Sunday, 18 August 2013


I won't go into too much detail, it hurts too much. But I do seek solace, riding Ziggy in the Morning, with Holly dog.  I'm really so glad this year, that I can do that. And my kids are old enough, to cope, in the daytime. Finns only 10, so legally, it's a no, no for him to be left on his own. So I need to do it when Daisy's about.

I've checked out the dates in September, for beginning 2 new Philosophy in Life courses, but I'm only doing it if I can cycle, which shouldn't be a problem, it's about a mile further than I've gone before, on Carterknowle Rd. The only thing that bothers me, if I'm relying on my own effort? I will be struggling to get home, as the class finishes at 9.00. Hopefully though :) Ziggy will have a Bad Ass Battery!!

My Record of Involvement, is very exciting, check out HealthBeMe if your interested, I've just done a Blog on that too.

Tomorrow? I've been asked to chat with a patient, and inspire!!! :)


  1. Ziggy's nose job is all lined up... Waiting on the postie to deliver the first part to get the job rolling...