Sunday, 8 September 2013


I'm guessing South Yorkshire ........ Transport Association??? S'one mentioned a meeting. Thing is although, I'm quite effective at meetings....I think?? I'm not too sure why, pity? honesty? effort??Intelligence...Nahhhh :D I do have difficulty getting there, it's a bit hypocritical turning up everywhere in a taxi (plus the expense). Hopefully things might change a bit, when I get my motor, which is still it transit from Australia. And Rob Hague (West Country Recumbent fame) has fitted it to the boom. (I think I got that the wrong way round, we are waiting for a new boom to arrive! So Rob can assemble it and quite simply swap it with my Slumph and boom.

It doesn't really help my ability to see at dusk though.

Hey Steve Marsden has been asked twice this weekend for my details ;) Makes a change.

So Hi Dawn, I will phone you tomorrow.

And I'll see you on the 24th Simon, you might be able to do me a huge favour, if your coming from Nether Edge that day? and meet me at the School of Philosophy, perhaps?? I can't find anyone willing to do that Virgin Ride with me back. Well atleas5t as far as Millhouses?

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