Sunday, 27 July 2014

I'M BACK!!!!!!!

Why am i sooooo untechy???
And how I've missed you all!!! It's been soo long and I've needed you all so much, because quite frankly I'm experiencing the worst 6 months of my life. Yes... 100 times worst than, my 4 months unconscious. Aged just 21, the following 2 years, when I re-learnt living, talking, walking, a certain amount of etiquate?? But some might argue about that???!!!! I don't know how to set up spell check. Where was I?? Oh yes, I was telling you about the last 5 months? I fell out of a car, in February! (it was stationary) and I fell onto the pavement, trapping my foot under the car. So my shin bent 45 % OUCH!!
The above resulted in me having a Fractured Tibia and Fibula, resulting in me having the most excrutiating Fixatortibia fibula fracture external fixator 1 Minneapolis Femur Fracture Attorney

Hey FFS!!!!, all these Fish Pies, I've been eating, must have done some good, because I've just learnt how to Copy and Paste using my net book!! Welcome to a new blogging experience for me!!

My Fixator was so much more painful for me than the average person, because it was on my effected side (disabled) Woe is me!!! :( But it honestly was!! Because if you have a weakness caused by a neurological problem, it just increases the sensitivity, therefore significantly reducing my pain tolerance. I have never said FCKU, as many times as I did in those months!

I have to say the whole experience has changed me for the worse I don't love life quite as much as I once did. :( But I want me back.

Hang fire with me and be patient, and I will keep adding bits, as I remember.

My once weekly, beloved Cycling 4 All at Hillsborough Park, closed last October :(

Fortunately though, I am now joint chair with Gav Wood CTC, who took over the job of Cycling Development Officer, of the newly formed Charity Sheffield Cycling 4 All. And from the 7th of August Steve Marsden and myself, and hopefully a lot of Volunteers?? Will be on the Ball Court, next to the Car Park in Sheffields Hillsborough Park. But it can't be free I'm afraid, it will cost you £5 (for as long as demand allows) For that £5, we will even throw in (not literally) a cuppa and a biscuit. Bargain!!!

I think the fact that Steve was the person who introduced me and David into the world of Disability Cycling, and Davids lovely wife Sue shares in the joy and freedom it can bring. Our involvement in the new SC4A (and the fact that I'm looking after Robbie dog, whilst he's on his holiday) is the reason why Steve has agreed to take the training every Thursday. :) I know I could possibly work with most folk, but fortunately I don't have too, because he is the best at the job.

My mates Kathryn and Emily from Disability Sheffield, are the new leading organisation, behind SC4A. And they will take all the bookings etc, for a Thursday, deal with Publicity and finance and maintenance. And eventually bikes and all, will move to Hillsborough Arena, which is actually next door to the Park. It's just perfect, because it has a cafe bar which over looks a level field. Which we want a cycle track around. There's even benches around it!! (I can apprechiate, how needed they are now.

And hopefully it will just be perfect and cheaper. I see one tiny downside and that is that it hides disabled cyclists away again. But hey ho!! at least Sheffield Cycling 4 All has a future!    
A very nice man :) from HPVrecumbents, is coming from Doncaster on the day to take some good Pics, for publicity. 
At the moment I'm still dependent on crutches, for a long time I think? If the surgeon and physios are owt to go by?? because my leg muscles aren't strong enough to support me. But of course we all know the best thing for building leg muscles?? is cycling. I can cycle but I need support getting on and off. Which at the moment kinda defeats the object for me, because what happens when I get to the end of my journey? Or I loose a dog? I can't carry my crutches at the moment, I'm very heavily dependant on my trike. I think this is what I needed??? To be reminded, just what it means to be truly disabled. And not just wear the tag!! 

So please put the date in your diary. 


  1. Good to see you back, if you need anything for the charity I will try to help. Hopefully see you and the gang soon :)

    1. You could support it in a fab way Martyn??? And that might be doing us a new Facebook page? or s'thing digital, that I'm totally hopeless at!! We do meet about 4 times a year, or there's going to be a kind of consultation group, made up of riders, but not too sure about that yet. Thanks for the offer. x

  2. Hi Carolyn, welcome back. Just a quick piece of webbie advice - blue on green is really hard to read! Cheers, Simon

  3. I know I'm trying desperately to change it. It seems easier to do posts but i can't seem to undo what I've done!! Eeeeek!!