Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ahh, folk do care

I'm going to spare you Gentlemen the details, but this morning....Blue Flashing light job, to the Childrens Hosp. My lil boy, aged 10 next week, had a suspected ....ouch!!! I can't say. But I can never know ;) but links of sausages come to my mind! I know thats generous! we're talking Chipolatas here!!

Anyway 3hrs later and 3 surgeons later, they decided to give him good old Calpol, and send him home. Much to everyones relief. But we had to get a taxi back, and I really wasn't counting on that expense.

:( Community Transport/Dial a ride had left me a message, on my home phone saying How they could take me to Hillsborough, but not bring me back.

I text Steve in Vain :(

My neighbour kinda fell in my kitchen door, full of the joys of a boozy early bar. Now everyone knows how much Hillsborough means to me. He said leave it to me Caz!! As he said that Steve text, and said if I could get there he'd make sure I got home. :)

Spoke to the lovely Dave, who I misss sooooo much. He reckons, he'll be back at Xmas.

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  1. So did your carriage turn in to a pumpkin today or did you make it home.

    We really need to get you sorted for riding to Hillsborough and having the options of tram/train, given the fragility (cussedness) of your experiences with Dial a Ride (Dial as in roulette wheel I wonder).

    You should manage the run down in to town OK, although it might be good to work on some quieter/hill avoiding options - after all you are following the Sheaf most of the way to the Centre and the Don for the rest of the way.