Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I love life again.....TF the celebrations are over!! :D

I know I'm a grumpy sod, but it's the pressure I feel under to make things happen, that can make certain folk LOVE/HATE Xmas! It kind of makes me grumpy. But now its January, and I really am excited.

Disability Sheffield are going to host the Record of Involvement, and so yesterday I zoomed and I really mean it! It's not often I go faster than my wheels can turn?  (I hope you understand?? them that cycle might?) But I jumped on a train from Dore, to Sheffield. And then a tram, to the Circle. The journey took me 40minutes :) and cost me didly. Once there Emily and I were joined by Krill whose a software manager/developer/lecturer, Mark from SCBIRT, and Chris from the Council. My heart melted at the gorgeous things that folk told Krill about 'little ol me' :D And it was fantastic that although the ------- (I don't think I should say whose funding it) Everyone wants me to 'own' it, when the digital version is finished which is really nice :) THANK YOU. I think this has been Coproduction at it's best, everyone has brought different skills and ideas/ venues/equipment/contacts/volunteers/money/encouragement.

My journey home was not quite as successful, like an a* I stood at the wrong platform ! Cold and wet, from the drenching I'd got waiting for a tram. But with only, 7mins to Dore. And remember the new street lights I was cursing??? Absolutely marvellous they are!!What with my pedal assist, as well. I was home in a jiffy. But my brain kept switching to the poor guy who died this week, when his mobility scooter fell into a river, as I pedalled blindly behind Totlet Rise, on the designated cycle path I might add, that has absolutely no lighting.

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  1. I'd recommend that you get a decent set of lights, probably rechargeable and expect to pay about £50-£70. Good ones have a little indicator to say when they need recharging, and can plug in to a computer USB socket. You will need to remove them when you park the bike too.

    Given that you now seem to be able to reach the big Tesco with Ziggy you might want to join the Nether Edge Bike Bus for a ride on one of their trips in to town.