Friday, 30 August 2013

I am so sleepy :) but in a nice way. x

Catch my latest news above!!

Hey I've been invited to a Q and Answer thing with Nick Clegg, in a couple of weeks. To discuss local issues??? I know nothing about my neighbourhood :( unfortunately, but could probably spout for a webste on natiomal health facts.

Had a fab time, in Centre Parcs, hopefully not my last!! I'm meeting my friend for her b'day tomorrow at Millhouses. I don't think I will cycle all the way there though. And I've got her a gift :) or should I say ;)x

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  1. well you could ask Nick about ways to grow your independence as a pilot for doing the same sort of thing with others who are using bikes & trikes. Working out ways that you can feel comfertable on trips to places further afield, either with space on the road to travel at a cycling speed and not fall foul of faster traffic (or slow the traffic down to 20mph so you are all going slowly)

    Then look at how you could use trains & buses more effectively (parking and taking cycles with - and the huge unknown that this is)

    Plus p[ut in a good word for cycle delivery servioces - most stuff being rushed around in vans is actually small packages that can be delivered by bike, and bike delivery is a great starter job for kids with no work experience and thus no employer reference. It is also work that older and less healthy folk can do too and it cna dramatically cut the number of small vans competing for street space in the city.