Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hello Cycle Sheffield :)

I enjoyed a Zoomingly :) I don't think that's a word, but I bet everybody knows what it means. trip to Millhouses Park. It was great, the self propelled speed, wind in my hair as I sped down the dual carriageway. Hey I even overtook a Bicycle! I arrived early and 'anal' because I was excited, about the possibility of expanding my network of cycling folk. And it wasn't because I was a young fit man in Lycra? I was attracting this attention, because of exactly the opposite. And I'd also got the support of Nick Clegg, in the form of a personal letter. So I met Simon Geller and my Hero Steve Marsden, (I know it's boring, but he gave me the best gift of all, the gift of a proper life, and I became a value to my family and community)  Awwww mushy bit over :)

Anyway, I've agreed (I must be bonkers!) to cycle from Cycling 4 All at Hillsborough Park, to the Town Hall. On the 17th of October, at5.30 to a MoveSheffield ??meeting about cycles as mobility aids on the train and trams in Sheffield. After the meeting I'm going to CYCLE BACK TO TOTLEY!! that wasn't a mistake to write in capitals btw! with a bit of a posse:) escorting me. Hopefully this will earn me a special concession, to take my trike on the train and tram at off peak times. And if this works ok, other folk will be allowed their basic human right!! I mean I could say that I'd rather be able to run and jump on a train/tram, and can't because I have a disability. But I'd actually be lying....a bit! Everyone knows I just love what I do.

Going home, I was the opposite really, I pulled in because I became aware of an expanse of open road infront of me.....yikes!!! 14 cars, a bus, a lorry and a tractor passed!! :D I did laugh on the inside

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