosis????

I think I'm getting a bit of a reputation (as pure as driven snow me!!) for being a massive drama queen!! Me? as if?

I'm gonna have to go to bed now, I'm quite tired having spent from midnight, till 5.30 at Northern General Hospital. I'll finish this tomorrow.

I can't wait until tomorrow, I'm cycling to Millhouses, to meet my friend Dave. I love seeing Dave, he makes me feel very happy.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

ICF in Oxford :)

I must rush now, but Steve M, has got my dog Holly, much to the delight or Robbie, his Lurcher. And the children, are with their Dad, but only because they can come home tomorrow, when I'm home from Oxford. And Steve my bruv, has had top sort ther logistics of trains and lifts.

Kev Hickman, saved me from Mortal embarrasment. (i was taking my sleeping bag and pillow!! to Oxford) Well in my day, you had to take them to YH!! and there's B&B !!!! ......ey times change.

Must dash, Ive got a train to catch.x


Just a Quickie :)

Cycling 4 All, was fab today, it was extremely busy, which is always good. And 3 folk, were there because they'd met me, which is such a nice feeling, including a young woman, 'Jane' because... Do you remember in June, I did that Cycle Chic Ride, starting at Endcliffe, and taking a safer scenic route into town, and back?? Well, I remember meeting her, and I'd given her my card, which has Steves number on it also. Ater She'd explained that she had sustained a serious Brain Injury, and wanted to get cycling to increase her independence. I gushed about the work that we did at C4A, she said shed have to check with her Therapists, (who all are familiar, with Me and C4A). I had wondered,what had become of her? She had been working on her 'Physical Space' and had had problems with perception. Anyway she was happily Cycling around the Park, with Steve. Reinforcing those Cycling Skills, she was so happy.

My friend Lorraine came, with her Client Pat and as usual Graham made a huge fuss of her, and they Cycled around the Park, I cycled round with a bigger young chap, who has a Learning Difficulty, and is ACE, and very friendly.

Steve bought lunch, but I fetched it. And poor Graham, was knackered, and willingly took some cycles back and then made drinks. There wasn't room to sit down again in the Cabin, it was great. 'Karen' and 'Mark' arrived Early, for their afternoon Cycle, carrying gifts, a box of chocs for me. And some sticky Muffins, for everyone.

I zoomed to the courts after lunch, wi Karen and Mark, and spotted Marjorie and Barry waiting patiently on the bench. She gave me a little wave, and said OOOh OOooh! so I kinda split myself in 2!! whilst Graham and Steve, took a couple of wheelchair users round on the very well used Velor Plus'!!

I did have a sneaky go on a Brompton, and would have come a cropper, if Steve hadn't have caught me :(

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ahh, folk do care

I'm going to spare you Gentlemen the details, but this morning....Blue Flashing light job, to the Childrens Hosp. My lil boy, aged 10 next week, had a suspected ....ouch!!! I can't say. But I can never know ;) but links of sausages come to my mind! I know thats generous! we're talking Chipolatas here!!

Anyway 3hrs later and 3 surgeons later, they decided to give him good old Calpol, and send him home. Much to everyones relief. But we had to get a taxi back, and I really wasn't counting on that expense.

:( Community Transport/Dial a ride had left me a message, on my home phone saying How they could take me to Hillsborough, but not bring me back.

I text Steve in Vain :(

My neighbour kinda fell in my kitchen door, full of the joys of a boozy early bar. Now everyone knows how much Hillsborough means to me. He said leave it to me Caz!! As he said that Steve text, and said if I could get there he'd make sure I got home. :)

Spoke to the lovely Dave, who I misss sooooo much. He reckons, he'll be back at Xmas.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Crumbs and Shucks, I meant to phone you Kev!!

I am feeling ok. at this time of night. But in the morning, I just can't get up out of bed. Which kinda makes me feel low, but the reason why I'm finding it difficult is probably because I feel down?? But I've had some good news, it appears, I was spotted?? (I know I forced myself on a few folk) By some folk who are creating Ellenburn Trail? in Whitby??? And I think the CTC are very much hoping to be part.

I spent the day again trying to convince Researches from the university, that Peer Support was the way. Whether that be 'A healthy Cook group,' a swipping Group, or an Inclusive Cycling Group :) I think the evidance was there for them to see, without my input. But I loved the opportunity, to Network, and see Nigel. He is so supportive.

Tomorrow, my plans are, once the kids are gone, Swmming, meet Miriam, Birrp...... Meeting, Cycle to Millhouses Park to meet Nigel, and Steve M to look for a way forward??? Cycle I know I will be bushed....:)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Dalby was Ace

I do this sometimes, if I delay writing, or speaking about s'thing special I've done. I tend to loose it. But at 8am on Saturday Steve Marsden arrived at my house in the the mini bus to collect me and Ziggy. Ooooh how exciting, I was nearly as excited at the prospect of having Steves captive attention, as I was at the thought of Dalby! But not really!!!

Steve didn't give me any warning, because he wasn't sure himself, what it would be like. And how blessed we were with the weather!! We were given a table, and a coouple of gazebos, to call home. There were so many familiar faces, from the CTC I can't begin to tell you, other than Gavin, Therese, and Steve Bailey. Oh and one of the Dans?? I then met a couple of guys who were actually placed there from.....? the forestry commision, and Dalby itself. I got on particulally well with Mark, and after 30mins we were planning our escape into the forest, me on Ziggy and him on a KMX.

It was brilliant, the trees were lovely, and we had no problem getting around the gates. Because there was no chance of going through the gate like the guys on the 2 wheelers.

I tried the Skills trail 1 (blue??) all the paths and trails were colour coded. I chose the easiest. Which was very easy, but i was going very slowly. I moved onto the medium skilled trail. But Ziggy balanced like a see saw, on these tree routes

Back at the stall, I wasn't intirely sure what we were doing?? I just smiled, inanely!!

Mark and I soon got itchy feet again though, and we chose the side by side. (if people weren't coming to us, we would search them out! and we had great fun douing it! The beauty of Dalby was (and don't ask me how???) But everywhere's down hill.

3.15pm and it was time for me to say goodbye, to all the lovely folk, I'd met. 

I'll put some pics on when Therese, sends me some.

Hey just a thought, this guy knew of s'one who was giving away a 16' electric Brompton wheel. And he reckoned, I'd be able to use it on Ziggy???? What does everyone think???

Friday, 12 October 2012

Never Stopped!!

It took me an hour, to reach Hillsborough Park today. I shared my Dial A Ride bus, with Quentin (it's not actually Quentin, but its kinda similar) and if I'm really honest, I thought He was a She!! This meant we were dropping him off at ENABLE first, where he happily seals envelopes all day, and he really loves his job. And credit to him, I couldn't hack it!! In fact in 1990, I failed my assesment for the very same place. I just couldn't hack it, it was demotivating. So I did try~:D

Anyway, I got there at 10, and got straight into it. several folk who required the trikes arrived, but all kind of individually. A Couple of heavy chaps with Autism who were a true delight, they absolutely loved it. There is one chap who comes at 10, who pedals round weaving in and out of folk, making motor car noises, and swearing a bit. But do you know, it just seems to be a release for him. But only his carers interact with him, he's not keen on strangers.

My friend arrived, she is from Scotland, and is a Survivor of Myesphenia Gravis-

Myasthenia gravis (MG) is an autoimmune disorder. The signal from the nerves to the muscles in blocked. As a result the muscle can not move. The muscles become increasingly weak.
Symptoms may grow more severe over time. This is a potentially serious condition. MG requires care from your doctor. If you suspect you have this condition, contact your doctor immediately.
It must be s'thing about the name, because she's called Caroline also! But she really likes talkling, and thrives on having such an interesting illness.
 View Photo0286.jpg in slide show not a very clear pic, but it was sooo busy at Hillsbro!!
She loved the cycles, and we nipped to the shops on the side by side. And were just given a wee push by the fab Charlie, who is the new volunteer. Who loves cycling and he also has a brother who has Autism, who enjoys C4A. So he's qualified :)
We headed for the cabin at 12, and Karen arrived with her boyfriend, an hour early though! I just wanted to sit down, and catch up wi my mate, and ask her what she thought?  I know it was a slightly weighted question!!!
Graham must have talked them into having a cuppa first. Thank goodness. I invited the 2 of them to come for a cycle with me , because I knew I had to meet Marj and Baz at 1.00. And for a time it was ideal, because there was 5 of us cycling around the park, whist Graham and Steve spoke to some new folk. Awww remember Rob Wright, he is living with MS??? (i bullied him, into buying a Tricycle) and I then searched it out for him? Well his Carer came, and recognised Ziggy, b4 me! and told how him and Robert often passed me in the car, on Abbeydale Rd.

My bus arrived to collect me, again it took me round the world before home. But musn't grumble!

Oh, and it was lovely to see you Dave, thanks for calling.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

It's so difficult!

I would love to offer, my light hearted banter. about the Jimmy Savilles of this world.  But s'times I just have to think of others, and what I think is ok, they might be mortified by!! For that reason, I met Steve Marsden, and Steve Bailey (CTC) in Tesco for lunch today. Which Steve B kindly paid for. :) They were both so lovely and kind, they put me to shame really and made me feel, a bit like a spoilt child, having a paddy.

I'm having huge hot flushes!!!! either that or i've got a raging temperature.

I met Steve and Steve for 2hrs!!! plus the lovely Miriam joined us, it was really nice.

I'm dying to tell you about my male friend who is on course to self destruct!! I'd been texting all day, he eventually called and said I love you, and bye.....? So what would you do??? I just didn't bust a gut, but made sure I called to see him, (shouting through the letter box!!) on the way home.

Julie Andrews was round at mine disguised as James Herriot, as she played with my dog Holly, on the field at the back of my house.

Steve, Steve and I spoke excitedly about Dalby, and they want me to take Ziggy.

I've had some suggestions about Hillsborough, and Steve and my favourite man from the council, have agreed to meet :)

And yes, I'm back for now......

Friday, 5 October 2012

The Fat Lady Bows Out!!!

It seems that I don't please folk with my blog anymore. So Thanks to anyone who's still here, after 3 years! But this is goodbye  :( And thank you all for being so supportive, over the years. You can still contact me via or Facebook of course.

Thanks Pete for suggesting what turned out to be The Best Day,  of My Life, - when I carried the Olympic Flame.

Love You All xxxxxxx