Sunday, 17 August 2014

3rd time lucky

No one can ever say I don't try, I am though an absolute dolls head, when it comes to technology, or not even that, things that require a bit of mechanical nouse. It's really silly because I consider myself to be ok, at people skills. And what used to be known as common sense!! But ask me to reset an Oven, and chances are I will starve!! So having been trying very hard to copy and paste onto my blog, and failing miserably. I just thought F* it!! and stormed out for a cycle!!! And i'm so glad I did. Because I'm all energized and not frustrated (certainly not frustrated!!  ;) secret squirrels about that encounter.) Am I being too rude?? I have no children at home at the minute, I am missing them though. But did I tell you about the night they went??? I received a pkone call from the Airport Police in Madagascar , asking if Daisy and Finn were mine??? Because they were holding them, and believed they were runaways!!! They were with my nieces aged 25 and 23. Apparently they wanted to take Daisy into a room alone and interview her.

Progress Report

Xrays are looking good :) Apparently, I could drop from 6ft on my right leg b4, it broke maybe???? But only 5 and a half on my Left. So I'll have to remember that :)
After the hospital, my PA (it's a new thing, but she drives, is called Jane, and is very funny, as in ha ha) took me to Sheffield Cycling 4 All, or (SC4A) Where Steve, Andy, Sue, Kathryn, and Robert. Had suddenly got a bit of a rush on after been fairly quiet. Anyway I want one of these billboards to advertise just exactly what we're doing in the park.

I've messed up the settings again, but I  swear I aint touched it!! I don't know if this will work when i press publish.

I've also been asked to apply for the MoveMore Panel, who from  what I gather are like MoveMore Champions???? It's not paid, but I get expenses. So???? Urrrrm, what else??? I've been very sociable. I feel quite in control of my life :)


  1. MoveMore. Is that an estate agent?

    And a chauffeur too? Things are looking up :o)

  2. :) no, but it could be!!! couldn't it.It's an Olympic Legacy thing, because Sheffield won, a bid into becoming the city of exercise. And one of the things is inequality in opportunities, so I think that's why I'm involved there. Hey I did the Sky ride, it was ace.