Monday, 28 July 2014

I'm bored :( I have no children at the moment

I just daren't go out on Ziggy for a cycle. I mean, just supposing I got a puncture or lost a dog! I can only get on and off my bike, when I'm next to some railings, I'm just not that steady yet. But on a positive front, my bro has sorted me a builder To build me some attractive looking flower beds, with hand rails, minus the flowers (full of grey slate?) - thank goodness. I'm not a gardening person, or a house work person! come to think of it.  I have just crutched it to the end of my garden, to let Robbie and Holly have a run. I swear my dog thinks that Green Oak Park is her garden!!

I have a bit of romance, on the horizon??? But then again is that just a nice word for sex?? So I'm not sure?? This has been a possibility for about 2years!! And I've played hard to get, Me??? I know, it's hard to believe. There's a book, I've heard of called s'thing like?? 'Looking After Chimp???' and it's written by a Psychologist. And it's about folk, who are quite sensible in making lifes choices. And just avoid situations, where they'll get hurt. I think that's the new me. It's a bit dull though! If anyone knows who the books by? I'd love to know. Because I can't get hold of a copy.

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