Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Thanks to West Country Recumbent :)

Phew! I'm so glad that some folk seem to appreciate just how much Ziggy means to me now! But how my personality, is a bit greedy :) only in the fact that I'm always striving for more/better. I now want to be able to get further on my trike,  I know it's a bit of a dream, but just imagine if I could get to my various Health meetings, and Brain Injury stuff? It could promote it so much :) And just think how I could spread the feeling of empowerment.

Talking of Empowerment, I've just read Boundless by Karen Darke, and in the book she mentions how she associates her wheelchair with freedom. But how if she's feeling crap, she goes for a cycle. I'm lucky in that I am just capable, to combine my wheelchair as my cycle.

Rob of West Country Recumbent that is in Derby? is being very clever and fitting a Sunstar ibike Pedal Assist to a Boom first, and then bringing it to me...or Ziggy, to swap with the current one. There's all sorts of logistics and mechanics about 39 tooth chainrings, and delivery to York and a ~Battery, and 2ing and thro ing. But you cant really put a value on human kindness :)

I'm just back from the 'Forest' it's not really a forest, it's a little oasis of green in the Council Estate where I live, it has 3 meadows, a fast flowing brook, trees. And the dogs love it, so for the last time, until his next holiday I took Robbie with my dog Holly for a spin on my trike.

I won't miss his trumps!!!! :D he's asleep next to me, letting them escape!!! (not that I can imagine dogs doing anything else!!!)

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