Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Mirror, Mirror :)

I've packed my new post, and mirror in my panniers for tomorrow at Sheffield Cycling 4 All. I'm excited ? nervous?? about tomorrow, because there's a much needed meeting first, at Hillsborough Arena. And I know a lot of folk are shouting about various things. And I don't know? I have never been a chair person before.

I can't wait to cycle :) and As always I'm looking forward to seeing  Steve and Dave.

Monday, 8 September 2014

I'm on a roll!!!!

Andy Kershaw pays SC4A, on August the 7th, Jane my PA is in the pink, and Im next to her!!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Apron strings reversed!!

I tagged on to my wee boy, as he went in the forest on his BMX bike today, with Holly dog tethered to my trike. It was great. I have got a few war wounds though :) That I'm well proud of!!! As I raced through the meadow, like bramble scratches on my face!! And before I went, I was feeling ill, run down, and increasingly bitter, an twisted.

Now??? I feel happy and energized.

Friday, 5 September 2014

The Write Way :)

I'm kinda getting busy, but if I'm honest??? I am a tad lazy?? - you can argue, if you want to? I went to the Write Way group, we're a writing group, made up of folk with brain damage. So that we can write about ourselves, not depend on a healthy attractive physically perfect person to do that for us, in the 3rd person.

I called in to see my mate Anj on my return. She brought me home :( So I aint ridden Ziggy all day, it's because I don't have to and I have a fear of breaking bones. I need a right mirror post too. :)

Grand Entrance!!

I don't mean to be the centre of attention, ALL of the time, honestly. But it has become a bit of a feature of my personality. Which I imagine is quite irritating at times :) Some say, it's a trait born by my brain damage. But these folk obviously didn't know me before!! It was the MoveMore meeting at 1.00 today, which meant, I had to leave my beloved Cycling early. :(

It was buzzzzing at Hillsborough Park, in the morning, the regular group came and they are so fab.Clients and staff there were 10 of them, all paying. And another woman, came who had the condition MS, and she saw us advertised in Sainsburys at Chstal Peaks! So I don't know which wonderful person put that there, just am very glad they did? Because I get the idea, she caught the bug.....:) And hopefully she will be in touch. Lots of people seemed to have 'issues' with me yesterday at Hillsborough, some of them are just too personal even for me to discuss. And some of them made me feel a  bit picked on. When in my role as Co -chair, I have been sole chair for the first 3 weeks of SC4A, when 'lil' old me has no experience of this role, at all. I just am very thankful for the support of the other members of the group.

One of the burning issues, was the bank account, which still hadn't been set up. This really was because 1) I couldn't easily get to Hillsborough, unless I paid for my own transport. 2) The bank had cocked up big time, when Gav Wood, Andy Beetson, and Jamie Bland, had been in initially. By keeping them in there for over an hour, promising to send them on the printed completed forms for them to sign? And sending blank ones. I am so glad for my PA Janes car on a Thursday, and the fact that she doesn't mind lifting and lugging my trike, and that Gav suggested that I call in to see Andy and get the forms filled in, whilst on my way to the town hall. MoveMore meeting. Because although, extra hands are always needed at Hillsbro' I thought I would be more useful, putting my opinion, and face and trike about at the Town Hall. But thing is? we were late! and despite circling around town, just couldn't get a parking space close to the Town Hall. So Jane pulled in about half a mile away, and I cycled!! right into the Board room!!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I did it :)

I got my fix...:) I know it's only little, but it's just enough to keep me alert, live for the moment and stay focused on the here and now as I hurtle down Baslow Rd dual carriageway. So I met my friend/ex physio who's one of my mentors :D - I do have many! I need a lot of guidance!!! And I haven't used my crutches all day :)

Looking forward to tomorrow, at Sheffield Cycling 4 All, lets hope we get lots of punters :) I'm excited, which is ridiculous for a grown woman!!

And I suspect an insy bit of a 'Cover my Ass' by Social Services today??? when I pointed out that they had spent nearly £8000 on a service, which I had repeatedly asked them to end. And it was decided today, that I couldn't end my 4 visits a day. But I could reduce it to one! And I can employ Steve? to fix my mobility aid - my trike. for 1 hr a wk, or 4 a month?

Sooo I'm happy today. x

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I am free and so happy. :)

Wow I did it at last!!! The solution may be loaded with mishaps just waiting to happen, like me not been able to see what's at my feet. And tripping over the grab rail, that's strategically placed at the rear of my trike, on the drive so i can get on and off. Without me ending up in the middle of the road!!  But totally without anyone's help, I did it. I am so incredibly happy!!! The months that I lay there thinking it would never happen. Thinking that I would have to put up with dreary dumb care forever, putting our lives, at risk because they had left the hob on all night after boiling my milk on more than one occasion. And when I was chair bound?
 Refusing to clear up a half eaten dressed crab, after my 11 year old boy  had left it half eaten crab to get eaten by maggots because ''He should have known better''  Urrrrgh!!! I was so scared, that that was what my life had become. My mind would drift back to the Self Directed Support, and Individual Budgeting Championing I once did. With wonderful folk, like Jeanette Thompson, Liz Howard, Liz Salmon, and Nicky Mills. What a waste of time and effort and money that was. It appears.

But today isn't about looking back, it is very much about my future. :) I feel despite being a tad bitter, which I hope will fade, and disappear, because I am a happy positive soul really.

And 'yes' I know I'm cheating a tad because I've now got Pedal Assist?? It still works my joints and muscles around them.

I'm so excited about tomorrow, because I'm meeting my friend and ali Maggie Cambell, at the cafe, which will mean riding zooming extra fast down the dual carriage way :)

I have asked for some things for the Agenda for a Sheffield Cycling 4 All scheduled on September the 11th.  I'm not sure what to expect?

Sunday, 24 August 2014

A major design fault

If I could change 1 thing about Ziggy my trike. It would surely be the lack of hand brake or parking brake. I admit it came with a velcros strip, which lasted 200yards!! But it's the one thing stopping me from going for a ride independently. The other thing I'm deperate for is a new wing mirror, a  proper greenspeed one this time. let me see what pics i've got on this wee net book

Thursday, 21 August 2014

:( I didn't enjoy Hillsborough

I do my best always at Hillsborough SC4A, and I don't like it when my best isn't
good enough.
Any news on my wing mirror Rob? because I feel ready to venture out into the big wide world.
Can you tell, My hairs going 50 shades of white, at the front?? It's quite cool??

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Just been, for a nice tea, at the Moorlands, wi my mate Kathryn. :) I didn't cycle, not yet.

3rd time lucky

No one can ever say I don't try, I am though an absolute dolls head, when it comes to technology, or not even that, things that require a bit of mechanical nouse. It's really silly because I consider myself to be ok, at people skills. And what used to be known as common sense!! But ask me to reset an Oven, and chances are I will starve!! So having been trying very hard to copy and paste onto my blog, and failing miserably. I just thought F* it!! and stormed out for a cycle!!! And i'm so glad I did. Because I'm all energized and not frustrated (certainly not frustrated!!  ;) secret squirrels about that encounter.) Am I being too rude?? I have no children at home at the minute, I am missing them though. But did I tell you about the night they went??? I received a pkone call from the Airport Police in Madagascar , asking if Daisy and Finn were mine??? Because they were holding them, and believed they were runaways!!! They were with my nieces aged 25 and 23. Apparently they wanted to take Daisy into a room alone and interview her.

Progress Report

Xrays are looking good :) Apparently, I could drop from 6ft on my right leg b4, it broke maybe???? But only 5 and a half on my Left. So I'll have to remember that :)
After the hospital, my PA (it's a new thing, but she drives, is called Jane, and is very funny, as in ha ha) took me to Sheffield Cycling 4 All, or (SC4A) Where Steve, Andy, Sue, Kathryn, and Robert. Had suddenly got a bit of a rush on after been fairly quiet. Anyway I want one of these billboards to advertise just exactly what we're doing in the park.

I've messed up the settings again, but I  swear I aint touched it!! I don't know if this will work when i press publish.

I've also been asked to apply for the MoveMore Panel, who from  what I gather are like MoveMore Champions???? It's not paid, but I get expenses. So???? Urrrrm, what else??? I've been very sociable. I feel quite in control of my life :)

Monday, 11 August 2014

sky ride

I did it all 5 miles of it, in the pouring rain! I got a very soggy Ass, from splashing through the deep puddles though

I know, I know

That you have all been eagerly awaiting, to find out how bad? i mean good The Launch was?` Well it was good, but it could have been fantastic, had all the bikes been working. The 2 Velor plus' weren't working, and a new group came, which had been recommended by my mate Liz who works for the QCC and she visited a home, for young folk with Learning Difficulties, and highly recommended that they come to SC4A. So they dutifully came with 5 young people in wheelchairs. And well, we couldn't offer them a very good service. :(

And the other Guy Ian? who recently went blind and used to come back in October, he has many other difficulties including mobility issues. He so wanted to feel the wind on his face, and the sound of it rushing past his ears. But well, he was just pleased that it had begun again. And settled for a couple of laps around the courts.

My friend Kathryn represented the lead organisation, which is now Disability Sheffield. And came prepared with a couple of Urns and made tea and coffee for folk. Because many would not have been able to walk, I think thehy could have cycled though, ?? up to the kitchen area.

I am fed up though, we didnt raise quite enough to pay Steves wages.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

We need 23 punters.

We need just 23 folk to come cycling tomorrow. We should do that?? shouldn't we? I know of a few, but not all of those are paying. most are involved in some way. It costs £6.50 an hour for the kitchen and toilet, and I blagged 4hrs free, because we are Dave's guests :) but Dave goes home at 1. So we will be billed from 1-3. So I think we've got off lightly.

My love interest called tonight :)

I do like him, but i think he's a bit embarrassed about me. Which isn't really on :( and it hurts. He'd be quite handy to know, because he's a cycle trainer. 

So if you like bikes and love people come to Hillsborough Park tomorrow the 7th of August. It will cost you £5 to hire a cycle to
suit. But you can use it for as long as demand allows. You'll meet some really cracking folk. It'll be great.

Andy Kershaw is coming to interview me at 12.30 for radio Sheffield :) and that is thanks to Kathryn Littlewood from Disability Sheffield, who is quite a showbiz kinda gal. And whose running a new project, job club. Hence Disability Sheffield becoming the Lead Organisations, because it will give the young folk in that club, lots of varied opportunity for work experience.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A snapped Crutch!!!

I've not used my crutches all day today, for walking inside!!! I did however feeling jubilant, that I had managed to strap my crutch to my trike. made off to the forest, on my trike. Managed to snap one in half!!! and just came home with the top half. FK where the other half is!! So I wreckon, if I order a couple of those walking sticks that fold into 3, and keep one in my panniers??

I've spoken to Simon Williams (i could have chatted all day, I love Scouse accents) And he's going to start charging for the use of kitchen and toilet. So I asked if we could have a key cut etc? And yes it's all sorted, he won't start charging until he gives us a key probably September?? But the pressures on now, we need 23 paying people, to pay Steve and hire the kitchen.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Di Blassi :)

 I feel I have done a young man/ boy? A huge good turn today. Matthew, who I have known for about 4 years  now. Needed a Tricycle to take on holiday?? because his old Viking (a heavy beast) had bitten the dust!!! I just happened to eaves drop??? (but not really) on his Dads conversation, on FB about how Matt couldn't  have a trike for his holiday to York. And I steamed in and said 'But take mine!!!1' of course I was meaning, my newly acquired Di Blassi.

So I've lent him it, and his Dad was very impressed with it's mechanics??? It's all the same to me??? As long as it does what it says on the tin.

He might buy it for £250.00. I know I'm a softie but I'm just sooo happy to have mkade s'one really happy. Which I know Matthew will be.R32_Seq.jpg (1024×372)R32_Seq.jpg (1024×372)R32_Seq.jpg (1024×372)

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bitter :(

I have NEVER ever been a bitter and angry person. But Seva Care in Sheffield really take the P***!! I hate having to be so dependent on them for such along time. although I can do more stuff now, and hardly need them. they've not been replaced with an Individual Budget, yet. Which would at least let me have a choice. Unfortunately (here goes, I have no shame) I can't empty the commode, which I use in the night whilst walking with my crutches : /

They called this morning 2hrs late, unfortunately I didn't let them in I was half dressed I just shouted 'come in' many times. And without trying the door or owt they left!!! this isn't the first time. About 3 weeks ago, after repeatedly shouting 'Come in'' they left because it was raining outside and 'they were getting wet!!'  Urrrrgh!! please let me stop feeling bitter.


My Blog saying wrong password?? but it's let me write?? So I'm not sure if I'm talking to myself?? Because it possibly won't publish?? I'm sooo confused I wish I was clever! Anyway  the reason I needed my password? because I was gonna say Hi to a new reader? 'Hi Mick'

My children are back tonight :) So I will do a bit of cycling again, as I just feel better, if s'ones at hand to bring my crutches, and take the dogs. Sorry for being boring, just going through mythought processes.

So is anyone else doing the Sheffield Sky Ride on August the 10th? I wish I'd kinda thought that it might be possible all those weeks ago. When I was incapacitated, I might have taken an interest, in it's route, and who was doing it and such. It's like the TdF I blocked that out (I know it's mardi -Sheffield word) But I felt a  bit like the boy taking his ball home.

Friday, 1 August 2014


What can I do??? I've been invited to the Sheffield Sky Rides VIP breakfast, and then to complete the ride. But I'm so crap at walking\standing unaided. I feel I will be a bit of a handful (no comments ok??) If only my PA worked Sundays. I mean it will be an effort to cycle 5 miles. Exactly 6 months after a double fracture. But it's not that it's the effort of me getting to the starting point, because all the roads are closed.  MoveMore and Ollie Hart, have offered to fund me getting there?? But I don't know, I am a wuss since I broke my leg.

It's pouring it down, in Sheffield on Ziggy as well"" Because in  theory, she is parked up next to the railings, so that I'm safe getting on and off het. But I'm full of irrational thoughts, about what happens when I'm out???
  • Im not sure where the volume is??

Oh I've got a pic s'where of me cycling with Ollie Hart of MoveMore fame.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hillsborough was ACE

I'll do this tomorrow
Me and Jonny Gee!!!

I'm So excited!! Sheffield Sky Ride.(10th of August)

I've been invited, to sit in the VIP Tent at Sheffield Sky Ride!!! Now there's all sorts of logistical problems to tackle first.  Like will the roads be closed? Obviously!! but which ones? How near can I get to the start? Will Steve M be doing it, or can I employ (it's better to use the word employ!!)

I'm thinking???? I'll be back when I've spoken to a few folk.

Monday, 28 July 2014

I mean it so much you can read it x3!!!

I'm bored :( I have no children at the moment

I just daren't go out on Ziggy for a cycle. I mean, just supposing I got a puncture or lost a dog! I can only get on and off my bike, when I'm next to some railings, I'm just not that steady yet. But on a positive front, my bro has sorted me a builder To build me some attractive looking flower beds, with hand rails, minus the flowers (full of grey slate?) - thank goodness. I'm not a gardening person, or a house work person! come to think of it.  I have just crutched it to the end of my garden, to let Robbie and Holly have a run. I swear my dog thinks that Green Oak Park is her garden!!

I have a bit of romance, on the horizon??? But then again is that just a nice word for sex?? So I'm not sure?? This has been a possibility for about 2years!! And I've played hard to get, Me??? I know, it's hard to believe. There's a book, I've heard of called s'thing like?? 'Looking After Chimp???' and it's written by a Psychologist. And it's about folk, who are quite sensible in making lifes choices. And just avoid situations, where they'll get hurt. I think that's the new me. It's a bit dull though! If anyone knows who the books by? I'd love to know. Because I can't get hold of a copy.

I need more fish pie


Sunday, 27 July 2014

I'M BACK!!!!!!!

Why am i sooooo untechy???
And how I've missed you all!!! It's been soo long and I've needed you all so much, because quite frankly I'm experiencing the worst 6 months of my life. Yes... 100 times worst than, my 4 months unconscious. Aged just 21, the following 2 years, when I re-learnt living, talking, walking, a certain amount of etiquate?? But some might argue about that???!!!! I don't know how to set up spell check. Where was I?? Oh yes, I was telling you about the last 5 months? I fell out of a car, in February! (it was stationary) and I fell onto the pavement, trapping my foot under the car. So my shin bent 45 % OUCH!!
The above resulted in me having a Fractured Tibia and Fibula, resulting in me having the most excrutiating Fixatortibia fibula fracture external fixator 1 Minneapolis Femur Fracture Attorney

Hey FFS!!!!, all these Fish Pies, I've been eating, must have done some good, because I've just learnt how to Copy and Paste using my net book!! Welcome to a new blogging experience for me!!

My Fixator was so much more painful for me than the average person, because it was on my effected side (disabled) Woe is me!!! :( But it honestly was!! Because if you have a weakness caused by a neurological problem, it just increases the sensitivity, therefore significantly reducing my pain tolerance. I have never said FCKU, as many times as I did in those months!

I have to say the whole experience has changed me for the worse I don't love life quite as much as I once did. :( But I want me back.

Hang fire with me and be patient, and I will keep adding bits, as I remember.

My once weekly, beloved Cycling 4 All at Hillsborough Park, closed last October :(

Fortunately though, I am now joint chair with Gav Wood CTC, who took over the job of Cycling Development Officer, of the newly formed Charity Sheffield Cycling 4 All. And from the 7th of August Steve Marsden and myself, and hopefully a lot of Volunteers?? Will be on the Ball Court, next to the Car Park in Sheffields Hillsborough Park. But it can't be free I'm afraid, it will cost you £5 (for as long as demand allows) For that £5, we will even throw in (not literally) a cuppa and a biscuit. Bargain!!!

I think the fact that Steve was the person who introduced me and David into the world of Disability Cycling, and Davids lovely wife Sue shares in the joy and freedom it can bring. Our involvement in the new SC4A (and the fact that I'm looking after Robbie dog, whilst he's on his holiday) is the reason why Steve has agreed to take the training every Thursday. :) I know I could possibly work with most folk, but fortunately I don't have too, because he is the best at the job.

My mates Kathryn and Emily from Disability Sheffield, are the new leading organisation, behind SC4A. And they will take all the bookings etc, for a Thursday, deal with Publicity and finance and maintenance. And eventually bikes and all, will move to Hillsborough Arena, which is actually next door to the Park. It's just perfect, because it has a cafe bar which over looks a level field. Which we want a cycle track around. There's even benches around it!! (I can apprechiate, how needed they are now.

And hopefully it will just be perfect and cheaper. I see one tiny downside and that is that it hides disabled cyclists away again. But hey ho!! at least Sheffield Cycling 4 All has a future!    
A very nice man :) from HPVrecumbents, is coming from Doncaster on the day to take some good Pics, for publicity. 
At the moment I'm still dependent on crutches, for a long time I think? If the surgeon and physios are owt to go by?? because my leg muscles aren't strong enough to support me. But of course we all know the best thing for building leg muscles?? is cycling. I can cycle but I need support getting on and off. Which at the moment kinda defeats the object for me, because what happens when I get to the end of my journey? Or I loose a dog? I can't carry my crutches at the moment, I'm very heavily dependant on my trike. I think this is what I needed??? To be reminded, just what it means to be truly disabled. And not just wear the tag!! 

So please put the date in your diary. 

Monday, 27 January 2014

Positively Disabled!!

I'm not alone. I met Andy in London last week? week before? And he is such a grab life and enjoy type of Guy. I love that!! When life deals you your cards, it is so up to an individual, whether he seizes the opportunities, or curls up.

We spoke today on the phone, and I got so giddy, because he is so into lifes adventures, he's coming to Sheffield on Friday the 2nd of May, for the launch of 'Head lines 2' Which reminds me Kev and Brigitte, will you text me your new number please Kevin mines 07909972140.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

I'm just not that important - obviously!!

Heeley Development Trust have never visited Cycling 4 All, at Hillsborough, and the new CTC Disability Officer, has only been perhaps 5 times, if I'm being generous!! neither have personal experience of cycling with a disability. Or are in close frequent contact with any disabled cyclists!!!

I have been told cycling for all will commence again, some time at the end of Feb? Whether I'll go....??? I know I will, I'm just gutted. It is not what I'm about, I am about Co-Prouction, and Inclusion of any service. From the light bulb moment to the feed back.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hillsborough is like a magnet :)

I jumped-ish, out of bed this morning, because I knew I had 'motherly duties to attend to, (my poor kids, do get neglected - not at all) I had boiled eggs to cook perfectly!! no that wasn't, it wasn't dog walking, or showing my cleaner, what to do I had got to take my 15 year old for a blood test, it's not that I'm scathing and doubtful, that she can be ill. But I did ask for her immunity, to be tested. I had prescriptions to discuss and collect for my wee boy too. No longer do I huff and puff into the surgery, now I'm on the new improved Ziggy. Which reminds me Carol.....I'm going for the option, of another spare exactly the same. But I'm not sure when?? It will depend on a lot.

I arrived at Hillsborough, and met a new guy who is known to the mental health team, but not too sure of his history. We chatted a while, and he loved Ziggy, so I promised him a go....:) Ah he loved it :) which made me very happy. Then I just had to give Marj a big hug, as I aint seen her for a while. And then Norma and family. And Ann, and my lovely friend Dave who is just ace.

Anyway, I came back and promptly fell asleep, didn't touch a drop of  booze, I wisely saved my units for tomorrow. How sad is that??? when I'm having to count my units!!!

I'm off to meet some folk off the non Directors team of Executives from NHS England tomorrow. And then booze and sleep :)

Catch up :)

My life seems to be quickening again. Which I do love, under usual circumstances.....? but I feel a tad shit to be honest, and I'm just sleeping in my armchair and dribbling attractively, in-between bursts of activity. Yesterday, I went to London for my first meeting with the National Coproduction Advice Group, which is a sub group of the more known Social Care Institute for excellence. Which went really well, and I am really looking forward to finding out more and getting stuck into it. And I actually get paid, and rightly so!!  

I took the hassle free easy way of travel, and I'm glad I did. Because I was a bit analy retentive, stressed, and tired by the time I got off my final train at Dore. It was just nice to have a car waiting for me, than fiddle about in the dark.

My lil boy had earned his supper :) and fixed my PC, I'm well impressed.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I wouldn't have a prayer!!

One of the journeys, I wouls love to make on my trike. Is to NHS Sheffield, for my monthly's not menstrual!! And there are just too many hills, for my battery to last, I don't even think 2 would??

I must apologise to folk, for just how personal, I'm gonna get now......I am in a lot of pain in my CHEST!!! It's like hot rods!! Before you ask, no I don't know anyone called Rodney. I am at the drs on Friday. :)

I just went for a quick spin today, the things I do for my dog!!! It's so easy now, although Ziggy is very noisy!! which worries me, she just switches gears and slackens and locks her chain?

I'm going to London tomorrow as part of the National Coproduction Advice Group, which is part of the Think Local Act Personal. Who have a lot of kudos and respect.

I do have no shame :)

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Life Hurts!

You know me? I don't grumble and moan....too much. Well not about my life any way, because I do like it....ok, I love it. But not today :( I am just ceasing up, it started in my right shoulder, and spread to my elbow, and wrist and little finger. And last night it caused me to nearly fall down stairs because of my grip on the bannister. It's my back also. I just really feel sad, and badly done too, IIt's an obvious side effect of using my good side too much. And I know I'm not being very politically correct, saying good and bad side, but I'm in a bad mood and don't give one!!! But I do I'm sorry and hope I've not offended any fellow 'crips'

My trike with new battery, stayed put today, I do a lot of miles on it these days. But sadly the battery isn't big enough to get me to Hillsborough. I think it's capacity is about 10 miles, and it takes 4hrs to charge again. Thinking about it, it was flashing at me at about 4miles? To warn me it was getting low?

Can I switch battery size now? Without the massive expense of doing it all again??
I do feel so much safer on it, because I have the power to move out of the way.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

:).....folk x

I just love folk :) I have been drinking, but non the less it doesn't take away my philosophy, that folk are nice.

I took the easy option because I wasn't sure of my batteries capacity, plus my limbs were aching from yesterday.  And got Community Transport to Hillsborough.  Where I met the gorgeous Dave, and a very unhappy novice lonely? cyclist. Who I have actually known for a few years, but I have never seen her look so sad, which was soooo sad!! I spent 3hours writing down phone numbers etc. And volunteered to be her advocate, if she needs me in her application, for Direct Payments. Which I think she qualifies for~? But hey, what do I know really???

I cycled a little and ran into Norma on her very own 3 wheeler, which she gpt from Kinetics??? She said 'I only get here about 3 times a week!! but that is loads, I said. I reminded her that she probably did about 15 miles a week!! She seemed quite happy with that fact.

Pete's just gone home, having drank his Cucumber and Gin, ewwww!!!!

I'm meeting Anj tomorrow, and we're going ??? on our bikes. :) x

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

14 miles today.....But....

I think I need a bigger battery...urrrgh, I'll continue this tomorrow, I'm going to bed. I aint stopped till 20minutes ago!! but I'm happy and I love Dave, he is just the kindest person I know, I'm sure he works for, because they just trip off his tongue. Gotta go it's storytime. I'm off to Hillsborough to meet Marj and Barry tomorrow, I will fill you in about my adventures another time :)

Oooooh it's a long way.......for me!!

I'm scared, I'm off to meet Dave B, at Millhouses and we're cycling to town?? maybe further? I'll let you know later.

Steve M moved my controller, to where you suggested Dave. So I'll let you know about that. He also fitted me a new mirror. Got to dash.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I love life again.....TF the celebrations are over!! :D

I know I'm a grumpy sod, but it's the pressure I feel under to make things happen, that can make certain folk LOVE/HATE Xmas! It kind of makes me grumpy. But now its January, and I really am excited.

Disability Sheffield are going to host the Record of Involvement, and so yesterday I zoomed and I really mean it! It's not often I go faster than my wheels can turn?  (I hope you understand?? them that cycle might?) But I jumped on a train from Dore, to Sheffield. And then a tram, to the Circle. The journey took me 40minutes :) and cost me didly. Once there Emily and I were joined by Krill whose a software manager/developer/lecturer, Mark from SCBIRT, and Chris from the Council. My heart melted at the gorgeous things that folk told Krill about 'little ol me' :D And it was fantastic that although the ------- (I don't think I should say whose funding it) Everyone wants me to 'own' it, when the digital version is finished which is really nice :) THANK YOU. I think this has been Coproduction at it's best, everyone has brought different skills and ideas/ venues/equipment/contacts/volunteers/money/encouragement.

My journey home was not quite as successful, like an a* I stood at the wrong platform ! Cold and wet, from the drenching I'd got waiting for a tram. But with only, 7mins to Dore. And remember the new street lights I was cursing??? Absolutely marvellous they are!!What with my pedal assist, as well. I was home in a jiffy. But my brain kept switching to the poor guy who died this week, when his mobility scooter fell into a river, as I pedalled blindly behind Totlet Rise, on the designated cycle path I might add, that has absolutely no lighting.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

I love Ziggy again :)

It's fab, just being able to nip out with such ease, as I am surrounded by hills it's just so lovely. That I'm  not arriving everywhere hot, and red, and VERY sweaty.  And because it was lighter longer, and the parking situations got much easier. I feel a bit mean, but I've reclaimed my drive on in front of the house back off my neighbours. So all things considered I went out twice today, MAKING the dog go and telling her how much better she would feel. :)

Kev Hickman, if you're reading this please call me.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Anyone want an off road wheelchair?

I've been out....:) a bit

It poured and it was dark and dingy, but I dragged myself kicking and screaming, out with Holly, well you don't expect me to walk do you??? I cycled a few miles, cutting back through the Park. (bless her!!!) I took holly :) in exchange for my kids taking the Xmas decorations down, fair deal :) A bit of a win win for me.

I wish I'd known Dave was opening up Hillsborough tomorrow, last week, when I booked transport. Oh well I'm going on a trip to the sales instead.

Are you making any New Years resolutions??? I think mine has got to be to venture further on Ziggy?? I am an insy bit scared though.

And hopefully s'thing big will become of the Record of Involvement? thanks to Simon Geller for the tip off, and Roz Davies, Chris Shaw, Mark Parker, and Emily Morton. For believing in it, and me.

And who knows what will happen with the National Coproduction Advice Group and our meetings in London. Oh and I've enquired? joined? Philosophy in Parenting group, which starts on ther 15th of Jan, which happens to be when I'm in London. But I can do the 22nd. And the only reason I'm doing it is because I can cycle there, it's probably about 5 miles :)