Monday, 28 February 2011

Oooooops Sorry....

I promise not to F*k in your face again.

To the gentlemen who think I've had 62 FBs, well I haven't honest!! I was saying my pulse was only 62, and it some how came across as the other.

Anyway, all these Support Workers I was working with today were so nice and supportive and laughed and bood, and hissed at all the right bits of my life story. Hi Chelsea? urm....expectant one, and Barry, and the happy black guy, I worked with. I really enjoyed it, and I learn s'thing different about my co presenter every time. And indeed say s'thing else whenever I speak.

Hey Barry, are you going to try any of the things we spoke about? Hope so, and let me know how you get on. And in case you missed it, tell the world about Cycling For All on Thursday the 3rd of March!! at Hillsborough Park, bowling Pavilion.

Its Tesco Tuesday tomorrow.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Aunty Mable's back :)

I had a couple of hours on my own this afternoon, and because it was nice..I really had to force myself to go out to the shops, because I didn't need owt, but I knew I would feel better. So off I went, just to the local shops mind. And I bet this guy was really glad I did, as I passed him, I casually asked how his dog was....Well bless him, I think I was the first person he'd met since his 15year old Akita x, had turned poorly.We must have spoken about the 'letting go' time for nearly an hour. I hope I was of some help, and I told him to pop in for a cuppa, if he wanted (i know, but I do know him a bit, and he knows where I live....everyone knows where the bird on the funny bike lives. So I pulled in my drive, where I met the Dad of the woman next door, who told me, he had done Lands End to Jonnah Groates, on a 2 wheeled recumbent!!! Wow I didnt know that.....Respect.

Hey can anyone tell me, if I got a lap top, would it save me having massive problems like now, when my wires come out at the back (mouse)???

Hey, I'm working at Brockwood tomorrow, helping train council Staff, on the delights of SDS.

Hey did I say? I've got the resting pulse rate of an Athelete?? Yes me!! FB!! (different meaning)it's not Face Book, and it's not Fuck Buddy this time :) It's only 62 which is good all things considered.

Catch you tomorrow.

Speak to me though, is anyone there?

Friday, 25 February 2011

Trailer/Ed Sherwood/Tiara/Sheffield Inclusive Cycling

My heads throbbing, it's full of so many thoughts, I'm sure it's not good for me !! In theory, I kinda think it's because only 3 quarters Isn't damaged, so my capacity to hold those thoughts is a bit less????? That's Carolines view of the symptoms.

OOOOOOoooooooooh exciting!!! Do you know Hotmedog??? He's a recumbent fan, much more dedicated than I though. He cycles miles!!! Anyway, he's lending me a trailer, to see how I get on b4, I buy one. (Mike, my mobys 07909972140) if you text me tomorrow am, I will call you when I'm standing next to Ziggy, and I'll tell you if it's a quick release. Unless you know Rob?

I met Ed, The Director of Adult Social Care today, in Millhouses Park, who listened, and listened, to my passions I know it's all about me!!! But it wasn't really in fact he commented on how community spirited i was. And said he saw a day when my expertise would be bought by the council. Would I consider coming off benefits???? Wow, this was a biggy. I've since been in touch, and I don't think he was offering owt immediately. But you ne' know????

Good news about my hat/tiara has researched a bit for me, and reckons she csn make me one (she's read my blog!!!)and guess where she's based? Guildford!! home of the CTC.

Nigel West, has been lovely he's set up a meeting with a very keen non disabled cyclist. Whose a Health Champion, in Darnall for the 23rd of March. I've had to rejig a bit, but Hillsborough is my priority. And she is very keen to set up an Inclusive Cycling Centre, with me.

Just incase you read my mistake, Hillsborough all Inclusive Cycling starts on the 3rd of March and not the 1st.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

:) Cycling For All - Hillsborough

Just a gentle prod urm... NOT poke, ooooh that's got all sorts of connotations!

A week today on March the 3rd at Hillsborough Park, (bowling pavilion)There will be cycles there to suit every ones needs, Steve Marsden CTC, cycle trainers, clients old and new, and my dear self with lots of smiles. 10-3 will be the time, if you come, please say Hello, and let me know that you read my blog, and see me blush!!!

Hey, do you know I had probs with my pc, well my kind computer technician (the one who doesn't want payment in kind)Suggested that it was time I bought a new one, so I asked Adult Social Care (its the new name apparently!!!) -until next time! Have offered to buy me one, for £300 from Dell. And it took only 12hours for them to come back with a positive answer. I think they recognise without one, they wouldn't be able to communicate with me.

Hey Hotmedog??? I'd love to take you up on your offer of a loan of the trailer?? Could you make it to Hillsborough on Thursday? I would like to run a few things by you, please?

Oh yeah, I went to a 'Skills Bank' planning day today, and I hit upon the idea of Launching/publicizing it on March the 16th, when the res a regional Health Champs Day. In my memory somewhere distant... I remembered talking about skills banking to Nigel West, who'd met Hannah the other week, when I introduced them to one another when we all met for a coffee. Anyway I rang him and asked if Hannah and I could try and recruit some Health Champs for the 'Bank'. Don't we all network and mingle really well though?

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ahhhh Bless

I had an official visit today from Horace, does anyone remember, how he curtailed to the powers that be, in my hour of need? Well he arrived saying how shit I'd made him feel, and what a bad Xmas he'd had worrying about me. Well to be honest, I'm not over it enough to say, he was daft to worry. I told him that it was really bad and I could have done with his support. I bit my tongue and refrained from making light of it.

Ahhhh I cycled to the local shops, and my wee boy ran ahead, I'm afraid, I cant cycle up hill quicker than an eight year old runs. I got loads of stuff, Im gonna have to think of a trailer, but it is very scarey!! I let him ride it back becacause he could cover the breaks, and didn't really need to pedal. Ahhhh he did love it, but kept worrying about me on 'mi pins'

OOOooooooooooh I'm going to look at settees tomorrow!!! My annual 'gift' from my ex!! begrudging???? I wouldn't like to say!! Then I've got a Skills Bank meeting with adult social care.

My daughters sending me nuts, when are they back at school???

I feel mean now, because it's Dads day tomorrow and then they are stopping with my bruv till Saturday. Eeeek I am wicked.

In the midst of this my pc has been taken away, and returned and so has my kids, £80 job lot!! and he left us one, to 'corrupt' and break, :) I had too oblige. I find out tomorrow if I'll get one from SDS???? Yes I know it's that old cookie again.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Peace :)

What a fab relaxing day, I had with Pam today in the Cafe at Millhouses, whilst eating 'mmmmm' delicious Pudding Lady treats (ooooooh that could be so rudely interpreted) but perhaps not, it's my very immature brain :) Anyway, how nice it was not to feel like, I've got to be all beaming, even though I was actually. Especially when these 2 older gentlemen, came over and started asking me about my trike. I did offer them a go, but they declined although they did wonder if they could at another time.... Cue for me to advertise Hillsborough Inclusive Cycling on the 3rd of March. They both said 'Ahhhhh' can't we come to Millhouses Park, to try? Speak to Mr Marsden, was my reply, but bugger for once I didn't have one of his cards!!!

When I set off, it was snowing, and I did wonder if I was doing the right thing?? But I had no need to worry by the time I reached the park, the rain was pouring it down, and I was a tad wet, but it is my favourite cycling weather :)Ziggy was brilliant, but.... on the way back, when I was pushing a bit, occasionally it slipped and it felt like the chain had come off because there was no power at all, but the chain was in place and all appeared to be fine mechanicly (but hey, it's me talking) and each time I thought right one last go, she was fine!!!

I called in to see Mum, who was beautiful. Cycling home gets easier, I'm building up for the biggy, with will be Esporta and back.

I'm happy though, what a peaceful day, and I've only got the Tesco bus to worry about tomorrow, musn't grumble!!!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Thank you Kevin

For reminding me, how normal it is to have Bi Polar tendancies :)

I'm meeting a cycling friend tomorrow in the Park. Which will be really nice because we are just meeting for a chat and a coffee, and enjoying the delights of The Pudding Ladies. Yum yum. x

Saturday, 19 February 2011

I've lost 2 days

Yeah, yeah, I know everyone else cycles 40 miles a day, and goes to work/lectures/meetings and brings 10 children up and still has a smile. But not me I kind of slump in a chair and become a rite miserable b* after doing just a quarter of any of those!!

Thing is I don't seem to be able to do anything in half measures (or quarter even) I have to do my best :) Sorry for sounding like a self gratifying git. And I can't be content, I have to invent new roles, I think it's a bit about being needed and folk saying 'there there, haven't you done well!!'

Anyway I went to a feed back day on Thursday, because it was something to do with the lottery funding wanting feedback on there investments. And being the resident 'Cripple' I'm really sorry if that offends anyone, it's unintentional honest. It's just I do know the important role a play in some organisations.

I spent all day yesterday in bed, kind of. Well as much as possible, because I'd got a heavy you know what....and I just felt fed up. And that's nearly where I'm at.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

I'm too tired.....tomorrow, Ill do it

Hi Dave Thornett, who facilitated a group I was in today.

No Cycling :( (just in my head)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Such a long day.......

After I saw the children off to school, all happy and jolly. My taxi rolled up, and took me for an interview live on air with Rony Robinson. I ran straight in had a natter live on air, in which I probably said a load of b* I can't listen tho because the volume from 'live' recordings isn't working on my pc. And no one seems to be able to fix it. I blither ed a lot to Rony, I can't really remember what I said, but I remember feeling a bit ripped off because there was loads of stuff, I could have spoken about.

I left there to an awaiting cab, went up to The Shop, where I saw the lovely Mr Marsden giving out leaflets to passers by :) Ahhh bless, I felt really proud of being so well supported. I rushed in where I met the rest of the SDS team, which was really nice, because I hadn't seen Liz, Liz and Nicky for months, and they had all previously been cycling with Steve, so it was a nice reunion of lovely folk. Liz H who's lovely, she seems to have a permanent buzz, and Liz S who...remember the strawberry's and cream and fizzy strawberry pop? At Hillsbro' when we all had a cycle day? Yes? Well that was Liz S :) And then there's my friend rocker Nicky with all her tats. And they all said they wanted to help out with any work, besides SDS stuff that I was doing. But my guess is they won't commit to forming a comittee at Hillsborough. But I had an idea??? I know, it's only a little one though it's not earth shattering, We have a Health Champs event coming up on the 16th of March, so why don't I get the SDS team and maybe Steve as well to facilitate a table for discussions, and maybe get a group then for Hillsborough??

Met loads of interesting folk today, and put faces, to email addys. And I through down the gauntlet of challenge to Richard Webb, whose an Executive Director of Social Care. I invited him to ride Ziggy!! He did accept my challenge, and then reminded me of it as I was going ...So you never know?????

My friend Sally came, I introduced her to Steve and then got dragged off somewhere.

Cheer up Dave :( I know It's easy for me to say.

Tomorrow? I'm off to some feed back thingy, giving feed back to an in dependant group about The Health Champions, and whether they've made a good use of their lottery fund..? I think .

Steve's on holiday for a week now, I will try my best est and hardest, to leave the poor guy alone. :D

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

What day is it? Where am I? I'm so confused??

I'm so institutionalised my life is controlled by Tesco Tuesdays!!! To make it 100 times worse, my BIRRP meetings, have been moved from a Friday, to a Tuesday!!! So F* knows what day it is, because I've been in a BIRRP meeting all day, and the cupboards are bare!!!

I seem to have been all work and no play.

Ziggy the Trike is fantastic thanks to Rob and Carol, awwww all they ask is the cost of petrol, and it must have taken them atleast an hour to reach me, an hour to move the Kick Plate a bit, and tighten my seat Oooooh er Mrs!! And then an hour to get home. I've tested her out a bit on the school runs and to the doctors, gears are super, but you were right Carol, I think I need strong hands on my seat!!! But it's much better than it was thanks.

I have been at the Head Injury Centre today, where we have nearly completed 3 years of co Production work, gathering the feelings and thoughts of Survivors of Brain Injuries experiences of going through the (horrid word coming up) discharge process.

I'm meeting Steve M CTC at The Shop display, about all that's been achieved since I've been on SDS, and swapped the bit of budget ear marked for 'gym membership' into taxis, and lifts with friends so I could learn to ride a tricycle. And stay fit that way, plus be able to do the school run and things like that :)

But prior to our exhibition in the shop, I must first go to Radio Sheffield, to talk with my mate Rony Robinson again, and then go onto the Shop where 'Sheffield Live' want a chat. I'm not doing a Oooooooh loook at me!! I honestly don't care too much either way, and don't love myself, as in think I'm gorgeous and sexy, but I do think I'm a wise cookie, in a laughable simplistic way. So if I can make anyone think of the possibilities thats fab.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Wheely lovely (bum bum)

Awwwww thank you to Carol and Rob, who could read no more of my struggles, and saggy bum!! So at only the cost of expenses, came to my house this morning, and fixed Ziggy in a jiffy. Nothing too complex, if you know what it is :) type of thing? It was my Kick Plate on the left, which has the higher gears on it, and generally has more ooomph, and seems to be on a bigger cog??? because I reckon the wheel rotates less per foot in measurement???? Don't laugh because I'm not sure of the terms :Dx

I've got to be honest, and say I didn't do a lot today, and I don't really know why? Maybe it was because I'd got my beautiful house back, and my children were in and out with there mates, which was nice. Or was it because I'd had a few 'BIG' meetings this week, and my body had held out, and was now taking a breather??? Hey I know, it's not much, but it doesn't take a lot does it?

I've actually got a presentation with Steve (CTC) Tuesday, but I'm not sure if it's going ahead as he hasn't said owt about it. And to be honest, I feel a bit strange, promoting a service that is fab, for those who don't mind going to Day Centres, and receiving more 'Care' but for me who needs help and support with correspondence, I don't think it works, because for me personally they were crap, when I had a flood. And unfortunately I did tell them what I thought.....I think I made a few enemies there then, oooops.

Hey Good News, this woman got in touch from> to offer me her services, although she couldn't really say a price yet, until she'd done a bit of research, she did seem quite enthused by the whole :)

Friday, 11 February 2011

Sleepless in Totley

I woke up at 1AM this morning, and well that was me, wide awake club!!!!......until 6AM (my alarm goes off at 645!!!!)

After a couple of disasterous attempts, (too boring to repeat) I arrived at Millhouses Park, 30 mins late, to meet Charlotte from Altogether Better, Health Champs fame. My bum nearly reaching the floor, making the 'handle bars seem very close. I enjoyed catching up, but I know I wasn't the most articulate I've ever been.

I zoomed to see Mum after, I love the fact that she's staying next to the park. When leaving I bumped into my younger older bruv, if you get the picture. Who was taking my Mum out, which is nice :)

Cycling home, I became concious that I was being looked at, I turned and said 'Hi' to 'Marcus' and his lovely fantasticly positive friend, who I can't remember the name of. I parked up and chatted for about 30mins to these 2 guys, one of them was also a Health Champion. (we get every where!!)

I had another thought today???? I know i amaze myself!!sometimes. What if, now this is a big if....Whenever I worked for Social Services, if they donated some money to the CTC. And the CTC in turn, funded my taxi to Hillsbro' on a Thursday?? I 'm not sure they would do that though on principle. But it would save loads of hassle of setting up a new charity. Because I feel like 'Billy No Mates' at the moment :( no one wants to commit.

My house was finished today :D and the floods are a distant memory :) Except for my little girls room, (not the lavy) my house has been decorated all over. So a miserable Xmas was not in vain.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Lets just say, the meeting that We held today was attended by Keith Levy, from Voluntary Action, Jeanette Thompson from Adult Social Care, Steve Marsden (CTC) Hannah Boneham, Adult Social Care Nigel West, Altogether Better and lil old me. How can I get so many great folk around a table in a coffee bar? I don't think Keith knew quite how to take me??? But all the rest are all to familiar!!

I cant really think too deeply at the moment, but I did like the idea of a charity to support Inclusive Cycling, and all those who sail in her type of thing. And my other 'interests' paying a donation to that charity, for any promotional stuff. In addition to any sponsorship deals, I may get from local companies.

I'll fill you in when I know, what I'm gonna do. Right now? I'm putting my children to bed, and sllleeeeeeeping. 'zzzzzzzz' x

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hi Folks

I went for the actual 'Risk Enablement' meeting's boring but true!! But gi me my soap box, Steve Marsden and the CTC were given by Social Work Managers as been correct and appropriate expert advice. So the hours I spent organising the Social Workers Cycling Day, resulted in such fun and Respect for the CTC is was worth it.

:( Steves not coming to the meeting on Thursday, but Kieth is, who's the Manager of Voluntry Action Sheffield, who will be able to help me find a sponsor. And the thing that makes it very nice, is that Jeanette Thompson, Hannah, and Nigel. Are all doing it because they want to.

And Dave H, you made me blush.

Monday, 7 February 2011


I don't want egg on my face, again. So I'm not getting too excited, but on Thursday the 10th of Feb, Jeanette Thompson, Hannah Boneham. Steve Marsden, Nigel West, and Myself are meeting for a coffee, in Pollards.

I cycled to see my Mum, which took me about 2 mins to get there and an hour to battle back against the wind. I cab tell I've not done it for a while.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


Hey, I'm here!! No bleeding, or pulsating extremities, or Manic depressives, (apart from mesen!)jealous drunkern wives, even. It's just boring old me.

My builders, are stars though, I think they may have noticed that I use my pc a tad, so when I came downstairs this AM to see my pc. on the settee, with a sheet over, eeeek my extremeties were tingling!!! But not really, :D, I cycled , and my daughter walked to the healthy cafe for a really healthy breakfast, it was honest!! poached and toasted everything!!! Bumping into Pete, on the way, which was a good job as my Mountain Drive seemed to fail on me so he gave me a quickie push,and joined us which was nice. But s'times, I wonder who I'm trying to kid about being lndependant??? I locked up my trike and D* said 'Mum, you don't lock it like that!!, and Mum your keys are here !! and 'Mum, leave your helmet' and...... Sometimes I smile, but if I think deeply, I get depressed about my inabilities.

Back at home 'Dave' said right I've got an internet/aereal/Sky tv man coming a week on Friday, uuurm yeah ok :) I replied. I need my damaged half off my brain a lot ,ore than I try and kid myself. But s'times I feel so thick because, I just don't understand techy things. Or I do for about a minute and then's gone, and I've 4gotten.

Oh well, here I sit in the dark, with only the screen as light!!but with a new floor, fresh paint etc. I'm just soooo glad I took out house insurance 2 weeks before I had the burst pipe!!!

Friday, 4 February 2011


I got up this morning, feeling feet were throbbing, actually they still are!! Went to the loo, and that's when it started, (i could make a cheap pun, but won't!)Blood, poured from my nose, onto the floor, I was really quite scared. But I pinched it and got some tissue. My kids were mortified, but soo good and they got themselves off to school.

I rang NHS direct, and I could have bled to death by the time, they'd decided to actually speak to me!!! Baring in mind my Mum has had 2 strokes, I didn't want to take any chances. Dont laugh!!!! But I thought F* it, and called an ambulance, but I felt so silly saying that I needed an ambulance for a nose bleed, that I hung up. But it wasn't actually my nose bleed, it was my pulsating extremities, that scared me, time had passed and it was now, 8.30am. So I rang my own GP, and I got the silly old git, who 4 years ago ended up calling an ambulance for me, after I'd been refused a home visit, when I had insisted that the mosquito bites on my leg had gone sceptic and I needed anti biotics, he turned up after I pleaded, that I wasn't well enough to walk to the surgery 10 hours later!!

Anyway, I flipped a bit this AM, why can't I have a visit? I don't bother you for 18months, and then when I ask you to come and check out you tell me to Walk!!! Don't you know anything about me? I might cycle but I never walk to the surgery, I haven't ever been this point my feet throbbed more I was soooo stressed. Cycle!! well, if you can ride a bicycle? I thought I was gonna have a fit, literally!! I calmly told him I could no longer argue, he said he'd send a nurse, which was fine. She came as my lounge ceiling was brought to the floor.

140 over 90, which is the lowest high blood pressure reading if you get me?? So I am concerned.

My porch big window has blown in because of the high winds!!

Bloody hell!!! I've just had a very drunk woman phone me, and warn me about her manic depressive husband who she'd just made homeless, and he had my moby number in his moby. I explained that I didn't know him, and that I just didn't Internet date anymore (only a little fib!!) I said I was more concerned about whether she was ok, because she sounded very upset, angry, and drunk!!She sobbed for a while, and said her goodbyes telling me that she may phone me again for a chat :D I don't mind her phoning as long as her ex doesn't who ever he is.

The house is soooo upside down literally!! Oh did I say my window had blown in !!! :D I'm sooo boring and repetitive!!!

Should I take Aspirin then???

I see the CTC are offering Burseries to folk who wish to study cycling at University, I couldn't do it. But I could think of a couple of folk who would be ideal......:D..K..?

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wanted for different reasons!!!

First this morning, after the children were off to school, and I'd settled the builders in with tea, taken deliveries had a quick meeting with Steve Marsden. I was collected by cab, to go and Co Produce, a set of guidelines for Adult Social Care on.....(get this :D) risk assessment!! My lift in, commented on this saying 'Well whatever you say, they'll automatically think the opposite!!! So I asked if this was right, and it was!!! Thing is, I am very sensible though!!!:D (just young-21) I saved my BF life probably when I was 15, and I found her asleep, and smelling of booze. (turns out she'd had a bottle of tablets and a bottle of whiskey!) I did phone an ambulance, but I was thinking how funny it was - perhaps I missed the point!!!

I rushed on to a meeting about the Exhibition we're having on Furnival Gate and Pinestone Street, in that empty shop opp Debenhams.

Hey I think Liverpool Council, have a fair point. It's all very grand, having the Big Society, but the government are cutting the funds of the organisations (which I am part of)that look after this Society. (hey is s'one being personal about my weight??)Don't Answer!!!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Today, I hopped in a cab, for my first 'gig' at 10,30 am. Only to find out it was tomorrow!!! and the one at 1??? That's tomorrow also! I went on a little exploratory walk, to see the poster of my tree???? And it wasn't there ???? So I caught the bus to see Mum, as I wasn't in a hurry, ahhhhh, Mum's not good :( So I came home 'tail between legs' so to speak :Dx

I sped up to school, to fetch my wee boy, 'Has my Xbox come??' no it hadn't, neither had his tv. I was pissed off, I am pissed off. My house is a total tip, my Mums not well, or not really happy anyway. I am pet less, :(

I get the impression Nigel really wants me to make a go of setting up a charity, and that Steve doesn't????? I might be totally wrong though, I suppose time will tell, I just wish they'd let me know what they're up to.

Rang Sue Cherry (CTC) today, who was totally mortified, because I hadn't still got January's copy of CYCLE mag, It was complete sacrilege, I had given it to a good home, but she wasn't listening to that bit!!And to think I was enquiring about whether I'd be getting an invite to the AGM and Dinner in May, as I'd been nominated for volunteer of the year. I think I've blown it!!!?

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

sleepy (that's not a very exciting title is it?)

Should I say WoW!!!! and ZAZZZZ and things, or shall I say I couldn't sleep a wink last night, and consequently feeling the consequences. I'd got alsorts spinning round my head, about Nigels idea for me to start up a charity to insure my future at Hillsborough. I was thinking about names????

Called at my bank en route to Tesco, all courtesy of Pat. I'm kind of a bit lost with my cheques I kind of know.......:(

Thanks Pete for kind words, every gerbil we've had has died of some kind of ear infection??? pooor things they wander round in circles!!

Steve Marsden phoned today, to find out what I was bleating about in my text messages, about Nigel, I could tell he wasn't convinced after speaking to me. I told him to speak with Nig ,, and he mentioned that he'd got a meeting with Steve Bailey CTC. And would mention it all to him.

Dave, has just phoned me....Can't add to that statement :D

Pete, the only reason why I don't go a longer way knack from school, is because I don't have to. And I'm dreadfully lazy!!! not really, but it's difficult for me to do s'thing just for the sake of it..... that's awful.