Friday, 26 October 2012


I'm very achy, eh I'm not as fit as I was..a year ago?? Which has just reminded me it's nearly a year ago, since my lovely Mum died. What an Event she missed when I carried the Olympic Torch, just knowing that both my Mum and Dad would have loved it was enough though, and seeing the Residents of Henleigh Hall. Mums last Home. Anyway Im not getting all meloncolic, I'm feeling lazy because I'm knackered. I actually refused the offer of a coffee and cake, at a mates this morning!! Hey I never refuse that. It's a good job, the Write Way group, was cancelled, I know I'd have made an extra effort for that :) As we're working on new written pieces for the next Publication, due out probably January. And Kev and Brigitte Hickman have already booked a place!!

Anyway, Community Transport Arrived, and yes I was the 1st customer of 3, who needed picking up, and dropping off. But I musn't grumble, it is honestly the only way I could get to Hillsborough, because of my disability.  Which is exactly why I get the help with getting there. I had to have enough checks and evidance, and believe me, if they could have got out of taking me...they would have. I arrived and there's a man who cycles, and well......we don't interact with him! because this would upset him...a lot!  The 2 Velor Plus' were being used, Graham and Steve doing the pedaling. So I was a bit lost, ??? So I just cycled around the Park, meeting and greeting every 4 legged creature I met, and the occasional 2 legged one!! I cycled back at about 11, ready to greet the next Participent, it was the Lovely Pat, she loves Graham best, and we complimented her about the colour of her nails and hair, which she laps up. But first she has to put up with Charlie and I cycling with her, then Steve and I, finally she is treated to Grahams company. Steve bought me a well earned lunch, which the lovely Charlie fetched (hey, I like it s'times!) I am going to come at 11-3 on the 1st of November though. There isn't any next week, because Steves in Scarborough, and Nicks gone :( and Dave's not well enough.

We spoke excitedly over lunch about our plans for Ride London, and how it would be fantastic if Hillsborough Inclusive Cycling had a presence. So watch this space....

After lunch Karen, and Mark arrived, she prefers one of the newer cycles which has a back rest and 3 wheels, and he joins us on a 3 wheeler. My mates Marj and Barry came too. I cycled the park, with them whist Charlie, did a few laps with his Bruv, and the Velor Plus' were in perminant use!!!

At 2pm I was pleased to be the only drop off for the bus.

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