Wednesday, 25 September 2013


A play on HealthBeMe, but play isn't the right word because it makes folk think Happy/Joy/Laughter and movement. And afraid it's definitely not shifting! And neither is the promise of a digital Record of Involvement:(

The Core group consisting of Roz, Chris, Mark and Emily and :) me. Are taking October, to put out feelers and speak to folk, we are reconvening in November, to see where we are at.

I only cycled to the bus stop, and managed to fall on my very fragile front light, which proceeded to break up, into hundreds of pieces! Spilling batteries all over the road.  I don't thing my repair skills or selotape will stretch to a repair!!

I'm a bit fed up, a lot actually. I'd go for a ride but it's dark, and it just reminds me that I broke my lights!!!

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