Sunday, 12 January 2014

Life Hurts!

You know me? I don't grumble and moan....too much. Well not about my life any way, because I do like it....ok, I love it. But not today :( I am just ceasing up, it started in my right shoulder, and spread to my elbow, and wrist and little finger. And last night it caused me to nearly fall down stairs because of my grip on the bannister. It's my back also. I just really feel sad, and badly done too, IIt's an obvious side effect of using my good side too much. And I know I'm not being very politically correct, saying good and bad side, but I'm in a bad mood and don't give one!!! But I do I'm sorry and hope I've not offended any fellow 'crips'

My trike with new battery, stayed put today, I do a lot of miles on it these days. But sadly the battery isn't big enough to get me to Hillsborough. I think it's capacity is about 10 miles, and it takes 4hrs to charge again. Thinking about it, it was flashing at me at about 4miles? To warn me it was getting low?

Can I switch battery size now? Without the massive expense of doing it all again??
I do feel so much safer on it, because I have the power to move out of the way.


  1. Sometimes it works better to have 2 batteries and switch when one goes fully flat, to keep them 'healthy' by doing full discharge cycles. This also means that if one battery dies you still have the other one until a new second battery arrives.

    Batteries would mount below seat and they may need to have a special switch or an easy to reach plug & socket arrangement to change over.

  2. Oooh thanks Dave, that's given me the good idea, of getting a spare. The same sort, and I can just swap, because they are small and comparably light.

  3. I got your email, regarding trying my greenspeed on the train. I don't think I'm ready for that. Good Luck though.