Friday, 5 October 2012

The Fat Lady Bows Out!!!

It seems that I don't please folk with my blog anymore. So Thanks to anyone who's still here, after 3 years! But this is goodbye  :( And thank you all for being so supportive, over the years. You can still contact me via or Facebook of course.

Thanks Pete for suggesting what turned out to be The Best Day,  of My Life, - when I carried the Olympic Flame.

Love You All xxxxxxx


  1. Sorry to hear you are giving up the blog. Well done on all you've achieved in the 3 years of your blog. I will befriend you on Facebook (if you'll have me as a friend of course. lol!)

  2. Awww thank you Sweetheart, :( I just feel, that I can't say what I want anymore. I can't even say how I feel because that will have implications because, of who I've spent the day with!! I don't use FB that often, so you might need to send me a personal message. I will always reply. x

  3. Everything runs its course I guess - probably about time I started blogging a bit, to works stuff out of my system.

    Although I suspect that you might just take a curtain call - or two in the run of things.

  4. Yeah, thats not a bad idea Dave.

    I think blogging does work things out of your system? But s'times I don't want to let go.

  5. Sorry to hear that. Will miss hearing your adventures.

    Hope you keep riding.


  6. I do intend to keep riding, I'm atill a commitee member of the Inclusive Cycling Forum. And fingers crossed I will always be involved in Cycling 4 All, at Hillsborough. I just don't have the same reasons, anymore :( like school runs, and visiting my Mum. If I could only just ride for the sake of riding? that would be good?

    When I've got some extra money??? very unlikely for a time, because the benefit system has totally cocked my payments up. Making everything mortgage included, bounce!!! I intend to buy myself a SAD lamp. I can't think what it stands for, but you know what I mean? I always get down this time of year. x

    Do you get notification, whenever I write a blog? because I hate to think of you having to check? But I may find it too difficult, to stop alltogether???

  7. Riding for the sake of it is always an option { 8-)

    Will keep an eye open no problem.