Thursday, 5 September 2013

I feel like i'm helping folk be happy, which makes me happier. :)

I know it's more about ME I supposed, but I feel so comfortable knowing that I have made an insy difference to a few folks' lives today :) And yes, I know Steve and Graham would have been there to give out the bikes. But would they have cycled so slowly (I can't go much faster!!) listening with interest to Marj, as she struggled round with a broken finger. (She did it because she loves C4A) And then there was Alan, who questioned whether he owed the full £5, because he'd only cycled for 25minutes and not the full hour - bless :) some folk!! :D

And David, the guy who used to cycle daily, until 8months ago when he had a stroke. He still hasn't spoken, but he smiles from ear to ear, as he cycles on a high  backed trike. Sue, his incredibly supportive wife  had brought coffee and buns.

And Mark, Wow Mark! He'd been diagnosed with MS a few months aGO AGED 30.  Lost his abiity, to speak, write, had his driving licence taken from him, lost his job, the list goes on. He arrived with his wife, she was called Caroline too. The lovely Dave Brenon took Mark, to try a 2 wheeler first. And I went for a cycle on the side by side round the park, with his Caroline. We peeped at his progress from a far, not wanting to embarrass him. But we needn't have worried, because he was soon cycling confidently without Daves supportive arm/words.

And then there is the gorgeous Adam, who always arrives at the end of the day.

Ahhhhh I'm happy now:)

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