Tuesday, 9 October 2012

It's so difficult!

I would love to offer, my light hearted banter. about the Jimmy Savilles of this world.  But s'times I just have to think of others, and what I think is ok, they might be mortified by!! For that reason, I met Steve Marsden, and Steve Bailey (CTC) in Tesco for lunch today. Which Steve B kindly paid for. :) They were both so lovely and kind, they put me to shame really and made me feel, a bit like a spoilt child, having a paddy.

I'm having huge hot flushes!!!! either that or i've got a raging temperature.

I met Steve and Steve for 2hrs!!! plus the lovely Miriam joined us, it was really nice.

I'm dying to tell you about my male friend who is on course to self destruct!! I'd been texting all day, he eventually called and said I love you, and bye.....? So what would you do??? I just didn't bust a gut, but made sure I called to see him, (shouting through the letter box!!) on the way home.

Julie Andrews was round at mine disguised as James Herriot, as she played with my dog Holly, on the field at the back of my house.

Steve, Steve and I spoke excitedly about Dalby, and they want me to take Ziggy.

I've had some suggestions about Hillsborough, and Steve and my favourite man from the council, have agreed to meet :)

And yes, I'm back for now......

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