Thursday, 9 January 2014

:).....folk x

I just love folk :) I have been drinking, but non the less it doesn't take away my philosophy, that folk are nice.

I took the easy option because I wasn't sure of my batteries capacity, plus my limbs were aching from yesterday.  And got Community Transport to Hillsborough.  Where I met the gorgeous Dave, and a very unhappy novice lonely? cyclist. Who I have actually known for a few years, but I have never seen her look so sad, which was soooo sad!! I spent 3hours writing down phone numbers etc. And volunteered to be her advocate, if she needs me in her application, for Direct Payments. Which I think she qualifies for~? But hey, what do I know really???

I cycled a little and ran into Norma on her very own 3 wheeler, which she gpt from Kinetics??? She said 'I only get here about 3 times a week!! but that is loads, I said. I reminded her that she probably did about 15 miles a week!! She seemed quite happy with that fact.

Pete's just gone home, having drank his Cucumber and Gin, ewwww!!!!

I'm meeting Anj tomorrow, and we're going ??? on our bikes. :) x

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