Saturday, 14 September 2013

Chain breakers

Finn went off on his adventures this morning, bless him. With his stick and handkerchief wrapping his sandwiches, well not quite but I'm sure you get the picture. To a place where 2 years ago one of his friends came off his BMX and ended up with a fractured skull, and dropping back a year, because he had missed so much, of his school work. I thing it's ok for me to say, that he is effected by his brain damage :) isn't it??

Any way for a whole year, 'Chain breakers' was deserted, and tumbleweed blew across the dusty tracks :D But today it was lively with children and spades. I made Finn wear his helmet, because I believe he frequently falls off, its part of the sport!

I haven't sat on my trike today for the first time in about three months!

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