Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I did it :)

I got my fix...:) I know it's only little, but it's just enough to keep me alert, live for the moment and stay focused on the here and now as I hurtle down Baslow Rd dual carriageway. So I met my friend/ex physio who's one of my mentors :D - I do have many! I need a lot of guidance!!! And I haven't used my crutches all day :)

Looking forward to tomorrow, at Sheffield Cycling 4 All, lets hope we get lots of punters :) I'm excited, which is ridiculous for a grown woman!!

And I suspect an insy bit of a 'Cover my Ass' by Social Services today??? when I pointed out that they had spent nearly £8000 on a service, which I had repeatedly asked them to end. And it was decided today, that I couldn't end my 4 visits a day. But I could reduce it to one! And I can employ Steve? to fix my mobility aid - my trike. for 1 hr a wk, or 4 a month?

Sooo I'm happy today. x

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