Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cycle to Work day :)

Because I'm a bit juvenile, and still get butterflies, when I'm catching the train!!! I set off 15minutes early this morning,  as apposed to missing the train. It was Northern Rail, and the conductress, was extremely helpful. In fact, if I was a touchy, person, I would have been  mauled!!! Because it was one of those times, when I had enjoyed the freedom of Cycling to catch the train, without a drama. And the convenience of living just a mile away from the railway made me feel truly blessed.  And then the conductress asked me immediately if I'd need assistance, because I looked like I needed help. (well thanks for noticing that then!)

I easily found the tram stop at the Railway Station, despite it having a substitute bus, for many of the lines. I got on the first one which stopped in Fitz Allen Square  - town, for those who aren't familiar, with Sheffield. I asked the very smiley jolly conductor (I love it when folk are happy) what colour line I wanted for Hillsborough? (how silly of me not to say Hillsborough PARK) I was extra happy when he informed me that the train I was in fact on, was going to Hillsborough and I didn't need to change. Imagine my despair when the tram turned left up the hill towards Malin Bridge, and it just kept going :( I explained my error, and the happy jolly man advised me to get off, catch another tram going in the opposite direction, just one stop. Get off, be sure to use the crossing :) (I must really have appeared needy this morning!)and get a 'YELLOW' tram, there, there. I just made up the last bit!!

I did and reached the Park, at last.
I got off and so wanted my trike, or any trike. I called Steve Marsden, in the hope that he'd come and fetch me on the side by side. But he didn't pick up, he was busy with Happy Days. Who were enjoying the cycles. I took my time and walked/tripped through the park. I arrived feeling drained and unhappy after my failed attempt at finding an alternative, to community transport. But do you know although it was a HUGE effort, i'd do it all again Tomorrow, if I had no choice.

Marj and Barry brought me some home green beans, which I have just enjoyed. I invited Adam and Andy to The Tap next week for a birthday drink, and invited folk to share some birthday cake. Which I intend to bring to C4A. It was nearly time to go, and Ian, arrived. I have met Ian before, but his PA explained that he'd had a rough time recently, and could he possibly have a shot on a cycle. Although, I knew they were putting the cycles away, I sensed it meant s'thing and urged them to go and 'baggy' a ride, b4 Steve packed them away. I saw them after, Ian was beaming from Ear to Ear.

Andy was an absolute Star, and gave me a lift to near Tescos, so I just hopped on a bus to collect my Trike. What a Fab


  1. You'll need to tweet Northern about being nice to you and ask TPE/EMT if they could find it in their gift to add a stop at Dore in the hours when you local train doesn't run.

    Also try out walking with a shopping basket on wheels that you push (4 wheel type - one that folds) or a folding sack truck. I walk at least 0.5mph faster when wheeling a bike as it smooths out the walking action

  2. My brother Ian absolutely loved the ride with me and then Charlie raced him down the path again and Ian was ecstatic. He loved every minute! Thank you all xx