Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hillsborough is like a magnet :)

I jumped-ish, out of bed this morning, because I knew I had 'motherly duties to attend to, (my poor kids, do get neglected - not at all) I had boiled eggs to cook perfectly!! no that wasn't, it wasn't dog walking, or showing my cleaner, what to do I had got to take my 15 year old for a blood test, it's not that I'm scathing and doubtful, that she can be ill. But I did ask for her immunity, to be tested. I had prescriptions to discuss and collect for my wee boy too. No longer do I huff and puff into the surgery, now I'm on the new improved Ziggy. Which reminds me Carol.....I'm going for the option, of another spare exactly the same. But I'm not sure when?? It will depend on a lot.

I arrived at Hillsborough, and met a new guy who is known to the mental health team, but not too sure of his history. We chatted a while, and he loved Ziggy, so I promised him a go....:) Ah he loved it :) which made me very happy. Then I just had to give Marj a big hug, as I aint seen her for a while. And then Norma and family. And Ann, and my lovely friend Dave who is just ace.

Anyway, I came back and promptly fell asleep, didn't touch a drop of  booze, I wisely saved my units for tomorrow. How sad is that??? when I'm having to count my units!!!

I'm off to meet some folk off the non Directors team of Executives from NHS England tomorrow. And then booze and sleep :)

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