Monday, 15 October 2012

Crumbs and Shucks, I meant to phone you Kev!!

I am feeling ok. at this time of night. But in the morning, I just can't get up out of bed. Which kinda makes me feel low, but the reason why I'm finding it difficult is probably because I feel down?? But I've had some good news, it appears, I was spotted?? (I know I forced myself on a few folk) By some folk who are creating Ellenburn Trail? in Whitby??? And I think the CTC are very much hoping to be part.

I spent the day again trying to convince Researches from the university, that Peer Support was the way. Whether that be 'A healthy Cook group,' a swipping Group, or an Inclusive Cycling Group :) I think the evidance was there for them to see, without my input. But I loved the opportunity, to Network, and see Nigel. He is so supportive.

Tomorrow, my plans are, once the kids are gone, Swmming, meet Miriam, Birrp...... Meeting, Cycle to Millhouses Park to meet Nigel, and Steve M to look for a way forward??? Cycle I know I will be bushed....:)

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