Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I wouldn't have a prayer!!

One of the journeys, I wouls love to make on my trike. Is to NHS Sheffield, for my monthly's not menstrual!! And there are just too many hills, for my battery to last, I don't even think 2 would??

I must apologise to folk, for just how personal, I'm gonna get now......I am in a lot of pain in my CHEST!!! It's like hot rods!! Before you ask, no I don't know anyone called Rodney. I am at the drs on Friday. :)

I just went for a quick spin today, the things I do for my dog!!! It's so easy now, although Ziggy is very noisy!! which worries me, she just switches gears and slackens and locks her chain?

I'm going to London tomorrow as part of the National Coproduction Advice Group, which is part of the Think Local Act Personal. Who have a lot of kudos and respect.

I do have no shame :)

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