Saturday, 20 October 2012


Just a Quickie :)

Cycling 4 All, was fab today, it was extremely busy, which is always good. And 3 folk, were there because they'd met me, which is such a nice feeling, including a young woman, 'Jane' because... Do you remember in June, I did that Cycle Chic Ride, starting at Endcliffe, and taking a safer scenic route into town, and back?? Well, I remember meeting her, and I'd given her my card, which has Steves number on it also. Ater She'd explained that she had sustained a serious Brain Injury, and wanted to get cycling to increase her independence. I gushed about the work that we did at C4A, she said shed have to check with her Therapists, (who all are familiar, with Me and C4A). I had wondered,what had become of her? She had been working on her 'Physical Space' and had had problems with perception. Anyway she was happily Cycling around the Park, with Steve. Reinforcing those Cycling Skills, she was so happy.

My friend Lorraine came, with her Client Pat and as usual Graham made a huge fuss of her, and they Cycled around the Park, I cycled round with a bigger young chap, who has a Learning Difficulty, and is ACE, and very friendly.

Steve bought lunch, but I fetched it. And poor Graham, was knackered, and willingly took some cycles back and then made drinks. There wasn't room to sit down again in the Cabin, it was great. 'Karen' and 'Mark' arrived Early, for their afternoon Cycle, carrying gifts, a box of chocs for me. And some sticky Muffins, for everyone.

I zoomed to the courts after lunch, wi Karen and Mark, and spotted Marjorie and Barry waiting patiently on the bench. She gave me a little wave, and said OOOh OOooh! so I kinda split myself in 2!! whilst Graham and Steve, took a couple of wheelchair users round on the very well used Velor Plus'!!

I did have a sneaky go on a Brompton, and would have come a cropper, if Steve hadn't have caught me :(

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