Friday, 12 October 2012

Never Stopped!!

It took me an hour, to reach Hillsborough Park today. I shared my Dial A Ride bus, with Quentin (it's not actually Quentin, but its kinda similar) and if I'm really honest, I thought He was a She!! This meant we were dropping him off at ENABLE first, where he happily seals envelopes all day, and he really loves his job. And credit to him, I couldn't hack it!! In fact in 1990, I failed my assesment for the very same place. I just couldn't hack it, it was demotivating. So I did try~:D

Anyway, I got there at 10, and got straight into it. several folk who required the trikes arrived, but all kind of individually. A Couple of heavy chaps with Autism who were a true delight, they absolutely loved it. There is one chap who comes at 10, who pedals round weaving in and out of folk, making motor car noises, and swearing a bit. But do you know, it just seems to be a release for him. But only his carers interact with him, he's not keen on strangers.

My friend arrived, she is from Scotland, and is a Survivor of Myesphenia Gravis-

Myasthenia gravis (MG) is an autoimmune disorder. The signal from the nerves to the muscles in blocked. As a result the muscle can not move. The muscles become increasingly weak.
Symptoms may grow more severe over time. This is a potentially serious condition. MG requires care from your doctor. If you suspect you have this condition, contact your doctor immediately.
It must be s'thing about the name, because she's called Caroline also! But she really likes talkling, and thrives on having such an interesting illness.
 View Photo0286.jpg in slide show not a very clear pic, but it was sooo busy at Hillsbro!!
She loved the cycles, and we nipped to the shops on the side by side. And were just given a wee push by the fab Charlie, who is the new volunteer. Who loves cycling and he also has a brother who has Autism, who enjoys C4A. So he's qualified :)
We headed for the cabin at 12, and Karen arrived with her boyfriend, an hour early though! I just wanted to sit down, and catch up wi my mate, and ask her what she thought?  I know it was a slightly weighted question!!!
Graham must have talked them into having a cuppa first. Thank goodness. I invited the 2 of them to come for a cycle with me , because I knew I had to meet Marj and Baz at 1.00. And for a time it was ideal, because there was 5 of us cycling around the park, whist Graham and Steve spoke to some new folk. Awww remember Rob Wright, he is living with MS??? (i bullied him, into buying a Tricycle) and I then searched it out for him? Well his Carer came, and recognised Ziggy, b4 me! and told how him and Robert often passed me in the car, on Abbeydale Rd.

My bus arrived to collect me, again it took me round the world before home. But musn't grumble!

Oh, and it was lovely to see you Dave, thanks for calling.

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