Saturday, 7 September 2013

Evening with Old Nick!! ......:D

I do mean Nick Clegg, and not the Devil, because I know it's in his interest to be lovely, but I really think he comes across well, and kind, and a lovely person. I waited till the very last question, and went for it!! Reminding him first of the day at the Paralympics when Steve and I were his guests, and Sarah Storey won Gold. He said ' Yeah that's right and you, you are so passionate about your trike' Well he got that bit right!! I explained how Trans Penine, wouldn't let me take my trike on the train from Dore, to Sheffield, and I did need it at the other end to complete my journey. (I have since sent him details of how this could be possible if I stood the trike on the 2 wheeled end, and bungee strapped the single wheel to the roof) But who knows? There is a bit of a campaign to get trikes, and bikes on the train-tram to Rotherham. and I am meeting Simon Geller, and Steve about this.

Meanwhile Robs on holiday at the moment so I think Carol is assembling parts?? from places. And maybe Rob will start on it, the back end of next week.


  1. Have you seen that Paul Blomfield raised the issue of taking bicycles on the Tram-Train in Parliament last week?

    I attended a SY ITA meeting a few months ago where they were talking about devolving the responsibility of franchising rail services to the local area (I think a North Eastern bloc of Northern, Transpenine etc.). This could be an opportunity to build in these requirements when the franchises are next awarded to the Train Operating Company...


  2. Hi Matt :)

    I didn't hear the debate LIVE but I've caught snippets, and most Mps seemed to have visited Holland!

    Ooooh, I've not met you before, have I? I thought I knew everyone who uses a Recimbent trike in Sheffield :)And you live at Hillsborough too. Are you ever about on a Thursday? If so, I'm always in Hillsborough Park on my Greenspeed Trike.