Sunday, 1 September 2013


Has anyone had chance to look at my Record of Involvement/Health be me stuff? I know Dave has, and thanks for the advice. It spured me on to chase up my invite to meet Mr Clegg. One thing I do intend to ask him about, is why I can't take Ziggy on the train just one stop when I go into town to work for Social Services, saving the council £23 in taxi fairs. And helping me extend my independence, and completing my rehabilitation.

Any news on the Pedal Assist?

I'm so excited this week, because everything begins in Earnest :)

I'm really looking forward to Tuesday, when I'm meeting Kev Hickman, and we are going to a 'Normalcy' lecture at Hallam University. Although my trains, aren't terribly generous Kev. It's 14.15 or 16.15 back to Dore?

Any ideas for relevant topics then for Nick Clegg.


  1. Why make do with nodding donkey train that only runs every 2 hours? Bid higher kid and ask about the 280 bus (hourly to Bakewell). It's TM Travel, who are actually a local branding of a much bigger bus company, and the single deckers they usually operate, made near Leeds, are generally good for taking bikes on board, especially if they have the wider doors.

    If you can use the 280 you can get dropped at the top of the hill by the chippy and ride almost all the way downhill to get home....

  2. Oh and you multiply up that £23 of your taxi costs across all the others who might find ways to do something similar - and it isn't just people with a disability. if the thinking gets fed in the right way, many people can make radical savings on their annual bills for travelling around, and unlock up to £2000/year of money spent on travelling by more costly choices.

  3. The train only takes 7minutes, as apposed to atleast half an hour to town though.