Thursday, 8 August 2013

I'm such a Saddo!!

It's such a good job I have Ziggy though! My computer stopped working....well the curser was doing a jig (I said JIG) all over, and everywhere on the screen except where I wanted it!! I wanted to cry, I have no children, no TV, and my PC was broken, I mean I had to listen to the WIRELESS! 


  1. Is your computer the sort with a mouse with a red light on the bottom?
    Turn the mouse over and blow on the bottom around the light. Then make sure any of the lumps on the bottom of the mouse that touch your desk don't have any fluff collected on them - just rub them clean with a finger.
    Easy as that!

  2. I've tried that , it's the first thing the Computer guy suggested. But he had to come out, and £50 later, and him unplugging all the things like screen, mouse, printer etc from the tower. Plugging it all back in. It worked!

  3. Join me and listen to Radio 4 - Friday night's Archers weyhey!

    Now I'm looking for some big cranks in steel with 130 BCD as I've just snapped off my right hand crank - rubbish alloy by some company called Ritchie....

  4. How did you manage to do that!!!! I have got a spare set of cranks, but I aint a clue if they would help, or in fact whether they are indeed spare!! After my make over, I will let you kbnow but I imagine you will have got some by then.

    I'm splashing out and buying a spare pc, also it will keep Finn off mine! I don't know much about it, other than it's £65 and I trust the guy, whose sought it out :)

    I think I'll be tuning into News 24 on my PC again!!