Friday, 30 August 2013

I am so sleepy :) but in a nice way. x

Catch my latest news above!!

Hey I've been invited to a Q and Answer thing with Nick Clegg, in a couple of weeks. To discuss local issues??? I know nothing about my neighbourhood :( unfortunately, but could probably spout for a webste on natiomal health facts.

Had a fab time, in Centre Parcs, hopefully not my last!! I'm meeting my friend for her b'day tomorrow at Millhouses. I don't think I will cycle all the way there though. And I've got her a gift :) or should I say ;)x

Monday, 26 August 2013

Back soon.....xxxxxx

I'm just off to Centre Parcs, Sherwood Forest. If you need me it's 07909972140.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

David Stone

Brings back memories of my Gretal!!......perhaps not quite as fast........urm me that is......not as fast!!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Vroooooooooom !!!!

I'm not sure that's the right noise, as Ziggy will not be motorised, it's just that batteries don't make a noise!! Unless I get a 'Boom box' that blasts out an engine revving furiously, as I sedately pedal. They are proposing such a thing for electric cars. But I'd love to know how fast/slow I'm going. So any ideas? and are they easy to fit, and do you think you could fit one Rob please. Or is it more complicated. :) And will it need to be done at a different time?

I went along to my Creative Writing class yesterday, and read the first draft of a piece that I am doing for a publication, out in Oct/Nov (launch date??) I was going to write about s'thing inspirational? uplifting? But whilst exploring using different descriptive techniques I hit on a story line, which I'm gonna stick to now I think?

Ahhh, I was really pleased to read in Cycle Clips, or was it Cycle Shorts?? the CTC digital thingy anyway? That David who I recently met at Hillsborough has been back, cycling on an upright trike, hang on and I'll get the link. I hope he returns on the 5th of September.

Blast!! It serves me right for being lazy!! I couldn't be bothered to to clip the special dog lead to Holly dog this morning. So I just loosely held it whilst I pedalled and.... what a pain!! the lead got tangled, bringing Hollys face near the wheel!! I braked, and we 'limped' home metaphorically speaking and we abandoned our morning jaunt.

I've got a few things, happening in the not too distant future :) I'm taking ALL my children to Centre Parcs for 5days, next week.  All on bikes, thanks to Steve, Sue and Amanda Douglas:)

And then freedom as my kids return to school. But I must say life as a single Mum gets easier in some respects. But harder as hormones, mood swings, B O, and periods replace nits, grazes, tantrums but the physical effort of being an outdoor family. It does make my muscles ache s'times.

Normalcy Event at Sheffield University on the 3rd of Sept :) which I am attending with Kev Hickman. Who used to run the Inclusive Cycling Forum. :)

And I can't wait for Cycling 4 All, to start again, on the 5th of September. Have I said that already? :)

Sunday, 18 August 2013


I won't go into too much detail, it hurts too much. But I do seek solace, riding Ziggy in the Morning, with Holly dog.  I'm really so glad this year, that I can do that. And my kids are old enough, to cope, in the daytime. Finns only 10, so legally, it's a no, no for him to be left on his own. So I need to do it when Daisy's about.

I've checked out the dates in September, for beginning 2 new Philosophy in Life courses, but I'm only doing it if I can cycle, which shouldn't be a problem, it's about a mile further than I've gone before, on Carterknowle Rd. The only thing that bothers me, if I'm relying on my own effort? I will be struggling to get home, as the class finishes at 9.00. Hopefully though :) Ziggy will have a Bad Ass Battery!!

My Record of Involvement, is very exciting, check out HealthBeMe if your interested, I've just done a Blog on that too.

Tomorrow? I've been asked to chat with a patient, and inspire!!! :)

Sunday, 11 August 2013

'Creative' :)

I know it's just a nice way of Social Services to call me a tight Arse!! But I am attending a peer support meeting tomorrow, with a view to me supporting my peers to write their own support plan. Because I usually look beyond the obvious about an Individual and come up with a cheaper way of having fun!! (of course I won't at any point be saying, 'get a cycle, be independent, and keep fit, for nowt, after the initial outlay?') Of course not!! :)

I think I'm getting a cheap extra PC for Finn and I, a bargain one with Windows 7 (which is fine for what we need). From the fab guy who fixed mine on Friday??? he's called Alan Sedgley I'm very excited!!!!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

I'm such a Saddo!!

It's such a good job I have Ziggy though! My computer stopped working....well the curser was doing a jig (I said JIG) all over, and everywhere on the screen except where I wanted it!! I wanted to cry, I have no children, no TV, and my PC was broken, I mean I had to listen to the WIRELESS! 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Thanks to West Country Recumbent :)

Phew! I'm so glad that some folk seem to appreciate just how much Ziggy means to me now! But how my personality, is a bit greedy :) only in the fact that I'm always striving for more/better. I now want to be able to get further on my trike,  I know it's a bit of a dream, but just imagine if I could get to my various Health meetings, and Brain Injury stuff? It could promote it so much :) And just think how I could spread the feeling of empowerment.

Talking of Empowerment, I've just read Boundless by Karen Darke, and in the book she mentions how she associates her wheelchair with freedom. But how if she's feeling crap, she goes for a cycle. I'm lucky in that I am just capable, to combine my wheelchair as my cycle.

Rob of West Country Recumbent that is in Derby? is being very clever and fitting a Sunstar ibike Pedal Assist to a Boom first, and then bringing it to me...or Ziggy, to swap with the current one. There's all sorts of logistics and mechanics about 39 tooth chainrings, and delivery to York and a ~Battery, and 2ing and thro ing. But you cant really put a value on human kindness :)

I'm just back from the 'Forest' it's not really a forest, it's a little oasis of green in the Council Estate where I live, it has 3 meadows, a fast flowing brook, trees. And the dogs love it, so for the last time, until his next holiday I took Robbie with my dog Holly for a spin on my trike.

I won't miss his trumps!!!! :D he's asleep next to me, letting them escape!!! (not that I can imagine dogs doing anything else!!!)

Saturday, 3 August 2013


I must talk to someone about some good 'wrap around' type lights, that make me visable at night. I want those type so that if my trike is getting loaded onto a mini bus etc? I can rmove them before, because EVERYtime, do they get knocked off! I cycled to the shops and then to my mates, I was a little worried after a couple of glasses, and only a rear light aS A HEAD LIGHT????? I only met one car.....luckily. I had a nice night though. :)