Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Ey, at least I'm wanted for s'thing :) I love being wanted. x

I loved today, first I had to wash and dry Daisies PE top.....at 11.00pm last nit!!. And leave it on the drive, so she could jump out of the car at 8.00 this morning. As her Dad took her to school. Then one of my beautiful friends text to ask if we could meet,as she needed s'onme to talk to. (I just made that up,) So I tried to zoom to Millhouses Park, but my chain kept coming off my derailer? I'm not too sure why, but I arrived a bit late with very oily hands!!!

Lovely lunch, and she'd remembered my birthday! :) Cheers


  1. Like the new photo - lovely lunch?

  2. No....I stumbled across it :) It was taken last year on the Cycle Chic Ride.